The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 10

Pokey Mom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2001 on FOX

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  • terrible

    What I liked: "You think you can fix my sciatica?" "I don't know what that is, so I'm going to say yes", and Marge's line about her ice cream being 'that bad'.

    Those are the only two times I remember laughing or chuckling at. The rest of the episode is probably one of the most boring 22 minutes of television I have seen slight hyperbole, but the point is this episode is very boring). That Jack Crowley character was not very interesting and a lot of the humor, for me, is almost nonexistent. I only remember laughing twice, and I remember being bored for pretty much the whole episode. Because of all of this my final grade is a low D-, because whilst it was really bad at least I laughed a couple times.
  • It was alright.

    Marge feels sympathy for an inmate she meets at a prison rodeo, vouches for him at his parole hearing and tries to assist his reentry into the real world. Meanwhile, Homer starts his own chiropractic office.

    What I liked: * Homer's chiropractic business. * When Homer says to Lennie " I don't know what that is, so I'm gonna say yes."
    * When Wiggum was talking to the inmate Jack. * The new mural that they had at the school.

    What I did not like:
    * The whole sensitve prisoner thing. They could have written a better plot than that.

    Overall, this ep was Ok. It could have been better.
  • Marge finds an inmate with some talent in art.

    Following a prison rodeo, Marge befriends an inmate whom she considers undeserving of incarceration, and eventually sees to his release. Guest starring Michael Keaton as Jack This episode was pretty solid. HomR was a tough act to follow in this season, and this episode does quite well. Personally, I found Homer's "b" story to be a lot funnier, but all in all this was a pretty solid and run of the mill Simpsons episode. Nothing really stood out as an amazing joke or scence, but this episode was consistently good. Maybe not a must see, but definately I would give it a watch. B
  • The "b" stroy made this episode what it is, and gave this episode a grea rating. The "A" story not so much

    While attending a prison rodeo with the family, Marge is struck by the painting talents of a sensitive prisoner named Jack. Later, she decides to teach an art class at the prison and eventually helps Jack get parole. With Jack released in her custody, Marge sets him up with a job painting a "Puma Pride" mural at Springfield Elementary School. Jack angers Principal Skinner by painting a shocking Heavy Metal-style mural which he is forced to paint over. When the new mural mysteriously catches on fire, all fingers point to the newly-released prisoner. Marge and Jack have a heart-to-heart and she tries, one last time, to help him.
  • 6.7
    Marge finds a convict (Micheal Keaton) who has great artistic talent and she vouches for his release from prison... unfortuneatly, you can't spell ex-con without con, and her hopes are dashed. Meanwhile Homer tries to get into chiropracting only to be shut down by the chiropractor mob. This episode is alright. The only laugh out loud moment is Skinner's terrible joke telling at the mural presentation. When he tells the joke the first time, there's nothing but silence and everyone with unmoved expressions. When he tries to tell the joke you hear a gun being cocked. God I love Springfield's thin line between sanity and outright violence. The show was still in it's prime at this time.
  • b story was great but the main story...not so much

    homer's "chiropractic" technique was hilarious as a b story but the main story of marge befriending an ex-convict wasn't one of my favourite plots. it did have some great jokes such as Jack denying he burnt skinner's car even though marge just saw him and the mural that skinner wanted Jack to paint which was ridiculous but other than that, the plot didn't really make sense. however, the B story is what made my score go up for this episode because it was very creative and pushing people into garbage cans is a hilarious technique for homer to come up with even if by accident.
  • Homer being hurt turns to his MD who refers to the DC. Good relief but Homer did not follow up. Recurrency of the problem. Homer falls over a can and reliefs his own problem. He becomes a chiropractor himself ; later sabotaged by felow chiropractors.

    A must for all chiropractors to see, have and show in their waiting room. It's fun and shows excately the relationship between medical doctors and chiropractors. The MD admits that the chiropractor could solve the problem, but doesn't want to say it outloud ... it could get him in trouble with the AMA. It also rightly put the finger on the abuse of some chiropractors by 'overtreating' the patients for months and months.
    A sharp, critical and funny episode.