The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 10

Pokey Mom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Sideshow Bob is one of the convicts during the prison rodeo. His face is in gypsum.

    • When Wiggum is adjusting his hat while talking to Jack in the police car, one of his eyes overlaps the brim of his hat.

    • At the begining of this episode, Marge's neck is the same colour as her jacket for one frame.

    • Some recent versions of this episode edit the dialogue between Jack Crowley and Chief Wiggum. Originally, Crowley and Wiggum talk about HBO shows like Sex and the City, Oz, Arli$$, and The Sopranos. The edited versions have Crowley talking about the tough guys in prison.

    • Closed Captioning Error: At one point, the convict next to Jack says, "Can I smell your clothes?" The closed caption reads "Will you hold me close again?"

    • The prison never was right out the window and, according to a later scene, the school.

  • Quotes

    • Skinner: The shapely female form has no place in art!

    • Homer: You brought a convict to stay with us? Near my unpatented idea?
      Jack: I seen your idea, and I don't want it.

    • (Homer visits a chiropractor for the first time as he sits on the doctors' table.)
      Dr. Steve: (cheerfully enters) Hello, Homer. I am Dr. Steve. Please lie down.
      (He begins feeling Homer's back for the problem, and Homer falls asleep.
      Dr. Steve: Wake up, Homer!
      Homer: Huh? Less yakking, more cracking.
      Dr. Steve: (chuckles) Now Homer, we don't actually "crack" backs; it's merely an adjustment. OK, you're going to hear a loud cracking sound. (cracks Homer's back) There we go.
      Homer: Hey! It feels a little better!
      Dr. Steve: Mm-hmm, I thought it might. Now, I need to see you three times a week, for, uh… (checks his clipboard) …many years.

    • Wiggum: My wife and I like watching that Oz show on HBO. Uh, is … is prison really like that?
      Jack: Wouldn't know. We only get basic cable.
      Wiggum: Ouch. I also like that Sex in the City. None of those girls looks like my wife. (laughs)
      Jack: Sports Center's not bad.
      Wiggum: Yeah, I never got that show.
      Jack: What's to get? They just tell the scores.
      Wiggum: Yeah, I suppose, yeah. Hey, ya meet any Mob guys? Are they really like the Sopranos?
      Jack: I told you, we just get basic cable.
      Wiggum: Oh right, right, right. Listen, if I'm getting too chatty, just, uh, just tell me to shut up.
      Jack: Ah, I'm enjoying it. Hey, you ever watch them strongman contests? They're pretty good. Those guys look strong. Other guys in prison say they're gay, but I don't know; they look strong to me.

    • Skinner: That felon could have torched the whole school, were it not stuffed with asbestos.
      Wiggum: We'll catch Crowley. And then he'll learn the fine art of police brutality.

    • Homer: Wait a minute…no investor can bend like that.
      Moe: They're chiropractors!
      Dr Steve: C'mon, c'mon, let's go! (the two men get in the truck, and get away)
      Homer: No! My Spine-O-Cylinder! They'll pay for what they did to my can.
      Moe: Forget it, Homer. It's Chiro-town.

    • Jack: You told a lie for me.
      Marge: I know. But the Lord will forgive me if it will help you get a second chance.
      Jack: Actually, Marge, it's a third if you count that farm couple.
      Marge: Farm couple?
      Jack: But I've got a really good feeling about this one Marge, I really do.

    • Marge: I read in the "Daily Fourth Gradian" that you need someone to paint a mural.
      Skinner: Yes, school spirit is down 3.4 percent.
      Marge: Well, Jack here will do great work for you.
      Skinner: Oh, any references?
      Jack: Well, to be honest with you, I spent the last six years in Waterville State--
      Marge: It's a small liberal arts college. Very law-abiding. No convicts at all.
      Skinner: Well, the only other one to apply was Moe Szyslak and his stuff scares the hell out of me. (shows them a drawing Moe did) Ugh! How can anyone consider that making love?

    • Bart: Dad? Are you okay?
      Homer: Yeah. In fact, I feel fantastic. (does a little dance)
      Bart: That trash can must have un-kinked your back.
      Homer: Not trash can, son … Dr. Homer's Miracle Spine-O- Cylinder! …Patent pending.

    • Lisa: So, how was it in the slammer?
      Marge: Terrific. Bart, Sideshow Bob says he'll be seeing you real soon.
      Bart: (laughs) Oh, that Bob.

    • Marge: Well, I studied art, and this guy's got a real gift.
      Warden: You kidding? Look (shows another painting) he painted a unicorn in outer space. I'm asking you: What's it breathing?
      Homer: Air?
      Warden: Ain't no air in space.
      Homer: There's an air-in-space museum.

    • Marge: Sorry, Homey, but you promised to take me to the apron expo today.
      Homer: Just give me ten more hours. (goes back to sleep)

    • Warden: Lady, I know he charmed you with some "please"s and "thank you"s, but he wasn't so polite to the guy he shot.
      Apu: Actually, he was. He waited with me 'till the ambulance came, then ran like a deer.

    • Lisa: They are coming back for us, aren't they?
      Bart: I dunno. [continues pumping iron]

    • Marge: How's your back, Homey?
      Homer: I can't complain. [indicates a sign which reads, "No Complaining"]
      Warden: Ah, that's for the prisoners. You can complain all you want.
      Homer: Oh, God, my back! It hurts so much! And my job is so unfulfilling!

    • Jack: I shot a guynamed Apu.
      Marge: Oh. Well, you know, lots of people shoot Apu. It's just a $100 fine now.

    • (Marge looks at Jack's painting full of angels, and heaven)
      Marge: Have you thought of a title?
      Jack: A time to kill...
      (Marge looks uncomfortable)
      Marge: Titles are hard....

    • Skinner: Crowley's an ex-con? Dear God! I peed in front of him!

    • Bart: How's your back?
      Homer: Well, there's a dull ache, certainly. And layered on top of that is a club sandwich of pain. Only instead of bacon, there's agony. Marge, can I have a BLT?
      Marge: How would you feel if I did some volunteer work at the prison?
      Homer: First, I'd feel like having a BLT, then I'd be proud.

    • Jack: Marge, this is the God's honest truth. I burned the mural, but I did not burn Skinner's car.
      Marge: I just SAW you!

    • Dr. Hibbert: To tell you the truth, medical science has had trouble treating the back. We spent too much time focusing on the front.
      Homer: Yah, there's a lot of neat stuff on the front.

    • (Homer fixes Moe's back)
      Homer: Okay, that should do it, Moe.
      Moe: It doesn't hurt anymore. Now I can focus on my cripling emotional problems. Why, daddy, why? Why won't you hug me? You hugged the mailman.

    • (Homer readying a customer before pushing them over a trashcan.)
      Homer: One, two, better not sue!

    • Homer: Ow, my back! Dr. Steve didn't do anything.
      Bart: Did you do those exercises he gave you?
      Homer: Yeah, I did them while you were studying.

    • Convict: (to Marge) Can I smell your dress?

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not let the dogs out.
      Couch Gag: After the family runs into the living room and sits down, the couch turns around and it shows an evil scientist with Ned Flanders chained to the wall and hung upside down. Ned screams as the evil (Vincent Price-like) scientist laughs maniacally.

  • Allusions

    • Michael Keaton's vocal performance as Jack Crowley is similar to his portrayal of sociopath convict Peter McCabe in the 1998 film Desperate Measures.

    • Jack Crowley wants to call his painting "A Time To Kill." This is a line from the Bible, Ecclesiastes: "To everything there is a season ... a time to kill and a time to heal." Given the legal storyline, though, this is probably a John Grisham reference. A Time To Kill was Grisham's first novel and one of his many bestsellers. It was eventually made into a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock.

    • Rodeo Announcer: (about Jack Crowley) Bob Dylan wrote a song to keep him in prison!

      This is probably a reference to Bob Dylan's song "Hurricane," written to protest the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of boxer Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter. Carter was innocent and he was eventually freed. Jack Crowley, on the other hand, has earned no sympathy whatsoever from the legendary folk singer.

    • The title obviously refers to the 1998 cartoon on WB, Pokemon.

    • The scene with Moe and Homer, "This is Chirotown" spoofs the final scene of the Roman Polanski film Chinatown.

    • Blackboard gag: I will not let the dogs out
      The blackboard gag used for this episode is a reference to a song by the Baha Men, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" which was a hit after being featured at sporting events in 2000.