The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 14

Principal Charming

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1991 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (Bart prank calls Moe's from Principal Skinner's office.)
      Bart: Hello? Is Homer there?
      Moe: Homer who?
      Bart: Homer… (Lowers his voice) …Sexual.
      Moe: Wait one second. Let me check. Uh, Homer Sexual? Uh, come on. Come on. One of you guys has gotta be Homer Sexual.
      (The entire bar laughs at Moe.)
      Homer: Don't look at me! (Laughs)
      Moe: Oh no... you rotten little punk, if I ever get a hold of you, I'll sink my teeth into your cheek and rip your face off!
      (Principal Skinner takes the phone from Bart.)
      Principal Skinner: You'll do what, young man?
      Moe: What--what? Wait. Who--who is this?
      Principal Skinner: I think the real question is who is this and where is Homer Simpson?!
      Moe: Whoa, whoa. Sorry. Principal Skinner, sorry. It's--it's a bad connection, I think. (Hands phone to Homer.) Gah, it's for you. I think Bart is in trouble again.
      Homer: D'oh!

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