The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2000 on FOX

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  • Am I really THAT Ugly?

    Moe gets plastic surgery after realizing how hideous he is. He becomes the star of a soap drama, titled "It Never Ends." He becomes popular. But, he learns that the writers plot to kill him off. So he and Homer reveal a whole season of upcoming plots to get back at the writers. They are furious, and then they reveal to Moe that him dying in the show was part of a dream. Moe leaves promptly, but an accident transforms Moe back to his ugly self. He returns to the life of a lonely bartender.

    Another lazy ending but a funny episode.
  • After Moe is deemed to ugly to be put on the Duff Calender, he gets plastic surgery; he starts a new career as the star of a soap opera.

    This was an episode that had some great moments, but it was slighty odd. However, I do feel that Moe would do something as wild as this to increases his attractiveness. There were some pricless moments like when Homer is spilling all that will happen in the show and he keeps saying there will be "sexy results." Also, when Homer is going to let the set on fire, or the whole duff carnival scene. Maybe this episode is a little to weird for some people's liking but I found this to be a wacky yet very very entertaining ploy. Give it a watch.
  • A creepy episode, but a good one at that.

    Moe competes for top honors at a Duff Beer festival and wins a chance to appear in a Duff calendar. When the calendar finally comes out, Moe's face is covered with a giant sticker due to his hideous ugliness. Despondent, Moe goes in for some much-needed plastic surgery and emerges from the operation with a smooth, handsome face. After settling some old scores with people who've wronged him, Moe heads over to the TV studio, where he confronts the producer of It Never Ends, a soap opera he once tried out for. Because of his new face, Moe is hired on the spot and made a regular on the series. But when Moe and Homer discover that Moe's character is about to be written off, they sabotage the entire show by revealing top secret plot points for the next year. The producers fire Moe and then, in a freak accident, a set piece falls on Moe's face, destroying all of his doctor's hard work. After that, it's back to Moe's Tavern for Springfield's least comely bartende.
  • 6.9
    Moe is revealed has the hideous person he is, and gets plastic surgery. Then, in classic Moe fashion (and exactly why I love this guy).. he uses his new found blessings to get revenge. But, because revenge is wrong (stupid morality), Moe gets him comeuppance and instead of turning into a 3rd face, his pretty face, when crushed turns back into old Moe's face. All's well that ends weird. This episode also flushes out a little bit of Moe's past. As a 20-something, he was an aspiring actor, but his looks kept him from being able to get any kind of roles.
  • Go Moe....Boo everyone else

    Laughter all the way describes Pygmoelian as a whole. This is one of the few episodes in Season 11 that make me laugh out loud and one of the best ones too. The way Homer drags his whole family to Duff’s beer festival is gibberish making Marge taking her vacuum cleaner with her and Lisa taking her attendance trophy over her music ones, but when they get there the fun starts. Great storytelling in this episode reminds me of the good ol’ Simpsons. The Duff competition, for starters which revealed Duff mans real name, Larry. The whole scene was great. Revealing Moe’s face on the Duff calendar describes the main plot and we know now why Carl doesn’t talk much. The sub plot where Bart and Lisa run after for the elephant balloon was funny but cut short. The gag in the operation theater was superb with great lines; ‘we got some leakage here’. Soap opera scenes was ok saved by funny moments; Homer turned on by Moe’s acting…..HAH . This kind of episode makes The Simpsons never ends.
  • moe gets a new face

    this episode has heaps of great jokes like the coma fantasy and dream sequence pages on it never ends, homer as an angel from the future on the soap and moe wondering why his face reverted to normal instead of going to a new face that was different then getting cut off by the theme music just like the soap directors did. this was a very well written episode with great gags and a slightly believable plot. the duff calendar was a great beginnng as was the opposite duffman phrase ("duffman can't breathe. oh no!). a great moe story line.