The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 2

Radioactive Man

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1995 on FOX

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  • Radioactive Man

    Very good episode.
  • Film producers choose to film the new Radioactive man movie in Springfield. Unfortunately, Bart loses the role of Fallout Boy to Milhouse, who soon discovers that show-business is boring and hollow.

    This episode was average, with very little funny parts, and it can't live up to other Simpson episode's comedy-wise. The only funny part is when Bart comes to wish Milhouse good luck with his filming. However this episode is great for any die-hard Radioactive man fans if there are any out there. This episode also adds slightly more character and depth to Milhouse, which no other show has really done.It also displays show-business as cruel, meaningless, holow and boring. This show was a filler episode and an excuse to get Mickey Rooney into a Simpsons episode.Not one of my favourite episodes.
  • Good

    Milhouse is cast as Fallout Boy in the new movie adaptation of Radioactive Man, but can he handle being a star?

    It was alright, nothing I would brag about. I always considered this to be a weak episode. I do not find it very funny, the plot does not interest me a whole lot, etc. It was morw average than anything, I thought; not great, not too terrible or anything. So my grade is a "C", which to me, is average. Again, it's not too bad, but I never liked it a lot for some weird reason. Still OK though
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons a movie maker decides to do the film based on radioactive man and his sidekick. but thing is they dont know were to flim so they choose springfild and everyone is excited so then they start to do auditions to people in town to play the sidekick bart is excited but thing is he is wonderful for the part but he is not the right height. but come to find out they chose milhous and milhous gets tird of the fame and goes and hides and they are looking for him but the movie goes bankrupt and the town ruins it and so they go back to hollwood to be accepted. this was a good ep
  • Another really good episode.

    This episode is very funny and some hillarious parts are when they used real acid for the movie and Milhouse never showed up to save Radiactive Man and he puts the gogles on and then the acid hits him and he says aw the gogles they do nothing and when you saw a flashback of Radiactive Man in the 70s and then the director just shivers and makes a face of creeped out. Also when Homer asks one of the directors if he is the director of a movie and then he starts cracking up. Overall another recomended episode for all fans of the Simsons.
  • Milkhouse under the spotlight for the first time ever!

    Three episodes in a row in which Homer nor Bart are the main characters of the story have we seen so far. To me this is good because there are quite a few characters in the Simpsons' universe who are very interesting and that can, atleast, for a couple of episodes, be the main character and oxygenate the show. Milkhouse once again is that scared little boy who acts out of emotion and usually in a selfish way. This time the population of Springfield shows us how materialistic, egoistic and closeminded we are. On the other hand, Hollywood is shown as a place where everyone is friendly (this is simply to make a joke.)
  • A good episode, and a great look at the real life of a Hollwood star.

    When Springfield is chosen as the shooting location for Rainier Wolfcastle's big-screen adaptation of the popular Radioactive Man comic series, the entire town tries to take the movie's producers for every dime they've got. Children from Springfield Elementary are invited to audition for the role of Radioactive Man's sidekick, Fallout Boy. Bart tries his hardest to land the role, but the producers select Milhouse, who is initially excited about his new gig, but soon grows disenchanted with the movie-making process. After numerous production snafus and time-consuming re-shoots, Milhouse flees the set and goes into hiding. In addition to the loss of one of their stars, the financial burden of shooting in Springfield proves too much for the filmmakers, and they abandon the production altogether. Guest Star: Mickey Rooney as himself.
  • Radioactive Man!

    Homer and Marge decide to go to a 5 hour spa and enlist Grampa to watch the kids. While at school, Bart is found to have lice and Lisa is wrongly accused of being a victum of neglect. Principal Skinner calls a welfare office and the kids are put in the Flanders home. Marge and Homer plead their case and they have to complete a class in child rearing to get their kids back. Ned finds out none of the kids were babtized and rushed t get them. Homer and Marge get in time to stop them and are reunited. Yay!
  • Jiminy jillikers Radioactive Man!

    This is my first review in a pretty long while, so lets see how I do. This was a pretty good episode I watched it last night on DVD. A movie crew decides to film the "Radio Active Man" movie in Springfield, and the kids at Springfield Elementary try for the part of Radio Active Man's sidekick, Fallout Boy. Bart would have gotten the part but the directors told him he was an inch to short. Bart makes attempts to become taller but Milhouse gets it instead. But Milhouse discovers that being a star isn't that great. A good episode. Some very funny lines.
  • Up and Atam!

    When Bart discovers that the new Radioactive Man movie is being filmed in Springfield, he does his best to get the part of Fallout Boy. Unfortunately, that honour is given to the reluctant Milhouse, who finds out that show business isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    ‘Radioactive Man’ is a story that sticks well to the formula that made The Simpsons what it became famous for. There’s just the right amount of slapstick and silly humour here combined with firm grounding in real-life storyline. Sure, we didn’t all get to audition for a side-kick when we were adolescents but it’s certainly something that could happen. What’s great about this episode is that it only really focuses on Bart out of all The Simpsons and therefore leaves room for all sorts of background characters to shine for a change which really does help to freshen out the series a bit, especially for an early season episode. Being fantastically written and directed, ‘Radioactive Man’ is nowhere short of funny gags, guaranteeing a barrowful of laughs throughout.
  • watch out! radioactive

    this episode is a great one with gags such as the producers continuously getting bart's hopes up only to have them dashed seconds later, for instance "congratulations bart simpson, you're our new fallout boy! that's what i'd be saying to you if you weren't an inch too short. Next!" The fact that the movie would use real acid in a scene is ridiculous enough let alone leaving only goggles for protection but this is one of my favourite gags in the episode along with the laziness competition. The six corners of the square treehouse confused me more than made me laugh the first time i saw it but i managed to get it was just an added visual joke. this definitely isn't the best season 7 episode but it still is worth reviewing.
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