The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 9

Realty Bites

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1997 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the simpsons marge wants to a job and she becomes a realter and thing is she wants to sell houses and she wants a red jaket like the others thing is she realies you got to lie to people to sell things and she is not up to that and it comes time for her to make a big sale and she has to sell a house that someone died in to get where she wants to be . and its not for her. and homer in this ep is buying a red covertable which its spikes in this and he is a convict. this was a good ep i thought
  • Realty Bites

    Marge decides she needs a new job, so she decides to get into realty, selling people houses. But she is too nice over houses, telling people flaws the house has, obviously making them not want it. Lionel Hutz, her boss, makes her sell a house, telling her to tell little lies. She tries to sell the Flanders clan a house, but it turns out the house is infamous because of a murder that happened. Marge lies about this and they buy the house. But Marge feels so guilty about her lie she tells Flanders, and they return the house.

    Overall grade A, it was a good episode
  • A great episode which explores Marge's career in realty. One of the best episodes from season nine.

    This episode is full of very fine quality. It's well-animated. It's well-written. It's well-voiced. This marks another appearance of the mad Lionel Hutz and it's a Marge-based storyline. She begins working in realty. It's quite a funny episode, including the other crazy realty workers and the whole 'Murder House' thing was giggle-inducing.

    The sub-plot features Homer buying Snake's super fast bandit car, and his attempt to steal it back. The fight that they have on the car was awesome!

    Overall, one of the best season nine episodes. It's a fine example of The Simpsons and is one of my favourite little gems.
  • Marge, the morality icon

    Episodes that revolve around Marge Simpson are usually not my favorite, although I don't hate them either. In this one we get to see a side of her that is very well portrayed in the series. And that is, morality. Marge is always bringing balance into the family, however, we have seen her side with her family after some deliberation about doing a couple of not so nice things to others. On the other hand, we have Homer as usual doing stupid things. And this time the story has to be twisted and poured with lots of "special effects" to make it work.
  • It's a lazy Saturday and Marge is bored. So Homer takes her out to a policeman's auction and buy's Snake's former car. When Homer drops off Marge she stumbles upon Real-estate and becomes an agent. Snake tries to kill Homer to get his car back.

    A good episode I alway's like Marge's jobs they're always the best episodes. They should do more of them! Favorite parts of the episode for me was Cookie Kwan "Are you guys talking about the west side?" Gil "No Cookie I swear it I'm scared of you!" Haha one of the highlights. We find out Marge just isn't for the cut throat business world. And I also enjoyed Lionel Hutz ( for once ) In this episode. Every charecter was great in this episode except it loses points for rushing the story and having a mediocre ending. Otherwise it would have been a 10. On to the next for season nine!
  • Marge gets a new job: Real estate seller that's right Simpsons fans Homer is not getting a new job this time Marge is

    Marge pursues a new career in real estate sales while Homer is pursued by Snake. Marge starts working at Red Blazer Reality, a highly competitive company where she must sell a certain number of houses or be fired. Meanwhile, Homer buys Snake's old car from a Police Auction and Snake isn't too happy about it. Marge has trouble dealing with the fact that being an effective salesperson requires a lot of lying, and starts to wonder if she's cut out for selling houses. But when she manages to get the Flanders to buy an impossible-to-sell house where a murder occurred, she thinks she's getting the hang of it. Rather than be upset at the fact that they've moved into a crime scene, the Flanders are elated, since they're strangely fascinated by the details of the murder. All is fine, until Homer and Snake crash Snake's car through the Flanders' new house, destroying it. Marge is fired from Red Blazer Realty.
  • One of the best Marge centered episodes of all time. Also, one of the greatest fight scenes. A real must see!

    My girlfriend will probably make fun of me for saying this, (because I say it about nearly ever episode), but I truly mean it, this is one of my personal favorite episodes. There are so many hillarious characters in this one: Moe, Gil, Lionel Hutz, Snake... Every line and every joke is simply too much to take in at once and deserves to be rewound and rewatched. The best part of this episode has to be the fight sequence between Snake and Homer, truly a classic. And how can you not laugh at Kirk van Houten having his arm sliced off? But more than anything, you can remember this episode as the very last Simpsons appearence of Phil Hartman. Phil was a great actor and played an amazing role on "The Simpsons" as Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. He will be remembered always.
  • You'll go nuts for lionel's huts

    lionel hutz, voiced by the late phil hartman, appears in this hilarious episode as one of my favourite characters, not as a lawyer but as a real estate agent which works well for him because all of his clients "end up losing their houses anyway". this episode is great with many great gags like the popcorn-couch and police auction beginning and the song that marge and the kids come up with. i'll end the review with my favourite homer line in the episode:
    marge: thank you bart, thank you lisa for all your help
    homer: what about me, you didn't thank me
    bart: you didn't do anything!
    homer: i like being thanked.
  • Realty Bites

    This is my favourite episode of Season 9. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I hope to get this episode on the Season 9 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 9 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.
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