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  • I don't care what people think about this show then and now. It sucks. Worst show ever.

    This show sucks. I always hated it. I would never watch a second of this show ever again. Here are all my problems with the show:

    1. It is a blatant ripoff of Family Guy, which came out in 1989.

    2. Homer is too damn drunk and beats up his family. Bad example for people!

    3. Lisa talks too much. "BLABLKABLAHBLABHALBHALBHABLAH" is all I hear her say in every episode. SHUT UP!

    4. Too damn boring.

    5. The show goes on for too long. End it already!

    Those are the reasons why The Simpsons sucks. If you want to watch a good show, watch Family Guy! Not this overrated piece of crap!
  • Best Show of all Time!

    The Simpsons is the Best Show Ever Made!!! I Love Every Season of It!
  • Let's hope all is well.

    With Disney now owning FOX, let's hope The Simpsons will continue to air. I also hope after Season 30, Disney would renew it. This is the best Cartoon show on TV and the longest running for a reason.

    There is no new episode tonight 03/11/2018, they're putting some stupid OJ Simpson crap on instead.

    And everything is okay. The Simpsons have been renewed for Season 31 and 32.

  • I love it, but....

  • Lost its touch

    Used to be the best cartoon on the air. But since it changed its original writers, it turned into some kind of money driven soulless, and honestly quite boring show. It used to have substance, good character development, good stories, and jokes. But now it has become everything it used to be against. Both morally and substantially. For example, Lisa going from an activist with righteousness at heart, to a fab driven hipster. To the show now promoting whoever might seem to bring views to the show. Almost every episode now seems to showcase either a celebrity or commercial fab, with most of the show revolving around it.

    It's just so good
  • my fav. show ever

    loooooooooove it
  • Beautiful show but it's a sellout now

    Still good but very boring right now. It remains awesome since the latest seasons even though it's been an complete cash cow for the last 18 years now since season 10. Season 28 should definitely end the show before it becomes the new Sesame Street. We seriously don't another show like that had lasted up to 5 decades now. Unfortunately any show is way better than the simpsons these days because it lasted way too long but I still love the Original seasons 1-10. Even though many shows like Family Guy & South Park surpassed the Simpsons in popularity, hilarity, & well-connected but controversially well-written topics that also had unforgettable badass moments in which looking back over the past 20 years are the very reasons why the simpsons seriously lacked ideas because it's time to move on. Sorry Matt Groening but your main creations are long lost & had sold out since 1998. I still watch several episodes of every season and still love them.
  • A knockout hit!!

    Still very amazing but it has just gone down right after The Simpsons Movie.
  • This Sums Up What This Show Has Left.

    *Treehouse Of Horror

    *Holiday Specials

    *Relatable Episodes To Real Life(Example: Steal This Episode)(And Thats Actually Sorta Rare)

    All the pop-culture references, recent celebrity appearances and awkward/weird stereotyping have really been done wrong in the recent seasons, once again when they tackle a real life topic you feel a bit of the old Simpson magic kick in.
  • FOX, please kill this show off already.

    I know I might anger some of the nostalgia ***s dwelling on here, but here's the truth: The Simpsons is irrelevant. Everything after Season 8 was trash. Now the episodes are scraping the bottom of the barrel, re-hashing old episode plots, and just stupid episodes in general that don't make any sense. The jokes are lame and since it's more kid-friendly than Family Guy, they have their limits when it comes to adding adult humor. People say it's still good but let's be honest, it's trash now. If I could give this a negative 5 I would.
  • I like it but it's kind of obsessed over too much

    Its a good and funny show, but sometimes, and I admit, sometimes I feel its a bit overrated. Don't get me wrong, I really love this show, but its not all to rave about. I still enjoy it a lot though.
  • the best

    is the best series more has some not so legal episodes so
  • It's my family

    i love Simpsons ! You people behind this are great please never stop to make smile on face !
  • This show is immortal

    I'm telling ya, this show will never, ever end. It's so funny, so cool, and it's still family-oriented. FOX must really love this show, and will never cancel it. As a person who loved this show since I was a little kid, I'm happy to announce that The Simpsons will officially end on the 30th season. Don't believe me, check it out. I really love The Simpsons, and it is one of the greatest shows in media history.
  • One of best shows

    But new episodes are pretty unwatchable.
  • more like a tasteless doug ripoff

    why are all of the characters yellow like doug did they get peed on i hate this show go watch family guy and bricklebery if you want a quality adult show
  • is it time yet? please

    wow when will this derivative tripe be removed from television PLEASE!
  • Shut up Flanders I mean critics!

    I loved the Simpsons ever since 5th grade and I still do. My favorite characters are Rod and Todd Flanders. I love seeing them in the episodes their voice actors (Pamela hayden and Nancy Cartwright) do a fantastic job. How could anyone hate Ned's kids? My favorite out of the two is Rod because he's cute (he's the cutest character on the show!). Do not hate on my for liking HIM!

    I'm about to get personal here

    All my life I've been bullied in school for liking Rod and I don't like being called a freak. When I came home from school one day I sat in my room and cried. Even the teacher said something bad about me and all the kids in my class just laughed. I never told anyone about this. But I can say rod helped me out in a difficult time.

  • This show used to be amazing, but now it isn't even appealing

    Back in the day, this show used to be the king. The master of comedy. It had a bunch of cool plots, original epic moments, and hilarious moments and jokes that can leave you in stitches. The show was meant mainly for adults with references you would have to be 18 to find out.

    But nowadays the show is protrayed as something entirely different. A tired, desperate, kid pandering show. Yes, a show that was once popular among adults (its target audience at the time) is pandering at kids! Futurama is even edgier and more appealing. The great seasons would make you not want to watch Fanily Guy, but the current stuff just makes Family Guy look amazing. Literally. This is why Family has way more syndication, free streaming and a much higher fan base than The Simpsons does nowadays. Thats how unappealing the new seasons are. Let me demonstrate an example of the timeline of the series's ratings in my point of view:

    Seasons 1-3: A nice start to a great series.


    Seasons 4-7: Even better. Great plots, hilarious and smart jokes, memorable moments, edgieness that really works, great dialogue, and original songs like Mr. Plow and Monorail. The adult humor and mocking of pop culture was brilliant as well.


    Seasons 8-9: Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. These seasons have some really memorable episodes such as THOH VII, The Mysterious Voyage of Homer, You Only Move Twice, The City of NY vs Homer Simpson, THOH VIII and so on.


    Season 10-13: These are kind of toned down compared to the previous seasons, but still had some pretty decent episodes.


    Season 14: This is where The Simpsons started to go downhill quite a bit...


    Seasons 15-17: Not very good


    The Movie: Pretty good actually. It was pretty epic in some scenes and it had some of the funniest jokes from The Simpsons since the golden era.


    Seasons 18-19: Not very good either....


    Season 20: Bad. Very bad. They run out of good jokes and plots and resort to cheap little dull things that only appeal to 8 year olds. Seasons like this are no surprise many fans turned away from the series and put on Family Guy instead.


    Seasons 21-25: Pretty bad aswell. Slightly better than season 20 with rare gems such as Homer the Whopper, The Devil Wears Nada, A Midsummers Nice Dream etc.


    Season 26: Still bad. It have a few decent ones such THOH XXV, Futurama meets The Simpsons ,The Man Who Came To Be Dinner, and Blazed and Confused. But the rest of it sucked. The Family Guy crossover was horrific and just proves to you Family Guy is the king now despite being inspired by it and The Simpsons is dead.


    A show that was once really great has now become very mediocre. If its an episode from its heyday, watch it, but if its a new episode, watch South Park ,Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time or Archer.

    i mean, season 26 has more better ideas then i could ever thing about, i mean common the simpsons going on a trip to a planet outside of the soler system. THATS GOOD
  • The Simpsons

    Best show ever
  • One of the funniest shows out there.

    The Simpsons is one of the funniest shows on TV today. It is the one reason I look forward to Sunday night. Almost every episode has two independent plots which somehow meld together in the end for a finale that is nothing short of magnificent.
  • Consistently Brilliant

    Well-drawn characters, dead-on dialogue, literate allusions and a hilariously subversive perspective make this the best half-hour on television. These talented people don't make a throw-away episode.
  • Mind Blowing

    It is no longer possible for me to imagine a world without The Simpsons in it , I was hooked on the show ever since. It started to grow on me, and I haven't missed an episode in ten years.
  • Best Ever

    A good show. NEVER gets old and ALWAYS beats cartoon *** network.
  • Tooo boring

    This show has become more irrelevant with every season renewal it gets. The jokes are unfunny zingers, you can throw away the first 15 minutes before it develops a plot, and the plots are just re-hashes of old material..
  • SimpsonsFanGirl!

    I love the Simpsons. I've been a viewer since 03 =) I don't care what anyone else thinks I'm still going to be a fan for another 100 Seasons. :)
  • MAN! I love this except the enemies

    Great, so I will rate 9 stars.
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