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  • SimpsonsFanGirl!

    I love the Simpsons. I've been a viewer since 03 =) I don't care what anyone else thinks I'm still going to be a fan for another 100 Seasons. :)
  • MAN! I love this except the enemies

    Great, so I will rate 9 stars.
  • i love the simpsons

    the simpsons is really good but if they think of taking that show off the air somthing is wrong with fox
  • amazing

    i love the simpons
  • Unfunny.

    This show has become more irrelevant with every season renewal it gets. The jokes are unfunny zingers, you can throw away the first 15 minutes before it develops a plot, and the plots are just re-hashes of old material. Who still watches even? Hipsters who watch it ironically? Dorks who fake being "geeky"? kids who think it's "mature" JUST END IT ALREADY.

  • The BEST

    A good show. NEVER gets old and ALWAYS beats cartoon *** network.
  • Best series EVER!!!!!!!

    I think the title says it all
  • This show is great!

    Even though the show has dropped in creativity and in the joke department, it's still worthy of an 8.
  • Bring back Hank Scropio!!!!!

    this has lots of story left. someone please write something about him coming back or homer having to go to court for being involved with is company. i loved Hank, he was funny

  • Going down and fast

    I used to love the show. Episodes were well written and actually had a plot. Watched few episodes from the current season... no plot, no jokes, just milking the characters stereotypes.
  • I rank all episodes of The Simpsons

    10. Life On The Fast Lane (Season 1)

    9. The Call Of The Simpsons (Season 1)

    8. Moaning Lisa (Season 1)

    7. Homer's Odyssey (Season 1)

    6. Homer's Night Out (Season 1)

    5. Bart The General (Season 1)

    4. Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire (Season 1)

    3. Bart The Genius (Season 1)

    2. There's No Disgrace Like Home (Season 1)

    1. The Telltale Head (Season 1)
  • May have slumped in recent years, but still better than 90% of what's on TV

    The Simpsons is perhaps the greatest animated series of all time, and has shown that cartoons aren't just for kids. As is probably already known, it is about a dysfunctional family in a suburban town named Springfield. It satirizes many things in pop culture, the USA and everyday life, and in addition to humour, provides genuinely touching moments. While it is true that The Simpsons today is nowhere near as great as it was in the 90's, it is still a very good show and has great moments, adapting to changing times while keeping the same basic feel. If The Simpsons was a celebrity, it is not a washup. I would compare it to Paul McCartney, who was once a music god, and while he is not as active as he was back in the day, he still has it. Overall, The Simpsons is still a great show, and shows that broadcast TV is still worth watching despite most of the masterpieces moving to cable. If it is cancelled, broadcast TV would go into a coma.
  • This show is immortal

    I'm telling ya, this show will never, ever end. It's so funny, so cool, and it's still family-oriented. FOX must really love this show, and will never cancel it, though it's clearly unknown when they will ever finish the show. Don't get me wrong, I really love this show, but it has been on since the 1980's.
  • this show literally should have ended already

    it stopped being funny in '98 sorry

    it's getting old.
  • 25 years of awesome

    It's the best cartoon ever! No show lasts this long if there's nothing special in it.
  • My favorite show of all time.

    This show is the best ever. Nothing will ever beat this. Family Guy doesn't beat this, SpongeBob doesn't beat this, this show is the best ever, and it's impossible to be a better show. But even though this show is the best show ever, there have been plenty of bad episodes. Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, Old Yeller Belly, ugh, terrible episodes, a recent season has my worst episode of all time. But there are very few bad episodes, and this is a perfect show.
  • It's decent

    It's alright, but it's nothing to rave about.
  • La serie televisiva per eccellenza.

    Assieme ai Griffin,I Simpson la pi bella serie televisiva di capolavoro fenomenale.
  • Just Awsome.

    Simply awsome.
  • The best animated family sitcom out there.

    The Simpsons is one of those shows recognized by everyone out there and never fails to amuse or make them laugh. This show is about a dysfunctional family that get go on crazed adventures around their town Springfield. This show is very creative and keeps everything unique. The show does a good job bringing in pop culutar references and making them funny. Each Simpson has a loveable personality an brings in their own type of humor that comes out as really funny. My two favorite characters off this show would have to be Homer, the moronic dad who does the funniest things that are garunteed to have you laughing until you can't breathe, and Bart, the troublemaker of the group that is often caught doing extreme stunts and saying inappropriate stuff, but even they can keep him funny and likeable. The humor this cartoon consists of is parodies of American culture, society, television, and several other aspects of human life, and the creators do a great job at keeping it funny and almost never repetitive. Sure, they may repeat jokes on ocassion, but at least they bring in new humor in every episode. The voice acting is great and definitely fits the characters. The animation flows very nicely and has aged well throughout the years. The artwork is beautiful and has a lot of color to it, and the locations are very creative. Everything this show consists of is so unique and creative I don't think there will ever be a show like this ever again. The Simpsons has also been the influential material for several other adult animated sitcoms like Family Guy or South Park.

    How can anyone not know about this show? It has been around for about 25 years, its the most highest rated animated series out there, it had a movie and several merchendise, and is aired worldwide so it's impossible for anyone to not know about this cartoon. With all words, I highly reccomend The Simpsons to anyone who has yet to see it, no wonder it's the most popular animated sitcom. The Simpsons is a classic to behold!
  • Too Long

    As good as this show is, this has been on WAY too long. Over 20 YEARS? OMG! One of the characters will die soon I know it.....
  • It's... nice?

    But for some reason it never made me laugh.
  • This Show Will Be Used to Study How Life Was 100 Years From Now

    Brilliant television series that could probably be best described as "The Flintstones" gone stark-raving mad. "The Simpsons", everyone knows them. Some love the series and some could care less about it. Love it or hate it, it is near impossible to criticize the intelligence and creativity of this series. The titled animated family makes their home in Springfield, USA and gets into situations that are seemingly more outlandish and crazier than the previous adventure. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are still going strong after nearly a dozen years of television life and with each passing moment it seems that the series sets some new precedent. For several years the show seemed to be the only attraction to the then obscure Fox Network. It was the first primetime animated show that was treated like a sitcom since "The Flintstones" quietly left the air in 1966. Many people feared the series when it first premiered in 1989 because they felt that it was hardcore adult material in a candied form that would appeal to younger audiences. Well for the most part this was true. However, "The Simpsons" would prove to be much more for all audiences. The great thing about the series is that it caters to all audiences. True there are usually situations that may not be suitable for all viewers, but then again that is true with everything on television this side of Disney Land and Sesame Street. "The Simpsons" works because of great comedy of course, but also great lessons that can be taken from most of the episodes. The people within the program may be animated, but they are just as complicated and vulnerable as the people watching them. All the regulars have their quirks, but in some episodes you can understand what certain characters are going through because the show is so life-like at times. Former President George Bush (the one from 1988-1992) once made a statement that families should be more like "The Waltons" and less like "The Simpsons". His opinion is somewhat old-fashioned and unrealistic. In other words, many topics dealt with in "The Simpsons" fit life for people in the 1990s and 2000s better than "The Waltons" did in the 1970s. A crowning achievement in television art. 5 stars out of 5.

    It's a very clever and intelligent show - they never dumb anything down - and as creator Matt Groening has remarked, "The Simpsons is a show that rewards paying There are always enough obscure pop-culture references or subtle background gags to ensure that the second, third, or tenth viewing of an episode will find you noticing something you hadn't before.

    Simpsons" is a pale shadow of its former greatness. It gradually slipping this way for several years, but it wasn't until the 2002 and 2003 seasons that the show really smashed up against the rocks for good. I used to delight in each new episode of "Simpsons". But now the show clunks along each week in what appears to be filling time. The free-wheeling gags it used to deliver with such ease are now weighted down by an unnecessary over importance on story. The show at its best may get off a funny, sharp one-liner every now and then. It's biggest asset currently is it's willingness and given latitude to slam its own network. I do delight in their "Joe Millionaire" on-air promo parodies or a recent episode where Homer calls to give the network an idea and the recording says something like "If you know of another network's reality show we can rip off, press

    With all my collection of video tapes and I seem to find myself digging through my Simpsons box, when I need something to watch. It would be hard to pick a favorite episode, because of so many. It would be even harder to pick a least favorite because there is very few that could be less appealing. But boring is one thing that the Simpsons could never be considered. The writers have changed ideas, episode structure, and kept the Simpsons on a continuous exciting adventure. Anytime of the day or no matter what seems to be the mood , the Simpsons is always satisfying to to view even over and over and hours on end.
  • Best ep season 25

    This episode was by far my most favorite in season 25 and probably most favorite episode since the 23rd seasons episodes. Pritty good havn't had a favorite in a season over the past 2 years.
  • Respect

    Any show that lasts over 20 seasons and is still continues to be entertaining and funny earns my respect. Many other shows that last for a long time such as SpongeBob or Family Guy tend to decline in quality. The episode plots become more simplistic, the character's personalities are botched up beyond recognition, and you can basically tell that the writers don't care anymore. But with this show I can watch an episode from any season and it will still feel like the same show. In fact one of the newer episodes they made about internet piracy I would consider one of this show's best. The fact that this show can last for so long and still be of quality is one of the things that makes it so good.

    The reason this show lasted so long is because of how well developed it is. The episode plots are creative, They go well beyond the typical sitcom. The character development is excellent. All of the characters, even supporting characters such as Moe and Mr. Burns have personalities. Homer although is a jerk sometimes is generally a warm, likeable character. Bart is annoying, disgusting, and immature, but he is presented in a way that makes it funny. Nelson, unlike many other bully characters has a personality beyond just being a bully. There are other great characters too.

    The best thing about this show however is that it manages to be both entertaining and funny without using a lot of vulgarities and sex humor. Groening's strategy of humor is to use creativity and good writing to make something funny. Unlike McFarlane's strategy which is to throw a bunch of fart and sex jokes into something and that will make it funny. I find myself laughing a lot more in an episode of the Simpsons than family guy or American dad.

    With it's well developed plot, good use of characters, and witty, creative humor. The Simpsons was and always will be an animation classic.
  • And the next episodes will be... when,


    LOVED the google glass ep, very contemporaneous: I went straight to Youtube afterwards to find out all I could about Augmented Reality!

    But when will the next eps be on (for Fam Guy & Am Dad too?) Both the upcoming Simpsons crossovers, with Futurama & Family Guy, sound, at least potentially, like they should be absolutely off the hook! But for right now, I'm more interested to know when the next episodes of Simpsons, Fam Guy & Am Dad are actually gonna be on!!? It's been 2 wks since any new eps, but even here on there is no further info re any upcoming episodes (except under family guy, which gives the FG/Simpsons crossover - screening in mid-October 2014 - as the next episode (which has been saying that since Septermber of LAST year!)! I can't be the only one who's confused,
  • Personal favorites

    Most ep til 09 (99-14)
  • The One & Only Simpsons! (Includes Seasons Reviews)

    The Simpsons is by far one of the greatest cartoons ever created within the last 20 years and it continues to exceed by producing quality episodes and amazing gags. In my first ever review, i review the seasons.

    Season 1 (7.5) - This season does not really have any memorable episodes, but it is a great way to start off a great series.

    Season 2 (8.0) - An improvement from season 1, this season starts to show what the Simpsons is capable of.

    Season 3 (8.5) - A massive improvement from Seasons 1 & 2. This is when the humour picks up and when the characters start to develop.

    Season 4 (9.0) This is a great season and includes great episodes such as Marge and the Monorail.

    Season 5 (9.5) This is the Simpsons in there peak, characters are perfect, the storylines are good, the gags are at there best and it also is my personal favourite season.

    Season 6 (9.0) I do like this season, however i prefer season 5. It has great episodes however. I don't like how they made fun of us Australians in 'Bart vs Australia' however.

    Season 7 (8.5) Bill Oakley and did achieve what there aim was, to include emotional episodes and focus on the family. This would be explored even further in Season 8.

    Season 8 (8.0) I covered this in Season 7 review, but this season has some episodes that are somewhat mediocre.

    Season 9 (8.5) Season 9 was a good season, the humour does pick up again.

    Season 10 (8.5) I personally don't understand why people say this is the start of the decline. Ok, i admit this season did have some mediocre episodes, but it was still overall good, way better then the newer seasons!

    Season 11 (7.5) Oh Yes, the season with the wacky homer plots and heavy gags. I can see why people don't like S11.

    Season 12 (8.0) It's an improvement from last season, the only episode I didn't like was Homer Vs Dignity.

    Season 13 (7.5) Ok, this is when they decline. Mediocre takes over in this season.

    Season 14 (8.0) Much better then Season 13, I really like Moe Baby Blues and there are over good episodes.

    Season 15 (8.0) Same as Season 14, it had some good episodes.

    Season 16 (8.5) For some reason i really like this season, i like Mommie Beerest and Mobile Homer. the only episode i didn't like was The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star, boring...

    Season 17 (7.5) The decline comes back again. But it's really half-half and it does contain some really creative episodes such as The Seemingly Never-Ending Story and We're on the Road to D'ohwhere.

    Season 18 (7.5) Same as Season 17, it's really is up to your taste of episodes in this season.

    Season 19 (6.5) Don't get me started on this season! Not only did it contain the episode that destroyed the simpsons back story 'That 90's Show' but the rest were mediocre at best. I mean Ralph for President! The only decent episode was Eternal 'Moonshine of the Simpson Mind'.

    Season 20 (7.0) I think the HD transformation really did reboot the series again and there is some nice emotional story lines in Season 20. Although, if your a old Simpsons fan, it's probably not for you.

    Season 21 (7.0) This season is mediocre but I do like 'The Bob Next Door'.

    Season 22 (7.0) Season 22 was Mediocre as well, I HATE! 'Elementary School Musical'. But, I think this is when they should of stopped.

    Season 23 (7.0) Season 23's only good episodes were 'How I wet your Mother' and 'Holidays of Future Passed' which they can easily be compared to earlier seasons.

    Season 24 (3.5) HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! Don't even attempt to watch this!

    Season 25 (3.0) So far TERRIBLE! I mean, Homer delivering a baby?!

    Conclusion : Whether it's poking fun or emotionally done, The Simpsons is and will be a great series for years to come!
  • The Greatest Animated Comedy of All Time

    Even with the decline in quality, I still give this a ten out of ten. The reason is because this has had a very great impact on the world since it premiered in 1989. It was a spin-off to the Tracy Ullman Show until it got its own show. The Simpsons has also been the inspiration for many adult animated sitcoms, such as Family Guy and South Park. It's the longest running American sitcom, the longest running American animated series, and the longest running American scripted television series. There is even talk of the Simpsons getting their own television channel. I don't care about the decline and honestly, I can't imagine my life without the Simpsons. It is one of my all time favorite shows and I can never feel anything bad about it.

  • Best show.

    I've really gotten back into it. Too bad Krabappel is going to die though I really did like her. Comic Book Guy is awesome. I like Homer, Bart, and Lisa + Ned a little bit. I don't like Marge that much because she tries a little too hard to be funny at some times. I HATE MOE, not because he is ugly but because he is a perv. Barney has one hell of a singing voice even though he is kinda ***ed. I love Abe. I have gotten into Mona Simpson.