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  • It's still one of my favorite shows, even though It's going downhill

    I really love The Simpsons so much and It's one of the best cartoons in my opinion. This show is about The Simpsons family (Family members are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie) and Springfield town. I think It's a very good idea. This show is orijinal, funny and enjoyable. All characters are likeable, the anination is very good (in fact, It's getting better) and most of episodes of this show are very good. I still like this show, even though It went downhill. I know some people think this show is downhill and they don't like new seasons much. I can understand them but I still enjoy watching this show. Me and my brother always laugh when we watch this show. I don't think this show is getting better and I still like old seaons (season 1-8) more than new seasons (season 9-present) because new seasons has more bad episodes than old episodes but this show is still good and to be honest I think all seasons are good. I like all main characters of this show. Homer is a very funny character and It's one of the funniest characters of this show. He is unlikeable sometimes and there are too many Homer episodes in season 10, 11 and 12 but I still like him. Bart is my favorite character. He and his pranks are very funny. Maggie is a baby and doesn't talk much but Maggie always make me laugh. There is a short film called The Longest Daycare and It's about Maggie and that short film was perfect. I really like Marge and Lisa too but they are not funny as Homer, Bart or Maggie. I also like most of recurring characters and my favorite recurring characters are Ralph, Sideshow Bob, Willie, Comic Book Guy, Millhouse and Crazy Cat Lady. This show has a movie and I thought this movie was great. I don't think It's perfect as most of old episodes but It is enjoyable and I recommend the movie. I just hope the writers make more good episodes and less bad/mediocre episodes until this show ends. I definetly recommend this show, especially season 1-8.

    My thoughts on all seasons:

    Season 1: This is the first season of this show and I think this show started out good. It's not my favorite season and It's not a funny season in my opinion but It's enjoyable. I recommend it (8.1/10). My favorite episode: "Krusty Gets Busted"

    Season 2: Much better than season 1. This show became more enjoyable after this season. I do not think this season was very funny too but It has some funny episodes (8.8/10). My favorite episode: "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge"

    Season 3: This show became funny after this season. All episodes were good in my opinion (9.3/10). My favorite episode: "Radio Bart"

    Season 4: Wow. This season was very funny. One of my favorite seasons. It has lots of great episodes. Many people says "Last Exit to Springfield" is the best episode. I don't think it's the best episode becuase I've seen better but this episode is one of my favorite episodes too. I recommend this season (9.5/10). My favorite episode: "Lisa's First Word"

    Season 5: In my opinion, this season is the best season ever. Most of season 5 episodes are perfect and very funny. My favorite episode: "Cape Feare"

    Season 6: My second favorite season. In my opinion, this season could have been the best, If "Another Simpsons Clip Show" never existed (I don't hate this episode but It's not a great and there were more perfect episodes than season 5 but It's still a funny season (9.7/10). My favorite episode: "Treehouse of Horror V"

    Season 7: It's not better than season 4, 5 and 6 but I love this season too. I think you will like season more than me (9.5/10). My favorite episode: "Treehouse of Horror VI"

    Season 8: Better than season 7. It's my third favorite season. This season was very funny and It has many perfect episodes (9.7/10). My favorite episode: "The Springfield Files"

    Season 9: This season could have been one of my favorite seasons, If "The Principal and The Pauper" and "All Singing, All Dancing" never existed (there were terrible episodes) and there were more perfect episodes in this season but It's still a great season. I think this is the start of decline (8.6/10). My favorite episode: "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson".

    Season 10: I thought this season was decent because there were some great episodes in this season but there were some mediocre episodes too. I do not recommend this season. You won't probably like it. (7.8/10). My favorite episode: "Treehouse of Horror IX"

    Season 11: In my opinion, this is the worst season EVER but It has some great episodes too. Some people says this season was bad and I can understand. There are too much Homer episodes in this season. Do not watch this season (7.2/10). My favorite episode: "Behind the Laughter"

    Season 12: Better than season 11 and I thought this season was decent too but It's still not terrific (7.6/10). Favorite episode: "Trilogy of Error"

    Season 13: In my opinion, this season was funny and It was an improvent over season 9-12. I recommend some of season 13 episodes (8.6/10). My Favorite episode: "I Am Furious (Yellow)".

    Season 14: Not great as season 13 but It's still a great season and It's better than season 10, 11 and 12. (8.3/10) My favorite episode: "Barting Over"

    Season 15. To be honest, I loved this season so much. Best season since season 8. I think most of season 15 episodes were actually enjoyable and funny. I think some people will like this season (9/10). My favorite episode "The Way We Weren't".

    Season 16. Another great season. The only bad episode is "Homer and Ned's Mary Past" in my opinion. The rest of this season is really good (8.7/10). My favorite episode: "Future-drama"

    Season 17: I like this season but It's not great as season 13, 15 and 16. I think there were no bad episodes in this season but there were some mediocre episodes (8.2/10). My favorite episode: "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story"

    Season 18. Better than season 17. In my opinion, there were a few bad episodes in this season but this season has more perfect episodes than bad episodes (8.3/10). My favorite episode: "24 Minutes"

    Season 19: Second worst of this season but I think It was a decent season too because there were some great episodes in this season. This season has some flaws. The season premire (first episode after the movie) was very disappointing and there's a season 19 episode called "That' 90's Show" and It ruined the continuty of this season. That episode is the "WORST EPISODE EVER". I don't recommend this season. (7.5/10). My favorite episode: "Eternal Moonshine or the Simpson Mind"

    Season 20: This season is so underrated. I only saw one bad episode in this season and It was "Lisa the Drama Queen". I think the second half of this season (Widescreen version) is much funnier than first half (8.6/10). My favorite episode: "Eeeny Teeny Maya Moe"

    Season 21: Another underrated season. It's not bad as people says but It's not a great season either. One of my least favorite seasons. In my opinion the only perfect episodes are Bart episodes (7.6/10). My favorite episode: "The Bob Next Door".

    Season 22: Defiently better than season 21. Some episodes of this season were really funny and I recommend some of season 22 episodes, especially "Homer the Father. (8.1/10). My favorite episode: "A Midsummer's Nice Dream"

    Season 23: I like this season. This episode has many great episodes but I don't think It's one of the best season because there were some bad and mediocre episodes in this season (8.3/10). My favorite epsiode: "Holidays of Future Passed"

    Season 24: One of my least favorite seasons but It was a decent season in my opinion (7.7/10). My favorite episode: "Hardly Kirk-ing".

    This show gets a 10/10.