The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 22

Round Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1995 on FOX

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  • Sad

    Bart needs his appendix out, and after the operation, Lisa reunites with her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy, who tells her a lot about his life. He lets her borrow his saxophone on the night of a band thing at school. When she gets back to the hospital, she is heart broken to find that Bleeding Gums Murphy has passed on.

    When she hears of his album, Sax on the Beach, at the Android's Dungeon, she wants to buy it, but doesn't have the money- 500 dollars.

    Bart ends up buying it for her {because of him needing his appendix removed was due to Krusty cereal, he won a settlement of 500 dollars}.

    Lisa gets the album on the radio. Her and the memory of Bleeding Gums rock out on the sax one final time, during the end credits.

    One of the saddest episodes of the series with some good amount of humor every now and then. This is how to do a sad episode, I think. A Perfect episode
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons barts gets somthing from a box of skrusty cearal and he winds up in the hosptal and lisa goes to vist him and sees bleeding gomes murphy there and he is really sick and is being treated there and she is sad. and then when bleeding gomes murhph dies no one is really caring so lisa goes and gets the radio people to play out his album to remember him . this was a very sad ep and it was very memorable. and that is shy i gave the show a 8.5 for being really good
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy dead, but who the H&^% cares?? jk

    Lisa is reunited with her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy, but their time together is short lived when the jazz legend passes away. Heartbroken, Lisa wants to give him a proper tribute, but to do so, she needs to buy his rare album, Sax on the Beach, so she can play it on the local jazz radio station. Bart lends her enough money to buy the record and Lisa plays the record on the air. Speaking to Lisa from heaven, Bleeding Gums tells her what a great musician she is and they jam together one last time before he goes to the big jazz club in the sky.
  • Last of Bleeding Gums Murphy

    We start off with Bart eating breakfast with the family. Marge starts quizzing him on the test he'll be taking that day, but it's obvious Bart isn't prepared. Just then, Bart takes a bite of Krusty-O's cereal and swallows a jagged metal O (hey there's one in every box!). This makes Bart sick of course, but he goes off to school anyway.

    Krabappel won't let him go to the nurse so Bart takes the test. Afterwards he's finally allowed to go where he finds Lunchlady Doris working as the nurse. Bart ends up unconscious on the floor and is taken to the hospital where he has his appendix removed.

    While the Simpson family is visiting Bart, Lisa finds her old jazz hero, Bleeding Gums Murphy, in a hospital bed as well. They visit for awhile and Bart shows up baring his butt, clearly on the mend.

    Later, Lisa has a recital and returns to tell Murphy about it, but finds he has passed away. Meanwhile, Bart earns $500 from a lawsuit due to the cereal incident. Seeing Lisa sad, he uses the money to buy Murphy's album which Lisa takes to the local jazz station to have it played as a tribute.

    At first the radio signal is weak, but Murphy shows up in a cloud, a-la The Lion King, and makes the signal carry across the city so everyone can enjoy it. Before leaving, Murphy and Lisa jam.
  • Very Nice Episode

    I think that this was a very nice episode of The Simpsons. This episode was sad because one of Lisa's best friends Bleeding Gums Murphy died. But this episode also had alot of funny things in it. One of the things I thought was funny was when Krusty the Clown ate the Krusty O and when Grandpa thought that everything was death. Also the end of this episode was very good and well put together when they did the thing from The Lion King. I also liked the music played in this episode. Overall this was a very good episode and I enjoyed it very much.
  • A very sweet episode

    I've watched this episode several times over, and I've loved it every time.

    I think that Lisa's dedication is very sweet, but what's even sweeter is that for one of the first time, Bart puts someone's feelings before his own, and spends the money he got. I thought that was a very sweet thing to do.

    It was sad to see Bleeding Gums die, as though he was in it so little, he was a very good character. I loved the ending of this episode though, it made me laugh!

    Another favourite part of the episode was Grampa talking about death. He truly is a classic character.
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy returns for another fun-filled eppie.

    Firstly we start of with the most crazy thing o the Simpsons ever, Bart swallowing a metaljagged Krusty-o which was a free gift in a cereal box. He has to have a operation and get it removed, and while Lisa is there she notices Bleeding Gums Murphy who gives her his sax. Another halirious and enjoyable Lisa and her saxophone episode. When Bleeding Gums passes away after his operation, Lisa is distraught that everyone in Springfield doesn't care and Homer just wants a hot dog. Lisa wnats to buy his greatest record, Sax on the Beach, but it costs $500. To make Lisa happy Bart pays for it and buys lisa the record, and as Lisa walks home in the sky Bleeding Gums Murphy (as a cloud) appears to play a song with Lisa. It's a really funny and great episode ebcause it shows Lisa's very special bond with him, and even if I was kinda sad he passed away it had a wonderful ending and I magnificent story. The start was excellent of course, and Bleeding Gums Murphy was very nice. yes, this episode was enjoyable and had a funny runing gag, with taht hot dog guy always appearing when Homer wnats a hot dog. 'Round Springfield' is a great episode and you should watch if you like nice and funny stories.
  • bleeding gums murphy, a very close friend of lisa's dies at the same hospital as bart has his appendix taken out.

    this episode is one which i could really relate to, however it is with the B story of bart getting his appendix out. i had appendicitis a few years ago and it hurts a lot more than the simpsons leads you to believe. i got to miss a week of school like bart but i also couldn't play sport or anything for six weeks. this episode was both funny, in scenes like where all the heads appear next to murphy's and lovejoy's pronunciation "blood and guts murphy", sad as in the death of lisa's friend and sweet when bart buys lisa the bleeding gums murphy album instead of spending the money on himself. another humerous scene is where bart is happy to get $500 where my favourite recurring but not main character, lionel hutz, voiced by the late phil hartman gets about a hundred times more as bart's lawyer. this episode is a great combination of laughs, sweetness and depression, one that is hard to top.
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