The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 22

Round Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1995 on FOX

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  • Sad

    Bart needs his appendix out, and after the operation, Lisa reunites with her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy, who tells her a lot about his life. He lets her borrow his saxophone on the night of a band thing at school. When she gets back to the hospital, she is heart broken to find that Bleeding Gums Murphy has passed on.

    When she hears of his album, Sax on the Beach, at the Android's Dungeon, she wants to buy it, but doesn't have the money- 500 dollars.

    Bart ends up buying it for her {because of him needing his appendix removed was due to Krusty cereal, he won a settlement of 500 dollars}.

    Lisa gets the album on the radio. Her and the memory of Bleeding Gums rock out on the sax one final time, during the end credits.

    One of the saddest episodes of the series with some good amount of humor every now and then. This is how to do a sad episode, I think. A Perfect episode