The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 13

Saddlesore Galactica

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2000 on FOX

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  • I don't understand the hate

    I watched this when it came out, it would be a few years until I gave up on the show. I thought this episode was funny. It was nice to see compassionate yet stupid Homer before he turned in to Jerk Ass Homer full time. I thought applying the 90's Xtreme!! attitude ala Dennis Rodman to an animal was funny. I am surprised we didn't see more of that in real life. Kangaroo Jack wouldn't come out for another 3 years. Yet again "Simpson's did it first". There were lots of laughs, a coherent plot and several things going on at once. That was something I loved about the show and something it lost a few years after this episode.

    I think a lot of the hate comes from the digs at Bill Clinton. By the time this was in reruns the 2000 election had happened. Culturally I think that was a tuning point for a lot of people and even a lot of media. People that years ago would have laughed at a joke about "their guy" as long as it was funny. After 2000 we saw the rise of everything being political all the time. That phenomenon is part of what killed the Simpson's for me. I watch a show like the Simpson's to be entertained not lectured to.
  • Assured. Insane. Redundant. Yet..... Funny!

    I can't say this was the best episode ever but for what it is, it's actually hilarious. Jockey trolls, race horses, bitter Lisa, omni goggles, Vietnam flash backs, I was left in stitches! It may not be a good idea to try it again, just to say they did it once and move on but this episode sure as hell showed us that even a cartoony plot can be worth watching. I say give it a chance.
  • Quite possibly the worst half hour in animation.

    Watching this episode is similar to watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know something horrible is happening, but there is nothing you can do to stop it. There is not a single redeeming feature. Characters act completely out of characters, insipid non sequitors dictate the plot et cetera. If some teen fans thought of this plot line one night after a drinking binge, they would have the sense to laugh at it as being stupid and unfunny when they sobered up. One could only wish the current writers of The Simpsons would have the same insight.

    Whatever you do, do NOT watch this expecting to be entertained.
  • Agreed with Comic Book Guy as "Worst Episode Ever". What were the writers thinking when they vomited out this creation? I guess seeing the amount of episodes, it was inevitable there would be one that was absolutely painful to watch.

    That whole thing with Furious D wearing a jacket, and even being that humanistic. It's like when they animate the Chips Ahoy. Why make it so like humans, when you know they were going to get eaten eventually? It was just lame anyways besides that, with the horrible attempt at reaching out to the urban youth with that horrible insult to music. And the whole intimidating montage theme with Bart, oh they're soooo bad! Please. There were a few good jokes, but the onset of the trite that followed was overbearing and greatly overshadowed any redeeming factor of humor at that point. F-
  • Jockey Elves!

    This episode is often rated the worst of the series. I never understood why, until I saw it. One of the most lazily written episodes ever. The third act with the elves was horrendous, there were very few good jokes, the end was lazy, all the cheap jokes about reusing plots was horrendous. There are very few things to like about this episode. Decent amount of humor in the first act and some of the second, but the episode as a whole is just really bad. Though I have to admit that the elves were kind of funny. Something I would expect from Family Guy or something, to be honest.
  • Homer and Bart raise a championship winning race horse.

    Well I definately think this episode was hilarious and had some great gags, but it was surely very far-fetched indeed. There were elf jockies, bad ass horses, and Homer trying to teach a horse to be a kicker in football. However, there were some very good jokes such as:

    Marge: That's a pretty lousy lesson.
    Bill Clinton: Well, I'm a pretty lousy president. Homer: I think you looked damn good out there son. (looks at horse numer) You were number 5?! You sucked! Damn good =] This is an episode that is basically the ugly duckling in the series. Many people dont appreciate it, and people say this is why the simpsons suck. However, I think it was good episode even if it was out of character for the show, and far-fectched. In my mind it was still entertaining to me.
  • Hilarious, but a very absurd plot if you ask me... I mean come on Elf Jockies???

    During a trip to the State Fair, Homer and Bart save a diving horse named Duncan. To help pay for the horse's food and care, Homer tries to train Duncan to be a field goal kicker, but NFL regulations specifically ban the use of horses in professional football. As Homer curses the NFL and their draconian rulebook, Bart comes up with the idea of turning Duncan into a racehorse. With a pajama-clad Bart as his jockey, Duncan loses his first race. Bart and Homer are the laughingstocks of the racing community, but after giving Duncan a Rodman-esque makeover as a bad-boy rebel renamed Furious D, they take the racing world by storm. Furious D intimidates all his competitors with his dyed hair and nose ring. Miraculously, Furious D and Bart become champions. After a race, Homer is ambushed by crazed, singing jockeys who reveal themselves to be magical elves who live in an underground lair. The jockeys tell Homer that if Bart doesn't lose the big Springfield Derby, they'll eat his brains. Terrified, Homer tries to convince Bart to throw the race. Bart refuses and he and Furious D go on to win it all. But the victory is brief as the murderous elves pursue Homer, Bart and Duncan as they flee the racetrack and try to make it home. It's up to Marge and her trusty garden hose to stop the elves before they can dine on what's left of Homer's brains. Homer throws out the elves with the trash and the family says goodbye to Duncan, who gets put out to stud.

    Guest Star: Randy Bachman and Fred Turner of Bachman Turner Overdrive as themselves.
  • Elf jockeys? A badass horse? A mop that eats meatballs? What the heck is this!?

    The biggest flaw this episode had was its overt silliness and uncredibility. The horse being badass was okay but then when the elf jockeys were introduced, I rolled my eyes and sighed with disbelief. Also, this episode didn't have too many funny one-liners except the part where Bill Clinton admits that he's a lousy president. Comic Book Guy pointing out that these plots had already been done was pointless and unnecessary because the viewers already know about it. One of the few funny scenes were of Homer's pearl hallucination but overall, this episode was way too much like a Saturday morning cartoon. Season 11 has better episodes than this one.

    Grade: C-
  • sore indeed

    I had high expectation with this episode when the Simpsons went to the fair. It was fun all the way, band competition, Homer’s fried shirt, & the highlight of it is the ‘Duncan the Diving Horse’ and making it to dive again, was great. Here it comes, the Simpsons getting a horse again, not to mention several pets they had. Since it’s going to cost them, Homer and Bart decided to train Duncan as a racing horse. All the racing scenes was too good, never expected to go wrong until it did when Homer drops at the Secret Land of the Jockeys. It was like watching Treehouse of Terror, when the jockeys turned into dwarfs and blackmailing to kill Homer if Duncan wins the race. There were ludicrous moments here and there; the mop, Moe at the track, awful portrayal of Marge where she rolls on the floor like Homer did and the troll musical. Comic Book Guy made a point about this episode with couple of appearances. I won’t say it’s the worst episode but a rather sloppy one added in Season 11.
  • A few great jokes but a little absurd.

    the elf jockeys were a bit over the top for this episode but they already brought in a badass horse and a slightly redone plot (as pointed out by Comic Book Guy) so I guess the elf jockeys didn't ruin the plot - it's one of those unbelievable episodes which sometimnes work and sometimes come out all wrong. in this case, the episode was pretty good with lines like "i'll deal with those murderous trolls", "i'm watching you" and "what if i refuse to lose"/"we'll eat your brains"/"my horse must lose". overall, not the best episode but memorable all the same.