The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 9

Saturdays of Thunder

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1991 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The scene in which Bart welds with his mask up caused a battle between the show creators and the network censors. The censors were concerned that children would imitate Bart by misusing welding tools. The show creators were able to convince them that very few kids would use welding tools anyway.

    • Music from this episode
      "Watching Scotty Grow" by Bobby Goldsboro
      "Cats In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin
      "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

    • Tapes at the video shack include: "Du Du Du", "Border Siesta", "The Bad Football", "Speed Boat Bloopers", "Frisbee", "Super Jock 3", "Death By Knockout", "Bench Clearing Brawls", "Blood On The Ice", and "Football's Greatest Injuries".

    • The head of the National Fatherhood Institute drinks from a Super Dad mug.

    • Homer double parks at the VHS Village.

    • The sign at the video store reads: ''VHS Village, Formerly the Beta Barn.''

    • Marge and her sisters read ''Idle Chatter'' and ''Peephole'' magazines at the beauty salon.

  • Quotes

    • Bart: Dad, I don't know how to say this. I don't want to drive your car. It's slow, it's ugly; it handles like a shopping cart.

    • Martin: What is the matter with you?
      Bart: It's my dad. Lying there on the couch, drinking a beer, staring at the TV... I've never seen him like that.

    • Bart: Oh, I don't know if I should do that. My dad and I build our car together, and if I drove somebody else's it'd kill him! On the other hand, I'll do it!

    • Homer: Thank you, Bill Cosby. You've saved The Simpsons!

    • Homer: What's the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to do something with you?
      Lisa: Uh, take us to the video store?
      Homer: Anything for my little girl.

    • Nelson: Hey, Simpson, where's your loser-mobile!
      Homer: Loser mobile…hehehe…wait a minute!
      Bart: Uh, It's over there Nelson.
      Nelson: Whoa, talk about your pieces of crap!

    • Homer: Goodbye son!
      Milhouse: Hey, Bart, I think they're finally hauling your dad away!
      Bart: Maybe it's for the best.

    • Marge: Question 2: "Who is your son's hero?"
      Homer: Steve McQueen.
      Marge: That's your hero! "Name another dad you talk to about parenting."
      Homer: Next
      Marge: "What are your son's hobbies?"
      Homer: Well, he's always chewing on the phone cord.
      Marge: He hasn't done that since he was two!
      Homer: Then he has no hobbies!

    • Marge: Question 1: Name one of your child's friends.
      Homer: Lets see uh, Bart's friends, well there's the fat kid with the thing, uh, the little wiener who's always got his hands in his pockets!
      Marge: They want a name, Homer, not a vague description!
      Homer: Okay....Hank?
      Marge: Hank? Hank who?
      Homer: Hank....Jones!
      Marge: Homer, you made that up.

    • Homer: Oh my god, I don't know jack about my boy! I'm a bad father!
      Selma: You're also fat.
      Homer: I'm also fat!

    • Troy McClure: I'm actor Troy McClure. You may remember me
      from such TV series as: Buck Henderson: Union Buster and Troy & Company's Summertime Smile Factory.

    • Homer: Patty! Selma! What a pleasant surprise!
      Patty: Whaddya know, he's wearing pants!
      Selma: I owe you a lunch!

    • Barney: (To Patty) My friend and I have a bet. Are you Mary Tyler Moore?
      (Patty sprays mace in Barney's eyes.)
      Barney: Ow! Wow, it really is you!

    • Homer: (reading) No matter what you tell your child to do, you will always do the opposite, huh?
      Homer's Brain: Don't you get it? You've got to use reverse psychology!
      Homer: That sounds too complicated!
      Homer's Brain: OK, don't use reverse psychology!
      Homer: All right, I will!

  • Notes

    • Harry Shearer based the voice of Dave, the director of the Fatherhood Institute, on actor Mason Adams.

    • This episode premiered November 14, 1991 and got high ratings due in part to the fact that it was immediately followed by the premiere of Michael Jackson's infamous "Black or White" music video.

    • ''Deathrace 2000'' was another inspiration for the episode.

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not fake rabies.
      Couch Gag: The family does not realize the bottom cushions are missing until it's too late, and are compressed into the couch.

  • Allusions

    • The Natural
      Homer stands up in the crowd to cheer Bart on, and shouts, "Do it for your old man, boy!" As he does this, the theme from the 1984 baseball film The Natural plays.

    • McBain: Mendoza!!!
      The McBain movie pokes fun at both films Lethal Weapon and Colors.

    • Selma: You can turn the world on with your smile.
      Selma's statement is one of several references contained in this episode that reference The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which Jim Brooks was the creator of.

    • Ben-Hur
      In the final race Nelson's car has blades attached to its wheels just like those attached to the wheels of Messala's chariot in the chariot race scene in the 1959 film Ben-Hur.

    • Days Of Thunder
      The title of this episode is a reference to the 1990 Tom Cruise film Days Of Thunder, which is about a race car driver.

    • The Late Summer Early Fall Bert Convy Show
      The forgettable variety series starring Troy McClure is a reference to Bert Convy's short-lived 1976 variety series The Late Summer Early Fall Bert Convy Show.