The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 14

Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1996 on FOX

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  • Worst. Episode. Ever.

    I thought this episode was really dumb. Marge worries about having new rich friends more than her family. She'll do anything like change her dress. Homer also battles Mr. Burns in this episode. In Golf. Of course Smithers is there to cheat for him (You did'nt help Mr. Burns in Team Homer so why you gotta do this?).

    Well, at lest this episode isn't as bad as Lisa the Beauty Queen or something. But this episode is th worst of the season. They'e could have done better, I'm sorry, Season 7 wasn't that as good anyways. I only have a little left to write so I'll say, "Thank you for reading."
  • this was a good one

    in this simpsons ep marge and lisa go shopping in a second hand store thing is they come a cross a shnel dress that is supposed to be really expensive and its marked down and marge buys it and she wears it and some women see her and invite her and her family to a country club becasue of how good she looks thing is marge does not have that much expensive cloths so she changes the dress over and over to look diffrent but they can still tell . and she final realizes that life is not for her .
  • Great

    Marge starts fitting in with rich local snobs after a new fancy dress she buys. But soon she starts acting like the snobs, and worries that her family will also change in behavior. So she drops out of the club they were gonna let her in. Meanwhile, Homer is playing Burns in golf, and finds out that Smithers has been cheating for the old man.

    I'm not a big fan of Marge, she as well as Lisa are my two least favorites of the Simpson family. So my overall grade is about a B-, it had some good, funny scenes
  • The Simpsons are rich and not because they have money

    This is just another episode that keeps you glued to the screen but that as soon as you finish watching, you don't want to see again in a long while. Marge triyng to be part of the rich and famous, wow, this is something I would have never expected, after all, she seems to be the only sane member of the family.

    Well, once again, there were a couple of jokes here and there but that was about it. This episode simply makes me remember of the times I have been greedy and I have wanted to be something I am not. Other than that, this is boring.
  • Silly

    After a chance encounter with an old high school acquaintance, Marge finds herself and her family invited to an ultra-exclusive country club. Marge worries about her social standing when some snobs at the country club notice she's been wearing the same highly-discounted Chanel dress every day. Homer and the kids adjust to club life a lot better: Homer discovers that he's a golf prodigy and Lisa is in horse heaven. On the night of the Simpson family's formal acceptance to the club, Marge's social anxiety reaches a fever pitch and she scolds her family for being less cultured and refined than the members of the club. In the midst her breakdown, however, Marge has a moment of clarity and realizes she was wrong to have such overwhelming feelings of insecurity. The Simpson family rejects club membership and celebrates their togetherness over cheeseburgers and fries at the Krusty Burger. Guest star: Tom Kite as himself.
  • Marge\'s fashion statement

    Marge enters into high society wearing a dress that she brough at a hand-me-down store and all she wrote about this episode. Marge is nothing more than a fashion statement and her upper crust society friends which she made friends only want her for her fashion, not for what\'s on her mind. And there was this scene when Homer and Mr. burns are playing golf that goes nowhere. the theme of this episode is that the rich is boring and Marge shouldn\'t be part of the rich crowd. Marge worn this dress and this episode has been worn as well.
  • yawn...

    I only gave this episode an 8.4 because the part about Homer playing golf with Mr. Burns was great. The main story was very boring. All that happens is Marge buys an expensive suit and tries to earn friends by pretending to be rich. At the end, Marge decides not to do it and returns to a middle class life. Overall, nothing happened in this episode. It's also sad to mention that this episode felt really long and I actually wanted it to end so I could go do something else. The episode "Last of the Red Hat Mamas" had the same plot but it was executed much better than this episode.
  • marge spends time at a country club with friends while homer versus burns in a round of golf only to find out smithers cheats for burns.

    this episode is out of character as it actually reveals that marge can have friends if she acts posh and dresses well. this episode reveals a lot about marge's character and the b story of homer and burns playing golf was filled with jokes and reveals that burns actually cares that someone is cheating for him when he had no problem cheating to win the softball game in season 3. homer's golf skills are hilarious using the toilets as a golf course and stealing people's clubs to play. this episode had some terrific jokes but there didn't seem to be enough to make it a truly great episode.