The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 16

'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on FOX

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  • Lisa becomes an astronomer.

    I thought that this episode was very welll done and well exceuted. Both plots were very strong and funny and it was a joy to watch this episode. My favorite part of the whole episode had to be the dcumentary at the end of the episode. However, the Bart stealing hood ornaments was just hilarious, and Homer crawling on the ground like an animal and going to sleep was just pricleless. All in all this was a very likeable episode, there wasnt anything really wrong with this episode at all. Which makes me wonder why this episode is so hated?
  • I thought this episode was very good...

    A British filmmaker comes to Bart's class to make a documentary on the typical American school, and Bart's celebrity status is plunged into jeopardy when Nelson receives attention from the filmmaker for stealing hood ornaments. Moreover, the filmmaker leaves Lisa with feelings of inadequacy, causing her to run out and choose a career in astronomy. Bart begins searching for unique hood ornaments while Lisa, unable to find a dark spot to stargaze, climbs Mt. Springfield. She encounters Professor Frink at the summit, and he teaches her about the problem of light pollution. Lisa starts a campaign to reduce the amount of light usage in Springfield, but when Chief Wiggum encourages Springfield to double its light usage to fight crime, night becomes day and the town goes "mondo bizarro," unable to sleep with the constant light. Lisa finally decides that enough is enough and breaks into the power plant with Bart, overloads the system and plunges the town into total darkness, returning Springfield to normal.
  • This episode was pretty good, Lisa persues astronomy in what would appear to be a terrible premise but ends up forming an actually interesting episode.

    Ah,I loved this episode. Sure, it had its problems, but overall it was very funny and pretty well written. There were silly jokes a lot of people don\'t like, but I like em and dont really care what \"A lot of people\" think. The episode starts off with Springfield Elementary being the home to a documentary by a Simon Cowell-esque man (I know he\'s parodying someone, but not quite sure who), obviously leading to bad results. In a hilarious narration, Bart finds himself wounded after being caught crying on tape and Lisa finds a rare species: someone not impressed with her!

    This leads into two plots: Lisa trying to find a field to focus on and Bart trying to regain his status as bad boy (this may be alluding to how Bart overall has fallen as Americas bad boy). Astronomy was certainly a strange choice for Lisa, but it wasn\'t too bad and dealing with the issue of light pollution, Springfield struggles whether to keep the lights on blaring at night or completely shut, obviously forgetting the middle man. Meanwhile, Bart tries to get Fat Tony\'s hood ornament.

    It wraps up nicely in both sides, and the documentary callback was very hilarious.Only big problem was the plot was a little flimsy

    Many Funny Moments:
    -\"Who will reset me, will it be you, you, OR...YOU?\"
    -\"Darker than a French girl\'s armpit\"
    -\"I\'m going to live with Underground grandama\"
    -Ending Milhouse\'s lame attempt at baseball
    -What the Springfielders saw in the sky, specially Carl and Flanders
    -The Alein
    -\"Deadly Meteor Shower\"
    -\"We thought the sky was on fire...naturally we blamed the Irish\"

    and MUCH more

    The best one in my opinion was: \"I wish God was alive to see this
  • springfield i plunged into lightness, then darkness.

    This episode's B story was my favourite part with Bart trying to steal Fat Tony's car symbol. The whole episode was funny, with the documentary at the end being a great ending, since that's how the whole episode started (with skinner believing that this documentary would be completely different from the rest of the negative docos that Desmond had made). The insomnia that the whole town has when springfield is always light was terrific, especially homer willingly letting bart and lisa boss him around to get the town to be dark once again. A great watch and a recommendation for all those who haven't viewed it, watch Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky.
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