The Simpsons - Season 10

Sunday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Dec 17, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/16/99
    The Simpsons learn to cut corners, enabling them to afford a trip to Japan. In Japan, they lose their savings and must become contestants on a humiliating game show to earn their way back home.
  • 5/9/99
    Lisa bands together with Springfield's other Mensa members to try to turn the town into a utopia. But they discover that genius doesn't always know what it's doing. Meanwhile, Homer takes sexually suggestive pictures of himself for Marge.
  • 5/2/99
    Mr. Burns realizes that he is not as beloved as a Richard Branson-type billionaire. To get the public back on his side, Mr. Burns, with Homer's help, finds and captures the Loch Ness monster.
  • 4/25/99
    As punishment for losing the Olympics for Springfield, Bart must help the city's senior citizens.
  • Mom and Pop Art
    Episode 19
    Homer becomes an artist, turning a failed barbecue pit into a pricey object d'art. When his public turns on him, he floods the town to make a statement.
  • 4/4/99
    During a particularly long-winded church service led by Reverend Lovejoy, our favorite family passes into slumber land. Marge dreams of herself and Homer as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Lisa dreams of herself and Milhouse leading their school aged friends out of Egypt and from underneath the control of the Pharaoh, played by Principal Skinner. Homer visions himself as King Solomon. Bart dreams up a slightly different version of the David and Goliath story, casting himself as David and Nelson as Goliath's son.moreless
  • Maximum Homerdrive
    Episode 17
    After entering an eating contest, Homer fills in for his truck driver opponent, who after the contest is no longer able to drive. While on the road Homer and Bart discover the other truckers' shocking secret. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa's attempts to buy a doorbell introduce them to the heroic Señor Ding-Dong.moreless
  • Make Room for Lisa
    Episode 16
    When Homer agrees to let a telephone company put a transmitter in Lisa's room, she becomes Bart's unwanted roommate. The stress leads Lisa to a sensory deprivation tank, where she learns to appreciate her father more.
  • Marge gets a new huge SUV, the Canyonero, and discovers the meaning of road rage.
  • I'm With Cupid
    Episode 14
    The wives of Springfield are jealous of the attention Apu lavishes on his wife. To win Marge back, Homer attempts to enlist the help of a skywriter, with painful consequences.
  • Homer to the Max
    Episode 13
    A popular TV character named Homer Simpson forces our Homer Simpson to change his name to Max Power. He becomes popular with hip Springfielders, who lead him to run afoul of the law.
  • 1/31/99
    Homer and his friends travel to the Super Bowl, then discover their tickets are fakes. Meanwhile Marge and Lisa attempt to pass the time with an arts and crafts project endorsed by Vincent Price.
  • 1/17/99
    When Homer and his friends trash the town after the baseball team wins a championship, Springfield's children are blamed for the damage. The angry kids start a secret radio broadcast that reveals the adults' secrets to the world.
  • Viva Ned Flanders
    Episode 10
    Homer and Ned enjoy a bender in Las Vegas, but when they awake the next morning, they are shocked to find they have two new wives.
  • Mayored to the Mob
    Episode 9
    Homer becomes Mayor Quimby's top bodyguard and helps protect the Mayor from Fat Tony and his cronies.
  • 12/6/98
    Homer comes to his father's aide when it is discovered that Grampa needs a new kidney. But right before the operation Homer gets cold feet.
  • Lisa Gets an "A"
    Episode 7
    Lisa becomes uncharacteristically lazy after being sick from school for a couple of days, and has to resort to cheating to pass a test. Meanwhile, Homer purchases a small lobster in the hopes of growing it into a large lobster so that he can "eat the profits." But problems arise when Homer becomes attached to his new pet.moreless
  • 11/15/98
    Homer's search to discover his middle name leads him to an old hippie commune that his mother used to frequent. He finds a mural that his mother painted of him from the 60's, and is inspired to become a hippie.
  • 11/8/98
    A para sailing mishap leads Homer to become the personal assistant to celebrity couple Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin.
  • 10/25/98
    Hell Toupée It's his third strike, Snake is sent to the electric chair. He vows revenge on all on those who were there when he was caught, Apu, Moe & Bart. Snake is electrocuted and his organs are saved for transplant. The beneficiary of his hair is one Homer J. Simpson. The hair begins exacting the revenge promised by its former owner. The Terror of Tiny Toon Marge takes the batteries from the TV remote control. Bart substitutes plutonium with strange results as he and Lisa become cartoon characters in an episode of Itchy & Scratchy, where the violence is real. Starship Poopers When Maggie gets her first tooth, a fang, and loses her legs, which are replaced by tentacles. Marge confesses that Homer is not the father, but rather Kang is. To settle the dispute on what would be better for Maggie's future, Bart suggests they go on The Jerry Springer Show and of course a fight or two breaks out.moreless
  • Bart the Mother
    Episode 3
    When Bart accidentally kills a mother bird, he feels so guilty that he raises her eggs as his own. But when the eggs hatch, a shock awaits him.
  • 9/20/98
    After realizing he has lived half his life and doesn't have much to show for it, Homer is inspired by Thomas Edison and sets out to become a successful inventor.
  • Lard of the Dance
    Episode 1
    Lisa is placed in charge of showing a new girl around school, who quickly fits in and becomes popular as the new school's trend setter. Meanwhile, Homer enlists Bart's help in scheming to find ways to collect grease to sell back to the grease recycling plant.