The Simpsons - Season 21

Sunday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Dec 17, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Judge Me Tender
    Episode 23
    Moe is invited to be a guest judge on American Idol. Meanwhile, with Moe off pursuing a new career Homer no longer has a hangout after work and spends more time at home driving Marge crazy.
  • The Bob Next Door
    Episode 22
    Bart becomes convinced that his new neighbor, Walt, is his archenemy, Sideshow Bob, disguised and back for revenge. But when Marge tries to convince Bart otherwise by taking him to the state penitentiary, a disturbing truth is revealed, leading to danger for the spiky-haired boy.
  • Moe Letter Blues
    Episode 21
    While Homer, Reverend Lovejoy, and Apu are on vacation with their children, Moe writes them a letter in which he threatens to run away with one of their wives.
  • 5/2/10
    Chief Wiggum and the police force become overvigilant and install security cameras all over Springfield after a bomb scare. Meanwhile, Lisa, sick of blondes being stereotyped as dumb compared to brunettes, decides to dye her hair.
  • 4/25/10
    Homer decides to circumvent the power company and erects a wind turbine on the backyard for electricity. Meanwhile, a powerful storm leaves a 150ft. blue whale beached in Springfield.
  • Chief of Hearts
    Episode 18
    While completing some community service Homer makes fast friends with Chief Wiggum. Meanwhile, Bart becomes obsessed with a new, addictive Japanese game.
  • 4/11/10
    Smithers is placed in charge of the power plant after Mr. Burns is thrown in jail for possession of stolen artwork. But when the plant employees abuse Smithers' good nature and push him to his breaking point, they devise a plan to get Mr. Burns out of jail.
  • 3/28/10
    Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons to come along on a church retreat to Jerusalem. While there, Homer fails to grasp the importance of the city until a crazy tour guide takes them around the city and opens Homer's eyes.
  • Stealing First Base
    Episode 15
    Bart becomes romantically confused when his crush, Nikki, plants one on him out of the blue. Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama comes to Lisa's aid after she's teased at school for being an overachiever.
  • 3/14/10
    Bart discovers his talent of easily pitting Marge and Homer against each other and uses it to help get him out of punishment for misbehaving at school, but naturally, he takes it too far.
  • The Color Yellow
    Episode 13
    Lisa presents the story of how her southern ancestors assisted a slave to freedom for Black History Month at school.
  • Boy Meets Curl
    Episode 12
    After discovering their love of curling Marge and Homer try out for the Olympic team and actually make it to the 2010 Vancouver Games. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Lisa develops an addiction to collecting Olympic pins.
  • 1/31/10
    Homer skips a date with Marge so he can buy a lottery ticket; when he wins a million dollars, he fears Marge's reaction to having blown off the date for a chance at fortune and he keeps his winnings a secret while showering the family with anonymous gifts. Meanwhile, Lisa helps to keep the senior citizens at the Springfield Retirement Castle stimulated with some video games.moreless
  • 1/10/10
    Krusty is forced to add a female character named Princess Penelope to his show in order to attract more female viewers. She immediately overshadows Krusty as the ratings improve. Bart and Milhouse want to get the show back to the way it was, but the situation gets more complicated when Krusty and Penelope fall in love and decide to get married. Meanwhile, Homer, Lenny, and Carl consider working at a competing nuclear plant when Mr. Burns cuts off their daily doughnut service.moreless
  • 1/3/10
    Grampa bumps into a human interest columnist who becomes fascinated with Grampa's life and writes a series of columns about Grampa's adventures.
  • 12/13/09
    After Lisa informs Bart that she and Maggie have a special bond that he'll never know because he doesn't have a brother, he takes a trip to the orphanage to find out what he's been missing out on.
  • 11/29/09
    After stumbling upon some teenage Wiccans, Lisa accepts an invitation to join their coven. Just before Lisa is inducted Chief Wiggum arrives and arrests the three teens on charges of witchcraft; Lisa becomes the chief witness in the trial. Meanwhile, Homer starts to hang out with his new pal Cletus after discovering the slack-jawed yokel makes moonshine.moreless
  • Pranks and Greens
    Episode 6
    Groundskeeper Willie tells Bart about Andy Hamilton, a former student who was an even better prankster than Bart is. Bart tracks down Andy, now 19 and still pulling pranks, and the two become quick friends.
  • 11/15/09
    Marge poses for a calendar for charity, but she is soon the talk of the town after she reveals a little too much during her photo shoot. Meanwhile, Carl receives a promotion at the plant. He then promotes Homer to be his executive assistant and runs him ragged.
  • 10/18/09
    Title Sequence: Homer and Marge throw a Halloween party, and real monsters show up to it, creating havoc when their wives show up. Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu: Lisa winds up in detention for being disruptive in class when another student is chosen for a spelling bee. She and Bart meet and discuss their plan to prank their teachers, except Bart's meaning of prank is different... Don't Have a Cow, Mankind: Krusty's new burger makes the citizens of Springfield turn into zombies. 28 days later, the Simpsons are still locked up in their home, and discover that Bart's Krusty Burger immunity is the key to solving the zombie crisis. There's No Business Like Moe Business: Homer, Marge and Moe are the main players in a Broadway style musical set in Moe's Tavern that tells the story of their complicated love-triangle.moreless
  • 10/11/09
    When the male population of Springfield becomes obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts, Marge and some friends organize a protest. A MMA show promoter gets wind of Marge's protest and challenges her to a match and agrees to shut down the show if Marge wins.
  • Bart Gets a Z
    Episode 2
    Mrs Krabappel is fired from Springfield Elementary after Bart spikes her coffee, causing her to make a drunken fool of herself. She is replaced by a cool new teacher, Mr. Vaughn, who is a quick hit with the kids. Bart, however, struggles with the guilt and considers telling Principal Skinner the truth.moreless
  • Homer the Whopper
    Episode 1
    Homer is cast as the lead in Everyman, a super hero movie written by Comic Book Guy. But the newly christened actor has trouble staying on the exercise and diet regimen that his provided fitness trainer lays out for him.
  • 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!
    Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock documents 20 years of Our Favorite Family.