The Simpsons - Season 22

Sunday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Dec 17, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Ned-liest Catch
    Episode 22
    After saving Ms. Krabappel's life, Ned Flanders and Edna start dating. Things go well until Ned is shocked to find out about all the men Ms. Krabappel dated, including Moe, Lenny, Comic Book Guy, and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer. Afterward, Homer tries to convince Ned not to let Edna's past get in the way of a potential relationship between them.moreless
  • 500 Keys
    Episode 21
    When Maggie is accidentally locked in the family car, Marge opens a drawer filled with keys collected over the years. Lisa finds a key to open every door at Springfield Elementary School, which leads to a discovery of a secret room. But when she tells Principal Skinner, the room mysteriously disappears and Principal Skinner takes the Key away. Lisa uses her detective skills to get back to the room. Meanwhile, Homer steals a Duff blimp and sets out on a wild adventure.moreless
  • Homer Scissorhands
    Episode 20
    Homer becomes Springfield's most in-demand hair-stylist after discovering a talent for styling hair and opening his own salon. Unfortunately, Homer feels his talent is a curse when he has to listen to women's problems and gossip. Meanwhile, Milhouse feels that Lisa doesn't love him, but he then finds a fifth-grader named Taffy, making Lisa make a big move.moreless
  • 5/1/11
    Fat Tony and Selma, Marge's painfully blunt sister, fall in love and get married after a whirlwind courtship. Marge has her reservations about the couple's marriage after Selma begins to prioritize her looks and ritzy new lifestyle over her family, so Fat Tony invites Homer and Marge to a weekend getaway at the Jersey Shore. Meanwhile, Bart discovers a special talent that allows him to detect the location of truffles by smell, and Lisa jumps at the chance to capitalize on the rare culinary treasures.moreless
  • The Great Simpsina
    Episode 18
    Lisa meets the Great Raymondo, a legendary magician who takes her under his wing, teaching her his various tricks, including the secret of the Great Milk Can Escape. She becomes a hit at school as well as on stage working alongside him. But when Lisa unwittingly reveals the Milk Can Escape trick to rival magician Cregg Demon, the Great Raymondo fires her, but later forgives her as they try to stop Cregg from performing the secret trick in his own show.moreless
  • 3/27/11
    After Homer humiliates Bart in public, Marge enrolls him in a fathering class in hopes he'll be a more sensitive dad. When the counselor learns Homer often strangles his son, he subjects him to his own medicine courtesy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The treatment is effective to make Homer stop his abuse, but Bart takes advantage of the situation by humiliating him in return and behaving out of control at school and home. As a result, Marge seeks the counselor's help in restoring the status quo between father and son.moreless
  • 3/13/11
    The town is abuzz when Cheech and Chong announce a Springfield stop on their much-anticipated reunion tour. But when Cheech and Chong take the stage in front of their loyal fans, the jokes were just not the same for Chong, so Homer steps in and delivers all the punchlines by heart. Impressed, Cheech invites Homer to go on tour with him as new duo “Cheech and Chunk” while Chong forms a more progressive comedic team, “Teach and Chong,” with Principal Skinner. While Homer is on tour, Marge attempts to help the neighborhood cat lady and change her hoarder ways, but turns into a hoarder herself in the process, and Homer realizes that life on the road is not all high times and slapstick humor.moreless
  • The Scorpion's Tale
    Episode 15
    After a field trip to the desert, Lisa discovers that a desert flower makes aggressive scorpions get along. Grandpa Abe is kicked out of the retirement center and moves in with the Simpsons, where Homer uses a derivative of the flower Lisa made on him, making him much more docile. The chemical is turned into a drug by the head of a pharmaceutical company, but after Bart sells it in his own black market, there's an unexpected side effect.moreless
  • 2/20/11
    Bart's Angry Dad comic is turned into a movie and becomes a critics' recommendation. Each time the movie wins something, Homer takes credit for it.
  • 2/13/11
    After another lonely Valentine's Day, Moe goes back on the dating scene and gets Homer to be his wingman. But he becomes distraught when the women are drawn to Homer as well. Meanwhile, Marge discovers some gray hairs and tries a new more mature hair style to go along with it, much to everyone's dismay and ridicule.moreless
  • Homer the Father
    Episode 12
    Homer becomes obsessed with a 1980s family sitcom and starts acting like the show's father and he insists that Bart earn the dirt bike that he wants. Bart does it by selling his father's nuclear secrets to anyone who'll buy him the dirt bike.
  • Flaming Moe
    Episode 11
    Moe and Smithers turn Moe's into "Mo's", a gay bar. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner dates the new substitute music teacher and uses Bart to date her young daughter in a better effort to get closer to her.
  • 1/9/11
    At school, a championship dodgeball game between the fourth and fifth-graders leads to a grudge match between the two groups, which escalates to an all-out rumble until Bart and one of the fifth-graders discover they have the same sword-shaped scar on their hands. It turns out they and two other boys used to be preschool playmates with Marge and their mothers having been friends previously. Marge decides to reconnect with them, leading to her getting more of a social life. Eventually, relations between the two groups begin to strain as Marge and Bart learn the true value of friendship, with Bart learning from Comic Book Guy on how he got his scar.moreless
  • Donnie Fatso
    Episode 9
    After violating several petty laws at the beginning of the new year, Homer is fined and gets into more trouble for bribery. As a result, he gets a 10-year sentence to the federal penitentiary, but can have it commuted if he works undercover in an effort to get Fat Tony convicted on a major crime.moreless
  • 12/5/10
    Marge easily gets in the holiday spirit, but it's a little more difficult for the rest of the family. After the family goes to sleep before Christmas morning, each of the kids has a holiday-themed dream:

    First, Bart finds himself taking the Polar Express train to the North Pole where he encounters the elves working in preparation for Christmas Eve. Bart eventually faces Santa Claus (portrayed by Krusty) in hopes of getting a much-desired dirt bike for Christmas.

    Second, Lisa dreams of a life in 1944 when Marge is away fighting in World War II. Because she was drafted while buying a Christmas tree, Lisa is reluctant to have another one in the house until her mother returns. But she has a change of heart when she finds herself at the tree lot and sees the same tree Marge purchased before leaving and it's remade in her image, leaving Lisa to take it home to serve as hope her mother will return home, which is certain as she carries out a plan to kill Hitler and some Nazis, similarly seen in Inglorious Basterds

    While the others are sleeping, Marge writes a letter to Martha Stewart, who comes to Springfield and decorates the house in her own Christmas theme. But alas, this turns out to be a dream as well, as Homer and the kids present her with breakfast in bead, only to screw things up and decide to go out to eat.

    Lastly, Maggie has a Fluppets-like (parody of The Muppets) dream of the family preparing to go on a Hawaiian vacation for Christmas, leaving Moe as their housesitter. However, he invites Katy Perry (guest-starring as herself in live-action) over, and the Simpsons' departure is further delayed by Mr. Burns, who catches Homer in the act of lying out of work to take the vacation. Fortunately, Katy is able to brighten their holiday.moreless
  • Bart helps nurse an injured pigeon back to health. After Santa's Little Helper eats the bird, Bart has a hard time coping with the loss.
  • The Fool Monty
    Episode 6
    When Mr. Burns learns he only has a few weeks to live, he's upset by the town's apathy towards his situation
  • 11/14/10
    Worried that she could end up like her mother, Lisa decides to devote her life to scholastics and avoid distractions. Bart becomes the school's new bully after putting Nelson in his place.
  • 11/7/10
    War and Pieces: Bart and Milhouse must battle board games that come to life. Master and Cadaver: Marge and Homer charter a boat for their second honeymoon, but an unexpected passenger may kill more than the mood. tweenlight: Lisa falls for a young vampire.
  • MoneyBART
    Episode 3
    In an effort to broaden her extracurricular horizons, Lisa decides to manage Bart's little league team. Using statistics and probabilities, Lisa leads the team to an incredible winning streak.
  • Loan-a-Lisa
    Episode 2
    Grampa gives away all of his remaining savings to the family, which turns out to be a mere 50 dollars each. Thinking she can use her money to buy a purse, Marge finds herself pressured into buying it for its actual value of $500. After they eventually return it, Homer gets the idea to purchase more expensive items and use them briefly to return them as well. Lisa, looking to donate to charity, uses her money to invest in Nelson's bicycle design business, which seems successful enough for him to decide to drop out of school.moreless
  • 9/26/10
    Marge sends Lisa to a performing arts camp where she gets hooked on her new, hip lifestyle. Once back in Springfield, all Lisa can think about is returning. Meanwhile, Krusty believes he's won the Nobel Peace Prize only to discover is was a ruse to get him to Holland to be tried in court for crimes he's committed in Europe. As a result, Homer and Bart must find a way to prove he's made a significant cultural contribution.moreless