The Simpsons - Season 25

Sunday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Dec 17, 1989 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/18/14

    In the Season 25 finale, Bart's victory in Springfield Elementary's annual "Race Around the School" leaves him guilt-ridden because he received outside help in achieving his win. Meanwhile, Homer is fired up about getting the Fourth of July fireworks reinstated after they were canceled for budgetary reasons.

  • Pay Pal
    Episode 21

    After Homer insults the new neighbors, a charming British family, Marge decides she's through trying to be friends with other couples, but changes her tune after hearing Lisa say that she, too, doesn't feel the need to welcome newcomers into her life.

  • Brick Like Me
    Episode 20

    Homer Simpson wakes up in a Springfield where everyone and everything is made out of Legos, and he must figure his way out before he gets stuck in the plastic world forever.

  • 4/27/14

    Art-class-hating Bart creates a voodoo doll of his art teacher, and when she becomes pregnant from the spell cast on her, the student becomes a hero to Springfield couples trying to conceive. Unfortunately, this spurs kidnappers to snatch Bart in an effort to conceive a thoroughbred racehorse.

  • 4/13/14

    In a future world, Homer receives a new clone every time he dies; Lisa is married to Milhouse, who's a zombie; and Bart has custody problems with ex-wife, Jenda.

  • Luca$
    Episode 17

    It's more than Marge can swallow when she learns Lisa is dating a budding competitive eater, so she recruits Homer to give Lisa a taste of what other romantic options she has. Meanwhile, Bart helps an escaped convict out of a jam and is showered with gifts, but Milhouse gets the prisoner sent back and Bart must concoct a plan to spring him.

  • 3/30/14

    During a speech contest, Lisa sings her father's praises about his honesty and integrity on the youth-soccer field, and this leads to him being recruited as a World Cup referee. Once the family arrives in Brazil, Homer is approached by a gangster with a reputation for bribing officials and fixing matches.

  • The War of Art
    Episode 15

    Marge and Homer get a bargain on a painting at the Van Houten's yard sale, and later learn that it is a masterpiece worth $100,000, so they wrestle with splitting the money with their neighbors or keeping it all.

  • 3/16/14

    Marge opens the house to three octogenarians after their retirement home is shuttered for health violations, but she has second thoughts about the good deed when Homer settles into an old-person lifestyle. Meanwhile, at school, Bart champions Nelson's predilection for hand-me-down underwear.

  • 3/9/14

    Lisa campaigns against genetically modified organisms. Marge teaches abstinence counseling to church teens. Sideshow Bob resurfaces as a scientist.

  • Diggs
    Episode 13

    Bart befriends a boy (Daniel Radcliffe) and his falcon, then learns the relationship with each is more complicated than he thought.

  • Specs in the City
    Episode 11

    Via new high-tech eyeglasses, Homer discovers Marge has been seeing a marriage counselor, while Bart decides not to buy Nelson a Valentine's Day card, despite giving one to all his other classmates, so Nelson orders him to buy a special Valentine's Day gift or else.

  • Married to the Blob
    Episode 10

    Comic Book Guy realizes his comics are nothing if he can’t share them with anyone.  Then he meets Kumiko, a Japanese woman writing an autobiographical manga, and he seeks out Homer’s advice on how to date her, ending happily for everyone.

  • Steal This Episode
    Episode 9

    When Bart teaches Homer to download pirated movies, he is thrilled until he gets caught. Then Homer escapes but his shenanigans just might get him caught again.

  • 12/15/13

    Due to global warming, there is no snow anywhere in the world for Christmas, except in Springfield (due to a mixture of toxic gasses from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the ongoing fire at the Springfield Tire Dump). The town residents, at Mayor Quimby's urging, decide to exploit the wave of tourists from around the world who will flock into Springfield for a White Christmas. Marge, wanting to get in on the action, converts the family home into a Bed & Breakfast. However Marge, and all of the Springfieldians, soon have second thoughts.

  • Yellow Subterfuge
    Episode 7

    Principal Skinner promises the students that the best-behaved among them can take a ride in a submarine. When Skinner gives all the kids a clean slate, Bart believes even his own past indiscretions will be forgotten if he doesn't get into any more trouble. Meanwhile Lisa tries to help a cash-poor Krusty to turn things around by suggesting he sell the foreign rights to his shows.

  • 11/24/13

    Lisa makes a new best friend, who turns out to be as conservative as Lisa is liberal. When they run against each other for 2nd grade rep, the Springfield Republican Party tries to tip the scales.

  • Labor Pains
    Episode 5

    Homer remembers his Lamaze skills when he’s forced to deliver a baby in an elevator. When the mother names the child Homer Jr., he quickly develops a deep emotional bond with the kid. Meanwhile, Lisa is recruited by the cheerleaders of the local pro football team, the Springfield Atoms.

  • YOLO
    Episode 4

    Marge encourages Homer to embrace his “you-only-live-once” (aka YOLO) spirit by inviting his old pen pal, Eduardo (Hank Azaria), to stay with him and knock off his “to-do” list from when he was a 10-year old. Meanwhile, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) institutes a new honor code at Springfield Elementary.

  • 11/3/13

    After a funeral, Homer, Marge, Mr. Burns, and Kent Brockman work to right past regrets.

  • 10/6/13
  • Homerland
    Episode 1

    Lisa notices some strange behavior from Homer and decides to bring in the FBI to figure out what's going on.