The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 6

She of Little Faith

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2001 on FOX

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  • superb


    what i liked- bart knowing homer's credit card number (and lisa knowing it), marge saying that homer 'blowing up the church is the worst thing you've ever done' and homer saying "you say that so much it's lost all meaning", "My satan sense is tingling', lisa becoming buddhist (Good character development for her), amongst other things.

    pretty good simpsons christmas episode. of course, there have been better ones, but this one is still good in its own right, so my final grade is going to be a B+/A-

  • Suprisingly very good!

    Okay, this is the first episode without Mike Scully (exec. producer for Seasons 9-12), and it wasn't half bad!

    The opening act was great, with some funny lines spouted from Homer, such as: "Mmm... pie pants," and "All nerds clear the launch area!" The hamster walking up to the rocket has to be one of the funniest animal-related moments in Simpsons history.

    Anyway, we soon get into the main story - the destruction of church and Lisa's abandoning of her faith. Everything in this part was good, even some of Lisa's lines (a rarity these days). The best Lisa line has to be: "No it's not, it's apt. APT!" The way she says it makes it funny.

    As with most episodes recently, the last few minutes were not as funny as the rest of the episode. However, it did not matter this time because it was more of a "resolution" ending to the story, which is nice - Lisa learned that she can celebrate Christmas.

    The only thing I worry about is whether Lisa is going to stay Buddhist, or if she will go back to being Christian. The writers nowadays seem to like this kind of permanent continuity changes, such as Barney now drinking coffee all the time. I hope this doesn't continue.
  • lisa becomes a buddhist

    this episode shows lisa's transition into buddhism though that is not why i like this episode. this episode is hilarious especially the rocket scenes and that marge has said "this is the worst thing you've ever done" so much it's lost all meaning. the advertising in the "new" church run by burns was hilarious aswell. ralph and millhouse being the pony was a teriffic addition to the episode ("more sugar please") but lisa becoming a buddhist was the most important part of the episode which was funny aswell especially the fact that lenny and carl were buddhists too though they really didn't understand it ("who wears short shorts"). definitely a pivotal moment in lisa's life.
  • Lisa becomes a buddhist.

    Yet again the Simpsons satire comes in handy. Only this time, it is in the corruption of the Church of God. I thought it was hilarious that Homer and Bart destroyed the Church, and they had to rebuild it with advertisments all over it. Lisa's character is so great because she is not afraid to speak up when she knows something is wrong, and her becoming a buddhist really stressed this point, and I think very well developed in character in a positive manner. I have to tip my hat to the writers. This was a great episode. Watch it.
  • The perfect companion piece to "Lisa the Vegetarian"

    What's not to say about this milestone episode? Just as Lisa became a permanent Vegetarian and animal activist in "Lisa the Vegetarian", she makes yet another life-altering change in this episode, this time becoming a buddhist. There may be similarities between the two episodes, but that what makes it great. Yet another milestone in the evolution of Lisa Simpson. The Simpsons will never be the same again.
  • this is a much better lisa

    this is one of the better lisa episodes of the show despite it being regular liberal lisa it doing alot better than the other ones after this or even before this (excluding Lisa the vegetarian)

    the episode starts off with bart buying a rocket and wants his dad to help build it and test it. but then it becomes a competition with flanders causing homer to make his rocket so rocket like that it flys directly into the church. now mr. burns rebuilds the church but instead of being holy it becomes a advertising giant and now it starts to spoil lisa faith.
  • Very good episode.

    When Homer and Bart launch a model rocket, it flies up so high, and destroys the church on it's way down. To get the money for repairs, the church must have advertising all over the place. Lisa is sick of this, so she becomes a buddhist. Marge does not approve of Lisa being so different, because she wants at least one member of the family to go to heaven. Lisa still wants to be a buddhist. Marge soon tries to get her back to christianity, but nothing works. Marge just about has Lisa back by giving her presents, but Lisa sees Reverend Lovejoy spying on her. Lisa finds out Buddhists can respect other religions, as long as they're based on love and compasion.

    This is a very funny episode! I love Homer telling Bart to butter his bacon, and the barking angel. Overall Grade:A-/90%
  • Lisa becomes a buudhist!!! COme on people we all know that it was bound to happen someday!!!

    Homer and Bart build a model rocket together but lose control of it as it burns down the church. Without any money for repairs, the church decides to sell out to corporate sponsors: mainly Mr. Burns. Lisa is appalled by the shameless display of billboards and corporate monikers emblazoned on the church walls and finally decides to simply quit the church for good. She decides to test out new religions and finally happens upon a Buddhist temple. Lisa becomes enamored with the easy-going approach to enlightenment and decides to take Buddhism as her new religion. Her family, worried about her soul, try to bring her back to Christianity by subtly dropping Christian innuendo. Lisa realizes that Buddhism allows for the celebration of all holidays and finally comes back to her family to celebrate and simply pay "lip-service" to the church.
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