The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 9

Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The "atomic bomb" Sideshow Bob steals reads "10 Megatons" on the side. This reveals the weapon Bob had swiped was actually a hydrogen bomb. These nuclear weapons, also called "H-bombs" or "superbombs," were more powerful than regular atomic bombs, and their explosion yields are measured in megatons, while conventional atomic bombs are measured in kilotons.

    • The esteemed representatives of television consist of Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Steve Urkel, Dr. Who, and Krusty the Clown.

  • Quotes

    • Chief Wiggum: Hey, where's Sideshow Bob, and that guy who eats people and takes their faces?
      Prisoner: I'm right here.
      Chief Wiggum: Oh, then where's Sideshow Bob?
      Eddie: He ran away, Chief.
      Chief Wiggum: Great. Well, if anyone asks, I beat him to death, okay?

    • Grampa: (standing in the port-a-john toilet) This elevator only goes down to the basement, and somebody made a awful mess down there.

    • Lisa: When Bob broadcast that message, his voice was higher than normal. And what makes your voice high?
      Bart: Tight, binding underwear?
      Lisa: Helium!

    • Marge: Kids, everythings gonna be okay, don't panic, just don't panic.
      Lisa: Mom! Mom! You're stepping on my heels and knocking my shoes off!
      Marge: We could always get more shoes. Move! Move!

    • Sideshow Bob: Oh and one more thing.. I've stolen a nuclear weapon. If you do not rid this city of television within two hours.. I will detonate it! Farewell!
      (Everyone screams)
      Sideshow Bob: By the way, I'm aware of the irony of appearing on TV in order to decry it, so don't bother pointing that out!

    • Guy: Say... did somebody say "box kites"?
      Bart: NO!
      Audience: Awww Nooo!
      Martin: The common box kite was originally used as a means of drying wet string!

    • Homer: They didn't have any aspirin so I got you some cigarettes.
      Marge: Eh. Maybe my headache will go away once the show starts.

    • Colonel Hapablap: I'm gonna come in there and corpse you up. Corpse you up and mail you to mamma! (smashes the door open) Uh… where did he go? Aw. Got my knuckles all lined up for nothing!

    • Air Force Guy: And although it looks complicated, it is so well designed even a child could fly it!
      Lisa: Can I fly it?
      Air Force Guy: Of course you can not.

    • Bart: Way to guard the parking lot, Top Gun!
      Squeaky Voiced Teen: I have three medals for this!

    • (talking about the air show)
      Bart: I wanna see some birds get sucked into the engines. Rare ones!
      Marge: This year I'm making ear plugs out of biscuit dough. timer pings They're ready!

    • Homer: Pff. That Sideshow Mel thinks he's so big. Whatever happened to Sideshow Bob?
      Lisa: Don't you remember, Dad? He framed Krusty. He tried to kill Aunt Selma. He rigged an election.
      Bart: And he tried to murder me!
      Homer: Oh yeah. But what I'll mainly remember is the laughter.

    • (As Sideshow Bob steals a fighter jet.)
      Colonel Hapablap: Not the Harrier! We've got a war tomorrow!

    • Mayor Quimby: This town will not negotiate with terrorists. Is there a town nearby that will?

    • Krusty: Would it really be worth living in a world without television? I think those who lived would envy the dead.

    • (An alien appears)
      Soldier: Watch out! It's got its probe!

    • Colonel Hapablap: We've searched this airbase from top to bottom, and all we've found is porno, porno, porno!

    • Chief Wiggum: Bob, shut your wordhole.

    • Squeaky Voiced Teen: (as people flee the airfield out of terror) Stamp your hand for re-entry!

    • Krusty: (broadcasing from the civil defense shed, via the Emergency Broadcast System) Kids...Itchy and Scratchy can't be here today. But instead, we've got the next best thing! It's the Stingy and Battery show! (sings to the familiar score) They bite, and light. And bite and light and ... (quits singing) yatta, yatta ... you know what I'm talking about!

    • (The bomb casing falls apart, having failed to detonate due to it being a dud.)
      Sideshow Bob: (Noting the printing on the bomb casing) "Best before November 1959." Damn it, Bob. There were plenty of brand new bombs, but you had to go for that retro 50's charm!

    • Krusty: (Using Sideshow Mel's hair as a mop, singing) This is the way we mop the floor, mop the floor, mop the floor...

    • Bart: How do you know so much about history?
      Grampa: Oh, I piece it together... mostly from sugar packets.

    • Colonel Hapablap: I'll tear you up like a Kleenex at a snot party!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: Wedgies are unhealthy for children and other living things.
      Couch Gag: The family appear as sea monkeys.

    • Before the TV ban takes effect, among the news stories Kent Brockman recalls is "dogs that were mistakenly issued major credit cards" -- an interesting parallel to Bart acquiring a card under the name of Santos L. Halper in "The Canine Mutiny" (which wouldn't air for another year and a half).

  • Allusions

    • Family Matters
      One of the televison representatives was none other than Steve Urkel from the televison show Family Matters.

    • Dr. Who
      Doctor Who, as portrayed by Tom Baker, the main character from the television show of the same name, Dr. Who, makes a cameo in this episode as one of the "esteemed representatives of television."

    • The Day After
      The scenes around Springfield, at the time of Sideshow Bob's plan to detonate a nuclear bomb fails (due to it being a dud), references The Day After, the 1983 made-for-TV film which depicted a surprise nuclear attack on Omaha, Nebraska. A montage of scenes of normal, everyday life (including rush-hour traffic, a childbirth and a wedding) were shown at the moment the bomb detonated, wiping out everything.

    • Fail-Safe
      The zoom shots as the bomb goes off are similar to the film, Fail-Safe (1964).

    • Colonel Hapablap: Sweet Enola Gay, son!
      The Enola Gay was the plane that dropped the Little Boy bomb on Hiroshima in World War II.

    • Colonel Hapablap: What is your major malfunction, Sideshow Bob!?
      When R. Lee Ermey played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 film, Full Metal Jacket, he asked Vincent D'Onofrio's character what his major malfunction was.

    • Bart: Way to guard the parking lot, Top Gun!
      A quick reference to the 1986 movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Another reference is when Col. Hapablap says, "Anyone out there feel the need for speed?" There is a classic scene in Top Gun where Maverick says, "I feel the need . . ." and then he and Goose say, "The need for speed!" and high-five each other.

    • Lyndon Johnson Campaign
      The sequence where Maggie is picking at daisies spoofs the infamous "Daisy" political ad. Aired once during the 1964 presidential election campaign in support of incumbent Lyndon Johnson, the ad showed a little girl innocently plucking a daisy and counting to 10, upon which military countdown leads up to a nuclear explosion. The commercial was meant to portray LBJ's Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater, as someone who would use nuclear weapons to attack enemies without a second thought as to the consequences, even if it meant the end of mankind.

    • Colonel Hapablap: To slip the surly bonds of earth, and touch the face of God.
      Part of the speech President Ronald Reagan gave following the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Reagan was quoting a poem called "High Flight" by an RCAF pilot named John Gillespie Magee.

    • Double Dare
      Krusty's Sloppy Slide, shown at the beginning of the episode, looks like the Sundae Slide that appeared on the obstacle course in some episodes of the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare hosted by Marc Summers.

    • Blackboard Joke: Wedgies are unhealthy for children and other living things.
      The blackboard joke is a 1960's slogan that was forced to be edited out when The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour tried to use it on a Mother's Day card. The real slogan is "War is unhealthy for children and other living beings".

    • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
      When the town's leaders meet below the ground to discuss the end of TV, the professor is dressed just like Peter Sellers in the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb; he's even in a wheelchair. In fact the whole set is just like the war room scene complete with the "big board." Also, when Sideshow Bob loads his bomb into the blimp, he whistles "We'll Meet Again" which appears at the end of Dr. Strangelove.

    • Twilight's Last Gleaming
      The episode title is a variation on the 1977 film Twilight's Last Gleaming, in which Burt Lancaster plays a disgruntled Air Force officer who seizes a nuclear missile silo.

    • Colonel Hapablap: We'll find Bob faster than Garfield can find lasagne.
      Garfield was a popular cartoon show (based on the syndicated comic strip) that ran from 1988-1994. The show was about an lasagne loving cat called Garfield who shares a house with his owner, Jon, and dog, Odie. The show featured the late Lorenzo Music as the voice of Garfield.

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