The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 2

Simpson and Delilah

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Opening Credits: Blackboard joke: Tar is not a plaything. Couch gag: The family enters the living room does a little Egyptian dance and jumps on the couch in unison.

Act One: The episode begins with the family and Marge's sisters watching TV in the living room. Homer sees a commercial for Dimoxinil "the new miracle breakthrough in hair regrowth." Homer heads to a clinic in the mall where Dimoxinil is sold, but when he finds out it costs 1,000 dollars for a six-month supply, he walks away dejected. The next day at the power plant during lunch, Homer complains about the lack of tartar sauce for his fish sticks, and tells Carl and Lenny about the new hair product that he can't afford. They convince Homer that he should charge the Dimoxinil to the company's health insurance. Later, Homer heads back to the clinic to do just that. Before going to bed that night Homer applies the Dimoxinil to his scalp and says a quick prayer. The next morning Homer wakes up to discover a thick flowing mane of hair. A jubilant Homer runs through the town showing off his new hair. Homer heads over to the barber shop and gets a stylish haircut. Later, at the power plant Mr. Burns, who has to give one token promotion a year, spots Homer with his full head of hair. He appears energetic and resourceful with his new hair, so Mr. Burns promotes Homer to the position of junior executive.

Act Two: The next day in his new office Homer interviews candidates to be his assistant. Just as he calls Marge to complain about all the women candidates making "kissy faces" at him, a scratchy deep voiced man named Carl steps in the office for an interview. After Carl boosts Homer's confidence, and makes him feel like he deserves the executive job, Homer hires him. Carl takes Homer to a clothing store tailor and gets him fitted for some new suits. The next morning Homer forgets that it is he and Marge's wedding anniversary, but Carl has already taken care of Homer and sends a singing telegram with flowers for Marge. At work during a board meeting Homer is called on for his suggestion on increasing worker output. When his suggestion of extra tartar sauce for the employees yields positive results, Mr. Burns gives him the key to the extremely posh and fancy executive washroom. When Mr. Burns acts as if Homer is more of his right hand man than Smithers is, Smithers becomes jealous and that night he goes to the personnel office to see if he can find some dirt on Homer. When reading Homer's file he discovers that Homer charged the Dimoxinil to the power plant's health insurance. Smithers lets out an evil laugh realizing that this information will be damaging to Homer.

Act Three: At home, Marge worries about having spent all their money from Homer's raise on nice new things, Homer doesn't seem to care though. The next day at work in Mr. Burns' office, Mr. Burns tells Homer to that he has to give a speech tomorrow for his executives. As Homer leaves, Smithers walks into the office to tell Mr. Burns of the insurance fraud. Mr. Burns not knowing who exactly perpetrated the fraud, orders Smithers to make an example of this person. Smithers goes directly to Homer's office and fires him. But, Carl lies for Homer and tells Smithers that the Dimoxinil was his idea. So Smithers fires Carl instead. Carl being the outstanding assistant he is explains that he did what any good solider would do for his commanding officer, and took one for the team. On the way home Homer starts to panic about the fact that he is broke, Carl is gone, and he has a big speech to give the next day. Cut to Marge and Homer's bedroom where Bart, who dreams of having a beard, sneaks in and finds the Dimoxinil. While Bart is putting some Dimoxinil on his face Homer comes in and catches him, Bart drops the bottle and all the Dimoxinil pours out onto the floor. When Marge tells a sobbing Homer to just go buy another bottle, Homer tells her that they can't because they don't have any money. The next morning the camera pans over a trail of hair from Homer's bed leading into the bathroom to reveal a once again bald Homer. At his office and wearing a fisherman's cap to cover his baldness, Homer finds an envelope from Carl with 3x5 cards filled with notes for his big speech. While reading the notes, Carl appears behind Homer and gives him a pep talk for his speech, telling Homer that it wasn't the hair that got him this far, it was just him being himself. A fired up Homer heads out to give his speech. During his speech, though it is very well-written and has money-saving ideas, everyone has no respect for the bald Homer and no one listens to him. Smithers sends Homer to Mr. Burns office. Homer fears the worst, but Mr. Burns takes pity on Homer and explains that he too understands what it is like to be bald. So, he gives Homer his old job back. That night in bed Homer doubts himself and mopes about not having hair anymore, and Marge reassures him that she still loves him hair or no hair.

End Credits: The normal Simpsons theme plays as the credits roll over a black background.

Run Time: 23:08