The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 2

Simpson and Delilah

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1990 on FOX

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  • never cared much for it

    the first time i saw this i was bored out of my mind. every time after i am still bored. so why did i give it a 6.0? I think it has some funny scenes, they just don't have a lot. I think the plot is very boring and i really did not care what was going to happen either way, i just wanted it to end. It had some humor but definitely weak in that department. My overall grade is a low "C", because I don't think it deserves higher and i think lower is being too cruel to the episode
  • It seems as though every TV series with a bald character (and innumerable references to his baldness) must produce an episode such as this.

    The problem with the Man-Gets-Hair formula is that every such episode must end in, well, Man-Loses-Hair --- or else the writers would have to come up with something to replace the bald jokes. From the beginning, viewers know the tragic fate of Homer's hair (and subsequent business success), and as a result, the episode loses the spontaneity and potential for the unexpected that usually characterizes the show.

    Rather than include a subplot, the episode focuses solely on Homer's story, which is one without much humor. Homer's joyous hair-inspired romp through town is cute, as is his duet with Marge at the end, but there are few, if any, laugh-out-loud jokes. Of course, Harvey Fierstein's character (Karl) provides the one truly great moment of the episode (you'll know it when you see it!) However, Karl is inserted so abruptly into the plotline that I honestly expected him to reveal at the end that he was Homer's guardian angel (and that his real name was Deus Ex Machina.) If the writing for an episode is poor enough to overshadow a performance by Harvey Fierstein, something must be wrong.

    In true Simpsons fashion, I give this episode a resounding "meh."
  • Weaker episode

    The plot of this episode is one of the first one that deals with Homer's main job (I think so). It sounds interesting. The episode already had one funny moment before it started and that's the couch gag for it. Humorous moments in the episode are "Hitler, Dakota," Homer waking up to having hair and telling everyone "Good morning," Homer yelling "I deserve am the greatest nature!", Bart imagining himself having a mustache, and a few other funny moments. The only and major problem with the episode was that it was boring and lacking humor in certain parts. So, technically,what sounded like an interesting plot ended up being dull in some parts. An otherwise boring episode ended with a heartwarming note. Karl (with the K, not the black guy) was a cool character and Harvey Fierstein did a great job with voicing him. All in all, it's fairly decent, but not what I would consider my favorite episode. At least, I;m being generous because I wasn't very bored throughout. I hope most Mike Scully era episodes doesn't have that once I get to those.

    Score: 7/10
  • Wonderful.

    This episode is great, i truly beleive this is what the classic episodes were about, the tone of the episodes changed around season 5, obviosly when David Mirkin took over, and that's when i think they should've ended the show... Anyways, this is a very funny episode, the beggining had me rolling on the floor laughing, and homer's excitement and running out side and seeing the other guy that used the tonic, XD, one of the best moments of the series. Once again Jon Vitti proves how well a writer he is. Also the gay thing is brilliant and how well-done it was that homer was always oblivious to that.
  • Homer gets hair!

    This episode was very unlike The Simpsons, but it still brought laughs in. It was so cool how the introuduced a new nice, lovable charatcer Karl. He was very nice to Homer. Sadly Homer had to lose his hair again. It was also so funny how Homer lost his hair. Bart wanted a moustache and a beard, and it was so funny how he tried to use to all to get it. It was such a same though, I would have loved Homer as a guy with a full set of hair, but I still love Homer the way he is - funny and stupid.

    It was also so funny how Homer acted so stupid when he got all the fancy stuff for having hair.
  • Homer is sick of not having hair, and finds a cure. With hair, Homer now gets promoted. (Spoilers!!)

    This episode ( like the reviewer before me said ) is probably the most underrated Simpsons episodes ever. It took an original idea and made it into a very well done episode. Though still not the best episode of the season, it still was one of the better ones. By the end of the episode, Homer loses his hair and goes back to his old job.

    But how could I forget Carl? Carl is Homer's gay buddy in this episode, ( Literally. ) and he even taps Homer's butt and kisses him. Kinda gross right? But I thought it was pretty funny.

    Simpson and Delilah is definitely a great episode a must watch for any person owning season two.
  • Solid episode...

    Homer discovers a hair growth formula named Dimoxinil. The problem is, he can't afford it. Homer cheats his employer's heath insurance policy to make the company pay for it. Applying the new formula, Homer wakes up with a full head of hair. Marge likes the new Homer, and Mr Burns even recognizes him and promotes him. Homer hires an assistant named Karl. With Karl's help, Homer impresses Burns and scores the key to the executive washroom. Smithers gets jealous, and snoops though Homer's files and finds the insurance claim. Karl takes the blame for doctoring the claim, and is fired, leaving Homer working by himself. Bart breaks the bottle of Dimoxinil leaving homer a bald man again. He gives a speech to his executives but without hair, nobody takes him seriously. Burns demotes him to his old position.
  • Homer has hair.

    Homer sees a commercial for demmoxinal a hair growing product he doesn't have the money so he gets it through farud. Mr. Burns notices Homer and he quickly works his way up in the company. Smithers becames jealous and finds out about the fraud but Homer assistant Karl takes the fall. Bart spills the demmonxinal causing Homer's hair to fall out and Homer ends up getting his old position back becasue no one wants to listen to a person without hair.

    This episode has a very good plot and it is one you won't forgot. I give it a 8.5. enjoy.
  • another great episode

    this was another great episode of the simpsons it had all I was looking for in a episode it had class it had a new homer it had all of the greatest parts all in one episode this was a much better episode of season 2

    the episode starts off when homer buys a drug for curing baldness and the next morning homer has a full head of hair and his life starts turning around in a matter of days he bercomes a executive and looks for a secratrty but then smitrhers becomes jeaulos of homers new found success and finds somthing shoking about his hair grwoth.
  • awesome

    i like this episode because its really funny. homer is tired of bieng bald and thinks that marge is married to a "stupid bald idioit". the simpson family watch a quiz show and an advert shows up and because homer hears the words "mirale breakthrough" he decides hes got to get it. then he gets promoted meets some random guy (karl or carl) which helps him. i think that he is gay because when homer was about to give a speech (carl)(karl) spanks homer which makes you wonder is he gay or is he just playing mind tricks with homer. he eventually shaves the hair off and goes back to him crummy sector 7g job once again.
  • Superb


    The episode begins with the family and Marge's sisters watching TV in the living room. Homer sees a commercial for Dimoxinil "the new miracle breakthrough in hair regrowth." Homer heads to a clinic in the mall where Dimoxinil is sold, but when he finds out it costs 1,000 dollars for a six-month supply, he walks away dejected. The next day at the power plant during lunch, Homer complains about the lack of tartar sauce for his fish sticks, and tells Carl and Lenny about the new hair product that he can't afford. They convince Homer that he should charge the Dimoxinil to the company's health insurance. Later, Homer heads back to the clinic to do just that. Before going to bed that night Homer applies the Dimoxinil to his scalp and says a quick prayer. The next morning Homer wakes up to discover a thick flowing mane of hair. A jubilant Homer runs through the town showing off his new hair. Homer heads over to the barber shop and gets a stylish haircut. Later, at the power plant Mr. Burns, who has to give one token promotion a year, spots Homer with his full head of hair. He appears energetic and resourceful with his new hair, so Mr. Burns promotes Homer to the position of junior executive.

    9 out of 10

  • brilliant episode

    this episode was, in my opinion, the best one so far in the series (not saying too much since it was only the 15th episode but still...) and is where the simpsons really started to lift up. although it may have been too soon in the series for homer to find a baldness cure, it did work well, because he got promoted then demoted once he lost his hair again. the best part was, when viewers think they've learned a moral when Karl (with a K since Carl with a C already works at the plant: CONFUSING!!!) says that it was never the hair, it was homer that got him to where he was, the episode turns and no-one listens to homer's money-saving advice because "he doesn't even have hair". a hilarious episode from the beginning to the end.
  • I funny episode in which Homer actually has hair.

    Homer leans of a new anti-baldness drug, which he can only afford by cheating on his company health insurance. He grows a luxurious head of hair and is promoted by Mr. Burns. He gets an office with a gay male assistant, Karl, who developes a crush on him. But jealous Smithers discovers the secret of Homer's success and gets the prescription cancelled. Bald again, no one listens to Homer and he winds up back where he started. This is a good episode that I really liked and I thought that it was really funny to see Homer get hair and make Smithers jealous.
  • During the commercial break of the TV show the Simpsons' were watching, an ad of a new product that made hair grow, Homer decides to charge $1000 it costs to the nuclear plant's insurance. After his hair grew back, Homer turned executive, until Mr. Burns

    One of my personal favorite Simpsons' episode. Homer finally getting hair, and achieving professional success, was a great storyline that was very well developed. Promoted to executive after Mr. Burns saw on him, a young employee that would increase the plant's productivity, Homer was living a high class life. But easy come is easy go. Bart used Homer's product expecting a moustache and a beard to grow on him, unluckily, he spilled the bottle and he finished with Homer's dream of having hair again. Eventhough Mr. Burns was pretty mad at Homer, he (in a strange act of kindness) decides to give Homer a second chance, but not as the executive he was but returning to his old job as the technical supervisor.
  • One of the more underrated episodes in the history of the series. I like this episode a lot. It's only fault is that perhaps it could have been more subtle.

    This is one of the first-rate episodes of the series. I loved most everything about it. From Homer getting the baldness cure to his kissing his assistant Karl played excellently by Harvey Fierstein.

    The hair restoration cream is a good satire of all of those miracle baldness cures that are out there in the market. Except for Homer, this one actually works. And it changes his life. He's goes from zero to hero at the power plant in no time. Although I felt the episode beat its theme into us a bit too strong, I think it did what it was supposed to do and was hilarious.

    Also, the creativity of the director and his animation team reach new heights with this episode. Notice the transiton between the floor of the executive washroom and the side of the office building. Okay, if you haven't seen the episode, you won't know what I'm talking about. But pay close attention when you do watch it. A lot of interesting new camera angles.

    Everything in this episode was a bit of a stretch. The miracle hair cream was the tip of the iceberg. If Mr. Burns is so damn rich, why doesn't he just invest in the Dimoxinil himself and restore his hair? Ignore these plot holes when you watch. The Simpsons can get away with it in this case, because everything else in the episode works so well.

    This deserves to be a classic. From the ratings this episode has received so far, most fans would disagree with me I guess. Oh well. To each his own. Maybe I just happen to enjoy this one out of personal preference. Still, I stand by the fact that the show broke new ground with this one. More pop culture parody and more outlandish expirimentation that the show didn't do in the first season. From here on out, the show would do more episodes like this: plots that other unanimated sitcoms could never pull off if they tried.
  • Fbshkdks

  • Simpson and Deliah

    This is another classic episode. This is the one where Homer has hair and this is the first time that the gay appeared on the show. The gay Karl seemed to have like Homer a lot. Karl is played by a gay man named Harvey Fierstein the gay man from Mrs Doubtfire.
  • homer get hair and gets power then loses it all

    homer sees a tv comerical at night of product that grows hair back and goes to the mall and goes to the store where they sell it and he cant aford it and it turns out there is away he can he uses police from work to get it and the next day he has hair and runs through the town and bumps into another guy that has hair and they both scream the products name and homer becomes big and has guy help him out but smither get jelisous and finds out how he got hair and homer is introuble becasue he is almost out of the jar of the stuff and he has to go give a speech and the guy that helped him got fired by taking the blame for homer and homer goes and gives the speech bald and no one listens to him at all. and goes back to his old postion.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Why haven't I seen this episode before? Well, either way, I just finished watching this, and if I've seen it before, re-watching. This episode was wonderful and it was hilarious. One thing I've noticed is that this is one of the episodes where you hear Homer's voice change. Dan Castellaneta changed the voice of Homer Simpson to a deeper and easier to do voice. Homer purchases a hair growing medicine for one thousand dollars and charges it to his insurance. He seems to be happy and even got promoted since his new friend and his hair growth made a difference.

    This episode was wonderful and is probably the best episode of the second season of the Simpsons.