The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 19

Simpson Tide

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 1998 on FOX

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  • meh

    this episode is fairly boring
    the Bart part i have to admit is okay but the Homer scenes were unfunny just stupid. I did not like this episode very much at all.few funny parts stick out in my head such as ralph saying " that is so 1991" to bart doing the bart man but overall, terribly terrible of all terribles. the homer part and the navy was all such a blur and not very funny. also a part that i disliked was the whole russian roulette in the back of moe's bar thing! THAT WASN'T FUNNY AT ALL! seriously? i mean i love season 9 but this is a disgrace
  • In the dumbest Navy

    The Simpsons is all about family and crazy things happenting to it. But when things are so very crazy that it looks more like a story written by a madman addicted to heroin than by an average man, I don't like it that much. This storyline is one of the most absurd and bizarre I haver seen around here. The side story about Bart and the earring is so much better than Homer's navy of idiots, actually, it is probably the only reason this episode is some what watchable.

    There are a couple of jokes that made me laugh whcih is good since the whole thing is very annoying for me.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer and his friends join the navy reserve and homer does not know what he is doing and is not that smart so he causes a international incident which leads to the sub to take fire and he is put in control of the sub as the leader. and he must lead his group to safy and his other friends barney is drinking in one of the fire chambers and bear cans fall out . this was a funny ep and it had some good moments. and that is why i gave it a 8.5
  • Revisited this episode recently and I have to say this is criminally underrated.

    Just the right amount of absurdness and wit that combines elements of a typical season 5 and 6 episode, and I love it. To me it just goes to show that the storyline can be quite out there and still be an excellent episode. It's too bad Al Jean's return to the show (especially in most recent years) hasn't been met with this standard.

    It might not be on the level of the most brilliant episodes the show ever concocted, but it's a very entertaining 22 minutes and one of the best of season 9. Plenty of great gags succeed and the dialogue here has that aura that lends itself to prime Simpsons.
  • In the Navy: Read end of review for opinion

    Homer, Barney and Moe join the Naval Reserve. During a routine drill, the would-be seamen find themselves trapped in a nuclear submarine in very real combat with another squadron. When Homer accidentally ejects Captain Tenille, the submarine's chief, he is put in charge of the vessel. The sub gets lost and coasts all the way to Russia. What's worse, it springs a leak and is rapidly filling up with water. Eventually, Homer saves his men and narrowly averts a nuclear conflict with the Russians. He is court-martialed, however, and forced to return to his normal life. A great episode to say the least funny from start to finish, and little ironic at the end all and all nothing new for this season to have success...
  • A very hilarious episode

    This episode was almost flawless from start to finish (Bart wearing those earings was a little weird) but other than that, it was awesome. Beginning the episode with Homer's donut dream was brilliant and then the story gets better and better when Homer nearly starts a war. There were so many jokes in this episode such as the one where Homer mistook the word "peas" and "peace" and the part where Homer said "Uh... It's my first day!" to the people who were threatening to shoot him down. This episode is one reason why I cannot wait for the ninth season to come out on DVD.
  • Another job for homer: navy

    this is certainly a classic with homer firing the captain out of the torpedo, the "it's my first day" excuse and the USSR breaking up was all a sham. i also like the classic abe rant: "my homer is not a communist. he may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist but he is not a porn star!" i also like the fact that homer is the worst possible captain, steering them in the wrong direction, maaking bad choices, for instance, going "steady as she goes". bart getting an earring was cool as well. there are too many great scenes to list them all but i think my rating says enough about the episode.
  • Simpson Tide is one of my personal favorites episodes of The Simpsons.

    (Pardon my English please). I admit the story line of this episode is ridiculous, that is for sure. But from the very beginning there is amazing concentracion of jokes which influenced me through my whole childhood. (No sentiment, just very used VHS). Homer's donut trial, his idea of putting a donut into a reactor core, inappropriet question, clapper, Homer shouting he's a freak, Barney's mother!, coming soon - Starbucks (we didnt have one of those in Czech Rep. in those days), Homer's pronunciation of 'nuclear', "This is completely different!", in a Czech dub version Moe says tv show Friends is 'out', Grampa saying "Homer maybe a communist, but he's not a pornstar", UN building - over there, "You mean water?" line... Second half is a bit slower, yes, but these jokes provided me and my friends hours of laughter.
  • Gagfest

    This episode is almost strictly a gagfest, which means that the gags and jokes seem more important then the plot. This doesn't make it a bad episode, it just means that it has more gags and jokes then most other episodes.

    In this episode, Homer, Apu, Barney and Moe join the Naval Reserves. But Homer is named captain of the ship they are on when they accidentally launch the old one out of a torpedo.

    So, this episode is really wacky. Is it good wacky? Pretty much. There seems to be more "jokes per-minute" things. Every other line was a joke it seemed. Still great though
  • Bart wants to fit in so he gets an earring. Homer gets fired from his job for putting a donut in the nuclear reaction core. He joins the navy reserves and does a lot of crazy stuff. He ends up starting an international incident, and is discharged.

    Well I liked how there were many jokes that were never really done in the military. Including what happens when you are using pure ignorance against your commanding officer. The "I don't like you, and you don't like me joke." was pretty hilarious. Also I like how a person would actually think about taking a picture of dressing up as a communist. The best thing about the episode is though, that they show all the Navy high admirals are doing illegal under the table activities, and just decided to give Homer a dishonorable discharge instead of sentencing him to jail for several years.
  • Funny from beginnig to end.

    Yep, I can't wait for Season 9 to come out on DVD. More episodes like this is why the Simpsons were still awesome before Season 11 appeared on T.V. The whole "In the Navy" song that was shown was very funny as the Village and Smithers were dancing on the submarine, only the Village had drowned in the water after the sub goes underwater. Homer's stupidnity is in full effect in this episode as he fires the captain as a torpedo, going to the wrong places (Russian waters) and almost starting a war because, as always, he's stupid. There are lots of funny stuff too, but watch this episode to see it for yourself. Please buy Season 9 as soon as it comes out on DVD.