The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 13

Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1997 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show marges hair begins to fall out and the doctor says its due to the strees in the house so they call a nanny to take care of some of the stress and they dont know who to hire until a sherry poppens comes and starts to keep thing going good until she deicdes its time to leave since her work is done till when she leaves things go back to the way they were until she finaly fixes things and they go and say good bye to her and she gets sucked up in airplane this was a good ep that had alot of funny moments and a good song to go along with it .
  • Not even gonna try the title

    Homer and Marge hire a singing nanny, whom the kids love, and she helps make the house spotless. She also tries making the Simpsons better people overall, but she simply can not. And so the Simpsons feel bad and sing a song about them liking he way they act. The nanny, Shary Bobbins, flies off in the distance, but tragically {or hilariously} dies.

    A good episode, one of my favorite musical themed episodes, all the songs were hilarious, as was the ending {though it seemed a little dark, to me}. Overall grade would be an A+, simply a hilarious episode
  • The Simpsons get a nanny.

    Marge's hair begins to fall out due to stress. The family decides to look for a nanny, and they receive a visit from a magical British stranger who floats down from the sky via umbrella. The new nanny, Shary Bobbins, uses her gifts of song and imagination to teach Bart and Lisa how to clean. The miracle worker charms the whole town, even waming the heart of Mr. Burns. The family grow happier than ever and Marge's hair begins to grow back. Shary cannot help the Simpson family to amend their listless messy ways. She leaves realizing she taught the family nothing. As she floats away by her umbrella, she is sucked into a jet plane's engine and presumably killed. To be honest, I never really particularly cared for this episode. It is by no means bad, but I just didn't like it as the rest of the season. Not the best episode of the season for sure. The parody of Mary Poppins was alright but this episode is a C+ at best.
  • What's not to love?

    Typical Simpsons - they turn a brilliant movie (Mary Poppins) into a parody and they do it rather well. Marge losing her beautiful hair is upsetting to watch - namely because Marge's hair is what makes Marge. However the rest of the episode is hilarious - good songs and a rather decent script. Its a shame Julie Andrews couldn't provide a voice but then again I believe Pamela Hayden (or whoever) did a fine job and makes me wonder if Andrews would of been better or not - would it make any differance.

    A definate higlight of Season Eight of The Simpsons
  • The Simpsons are evil

    What a bunch of jerks the Simpsons are. Can't you believe me? I will show you only one piece of evidence that will make you reconsider your hasty answer. I present you with this episode, I am reviewing, which its name is incredibly long and quite a tongue twister. I suffered watching a good ole nanny being treated like a machine by our "beloved Simpson's" I don't know what's exactly the reaon for this people to act this way. But there is one thing I am sure of: they are evil and selfish. In this episode even nice Lisa is a really annoying little brat.

    Good laughs in this one kept me entertained!
  • The Simpsons Sing...

    Perhaps because I do love musicals and love the Mary Poppins musical, this may be one of my favorite Simpsons episodes. The allusions to Speed, Oliver, and, obviously, Mary Poppins were humorous. The Simpsons take on Mary Poppins can best be explained by one of Bart's lines..."it's the American way." Hilarious. All was funny, lines, lyrics, and characters. Sidenote...given that "I love to laugh" is one of my favorites, I would have loved to have seen the deleted Selma song "We love to smoke." I don't endorse that message but it still would have been funny to see. For all those DVD watchers, enjoy. It's on the season discs I hear.
  • I usually hate musicals, but the parody of Mary Poppins saved this episode from a 3

    When her homemaking chores become too overwhelming, Marge's hair starts to fall out. To lighten her load, she hires a nanny for the kids. After some interviews with terrible applicants, Shary Bobbins arrives. The kids love Shary and her catchy little songs. Eventually, Shary changes the Simpsons' lives for the better, but the Simpsons, with their sloppy, selfish ways, have started to change Shary's life for the worse. Shary leaves the Simpson family and flies away on her magical umbrella--until she is sucked up into a jet engine and shredded into confetti. An ok episode to sat the very least in all this.
  • It\'s not exactly my favourite episode, but it still cuts it.

    I never really like musical episodes that much, but they are still okay...sort of.
    I did like the song about Barny Gumble, where he is lying in the gutter outside the bar singing, and Moe comes out of the bar holding a rifle saying he will shoot him if he doesn\'t move. Barny says he has found two dollars, and Moe welcomes him into the bar with open arms. LOL!
    But the funniest part was when Shery was leaving, and to destroy the happy ending, Shery is killed by an airplain when she gets caught in its jet turbine and gets shredded to pieces. LOL!
  • a simpsons musical

    the simpsons' very own mary poppins, sherry bobbins is a great parody from her hilarious songs to a plane hitting her when using her umbrella. my favourite song of the episode is one of the hilarious parts of this joke-filled episode:

    Barney: buy me a beer
    2 bucks a glass
    come on, help me
    i'm freezing my ass
    buy me brandy
    a snifter of wine
    who am i kidding,
    i'll drink turpentine
    Moe: move it, you drunk
    or i'll blast your rear end
    Barney: i found 2 bucks
    Moe: then come in, my friend

    Sherry: and so, we must leave
    on this heartwarming scene
    Bart: can i be a boozehound?
    Homer: not 'til you're fifteen
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