The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 18

Simpsons Bible Stories

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 1999 on FOX

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  • Another Trilogy Episode, but at least it's a good one

    This was the second non-Halloween trilogy episode of The Simpsons, the first being the Spin-Off Showcase. This is still a good episode, unlike many future trilogy episodes. The creative title tells you the plot will look at stories from The Bible focusing on 'Adam & Eve', 'Moses & Pharaoh' and 'David & Goliath'. There are actually two more since we also see 'King Solomon' and then end with 'Revelation' from the New Testament.

    The stories are told through dreams. Marge sees herself as Eve with Homer as Adam and Ned Flanders (who else?) as God. It's probably the best of the segments of the episode and the twist on the story is that Adam ate the fruit first but only Eve got caught. A feminist take on the story then. Highlights include Gary The Unicorn and seeing 'People Magazine' with only Adam and Eve on the cover.

    Next is Lisa's dream about the Exodus story. The Egyptians are portrayed by the school staff with the pupils as the Israelites. Moses is played by Milhouse Van Houten and Pharaoh by Seymour Skinner. It takes a different look at the story as well going for the secular approach as the plagues are actually faked by Lisa' unnamed character and Moses. The parting of the Red Sea is done by having loads of toilets flush at the same time. This is the weakest part of the episode and there are no particular highlights to mention.

    Before Bart's dream, we see Homer's where he is King Solomon. The famous incident about the argument over two women and a baby is retold here with Lenny and Carl and their pie. "The pie shall be cut in two and each man shall receive death. I'll eat the This is followed by a court case between Jesus Christ and a chariot that apparently hit him. Very very funny section. Shame it's not longer, but I don't think there's all that much more material for the writers to use here for a full segment.

    Bart's dream is a bit rubbish really. King David is his character and Goliath II (Nelson Muntz) is out for revenge. It doesn't see to know what to do with itself here, shown by leaving The Bible entirely and just coming up with a new story instead. Ralph saves this section from being too pathetic though and makes it still watchable. The best bits of this one is the extended references to other Biblical figures. Jezebel, Jonah, Methuselah and The Tower Of Babel all get a look in.

    To end we see the family all wake up to see they've slept through church and now the world is ending. Lisa is stopped from ascending to heaven with the Flanders and then a portal to hell opens in front of them as the four horsemen go by overhead. It's a nice way to end the Biblical episode with these references to the final book of the 66 and seeing that the worst part of hell for Homer is that there are no Hotdogs left on the BBQ is quite funny.

    And who better to play us out than ACDC with 'Highway To Hell'? Overall not the best episode, but still pretty good
  • a more "treehouse" ending

    we can only assume that the end where the simpsons wake up to find themselves in the apocolyps and go to hell is yet another dream because otherwise it is breaking many rules since it's a normal episode, not halloween, and they were merely dreaming the stories.
    the humour is why this episode got such a high score with Goliath II and ralph's appearance (bart(david): ralph, i thought you were dead.
    ralph: nope) in the third act and millhouse as moses was a great segment aswell with bart carving into stone for detention.
    my favourite dream is the shortest where homer declares to lenny and carl that their pie shall be cut in half and each man shall receive...death and that he'll eat the pie.
    my second favourite is the adam and eve sequence like the death of god's unicorn "gary" and "adam jumping headfirst into a rock just because he couldn't feel pain. i also liked the fact that the snake was literally Snake who is a jailbird constantly shown commiting crimes throughut springfield.
    this is a terrific episode.
  • Trilogy

    Adam and Eve- homer and marge as adam and eve, in the garden of eden.

    Milhouse as Moses trying to free the people.

    David Vs Goliath with Bart and Nelson as David and Goliath.

    The rapture has come and the Simpsons are sentenced to eternal damnation!

    This episode was pretty good, my favorite segment was David Vs Goliath, then Adam and Eve, then Moses. Homer was King Solomon in one but that was a mere 30 seconds, if that. The ending is weird but it wasn't unbearable. Overall grade for this episode is a B+, a pretty good episode in this season methinks
  • A trilogy of pseudo-christian stories for all the family!

    I have always liked The Simpsons, since I first watched an episode many years ago. Even now that I am a christian and see this how mock the bible, I still like it. This episode is too many christians a blunt attack to their believes. In my case, it is just fun fun fun.

    This episode is not as good as episodes form past seasons, but still has some touch of creativity and the jokes are very good. Well, especially for a new born christian. My favorite story is David and Goliath and the least favorite is the Egypt themed one.
  • Another triology episode that was amazing... Except this one was Christian, but that doesn't make a difference still pretty darn good

    A particularly boring sermon by Reverend Lovejoy sends each member of the Simpson family into his or her own biblical fantasy. Marge imagines herself and Homer as Adam and Eve, living in harmony with the flora and fauna of the Garden of Eden until Homer stupidly eats from the Tree of Knowledge. Lisa dreams of herself and the other kids of Springfield Elementary as the Israelites in ancient Egypt. Principal Skinner is Pharaoh and it's up to a nervous Milhouse to act as Moses and free his people from bondage. In Homer's dream, he is King Solomon, solving every dispute by cutting the contested object in half. When Lenny and Carl bring a pie to the King, he cuts it in half and eats both pieces. In Bart's action-packed fantasy, he is David, fighting Nelson as Goliath's son, Goliath II. When the Simpsons awake from their dreams, they discover that Revelation has come and it's time for God's final judgment. Only Lisa is allowed into Heaven, but Homer drags her down into Hell with the rest of the family.
  • Better than the book.

    Having been an apostate from biblical religion for most of my life, I usually find it tiresome when shows turn to the bible for storylines. However, the Simpsons almost make it possible for me to accept the bible again, but then I realise that this episode is the way the book should be (Who knows? Maybe it was!), and not the tedious manuscript it actually is. And yes, I have read the bible, several times and in more than one language. It doesn't get any better when it's not in English.
  • Simpsonified Stories from the bible.

    Very good. All those stories were very funny and well-written, especialy the one with Milhouse as Moses. They made all the Bible stories halirious. I laughed a lot at them all. The one with Milhouse as Moses was excellent. It was very very funny and well planned out. The on with Bart as King David wasn't very good though. The first one, Marge and Homer as Eve and Adam as very good. Yes, most of them were halirious and fit well in the bible, and I liked how Lovejoy kept finishing a sentence to end each dream. Very clever. The one thing that could have been beter though was if that teh Simpsons didn't go to hell. That was terrible. The Simpsons are not bad and didn't deserve that. That was the only thing that mad eme feel for them. Everything else was great.
  • Funny. Quite funny.

    I caught the end of this at my friend's house after we got back from a field trip to the zoo. Our moms were talking in the driveway and we were like "Okay, we're going inside to watch Simpsons now" and they didn't hear us. We joined her brother and his friend on the couch and made them surrender the rock candy they'd gotten on their field trip to Sturbridge Village.