The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 18

Simpsons Bible Stories

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Seen on the church marquee: "He dyed eggs for our sins."

    • Reverend Lovejoy appears to forgotten that the Easter Bunny and eggs become a part of Christian tradition as a sight of fertility and new Life because birds lay eggs and rabbits as well as hares give birth to a new generation in the early spring. The coloring of eggs dates back to ancient times when the Greeks when dyed their Easter Eggs with blood as a sight of renewal of Life. This tradition was around before the time of Christ and to remember of his time. This was to honor the fallen, and other colors of the rainbow were added as a symbol of good
      luck. This was soon adopted by the Christians, and the Easter Bunny and the eggs tradition goes on toward this date.

    • When Goliath (Nelson) is eating, he throws a whale carcass out the window of his tower which lands in front of David (Bart). He then throws out a corn cob which is surprisingly the same size as the whale carcass.

    • Israelite Lisa pulls out a scroll to find out what's in store for the Jews and reads it left-to-right; it was probably in Hebrew which reads right-to-left

    • Methuselah (the really old man Grampa portrays in Bart's dream) is mentioned in Genesis, not in 1 Samuel, where the story of David is found.

    • Bart/David cuts off only one side of Nelson/Goliath Jr.'s hair, but both sides appear cut.

    • In Lisa's dream, Milhouse didn't have a shofar until he needed it--both times.

    • The serpent that tricked Adam and Eve to eat the apple had legs, but in this dream, the serpent was the way it was when God punished it for tricking Adam and Eve.

    • Homer's fig leaf defies gravity as he dives off the rocks.

    • Adam (Homer) and Eve (Marge) were portrayed with belly-buttons. As Adam and Eve were the first couple, they wouldn't have belly-buttons since they were created by God (Flanders) and had no human parents.

    • The hand of God (or Flanders) had only four fingers in Marge's dream when in "Homer the Heretic", the God that was in Homer's second dream had five fingers (and five toes).

  • Quotes

    • Milhouse/Moses: (after seeing Pharaoh's chariots) Screw this! I'm converting! Save us, o mighty Ra!

    • Krusty: Now, I'm not saying Jezebel's easy, but before she moved to Sodom, it was known for its pottery!

    • David/Bart: What say you now, Goliath? Without your hair, you no longer possess your fantastic strength!
      Goliath/Nelson: That's Samson, idiot!

    • Goliath/Nelson: Let my proclamation go forth across the land! Ha, ha!

    • Lovejoy: Now we come to King Solomon, whose wisdom was like a drill, boring into the rock of ignorance. Boring . . . boring . . .

    • Bart: (As an Israelite in Lisa's dream.) Oy, Carumba!

    • Homer (Adam): Oh, my dear, sweet Eve. I love you even better than the butterscotch pond or the porno bush.

    • Goliath/Nelson: What do you know? A king fit for a meal!

    • Bart: Ralph! I thought you were dead!
      Ralph: Nope.

    • Ned Flanders as God: Noooo! My unicorn! What've they done to ya, Gary?

    • Solomon/Homer: The pie shall be cut in two. Then each man shall receive ... death. I'll eat the pie.

    • (A light shines on Lisa and starts to lift her up. Homer grabs Lisa's leg and pulls her down)
      Homer: Where do you think you're going, missy?
      Lisa: Dad!

    • Santa's Little Helper: I don't know, Davie!
      David/Bart: Quiet, you!
      Santa's Little Helper: Oh, you've gotten pretty fat, Davie!

    • Ralph: I guess it's up to Ralph to stop Goliath.

    • Marge: Why aren't we ascending into Heaven? Oh right, the sins.

    • Milhouse: Well, Lisa, we're out of Egypt. So, what's next for the Israelites? Land of milk and honey?
      Lisa: (consulting a scroll) Hmm, well, actually it looks like we're in for forty years of wandering the desert.
      Milhouse: Forty years? But after that, it's clear sailing for the Jews, right?
      Lisa: (nervously) Uh-huh-hum, more or less ... hey, is that manna?
      (The children cheer and run off into the distance)

    • Marge: Oh no, it's the Apocalypse! Bart, are you wearing clean underwear?
      Bart: Not anymore.
      Lisa: It's the Rapture, and I never knew true love!
      Homer: I never used those pizza coupons!

  • Notes

    • In Hasbro's "The Simpson's Electronic Trivia Game", card 064A-127-00 asks the question, "What character does Homer dream he is in "Simpson's Bible Stories"?" It mistakenly gives the correct answer as Adam. In the episode Homer dreams he is Solomon. Marge dreams that Homer is Adam.

    • This episode won the 1999 Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production.

    • Blackboard Joke: I cannot absolve sins.
      Couch Gag: The family slip on banana peels and land on the couch safely.

  • Allusions

    • Marion Barry Trial
      Bart says "The bush set me up." This is an allusion to the Marion Barry trial in 1990 when Barry said "Bitch set me up."

    • Santa's Little Helper: I don't know, Davie...
      David/Bart: Quiet, you!
      SLH's voice and delivery are a tribute to the 60's/70's claymation series Davey and Goliath, a Lutheran church based show with heavy religious and moral overtones.