The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 1

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1989 on FOX

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  • The first episode of the Simpsons Series, a great episode, not too modern but funny.

    This episode is the first episode of one of the longest running animated series, Simpsons. Like all first episodes we meet the characters, their positivities, and their negativities. We met bart, lisa, homer and marge. All of them has something we recognize them for. The christmas edition was pretty interesting, and it was a funny one with many jokes... Also the Flanders guy is sicking funny... Homer and Flanders always got in a fight because Homer is jealous that Flanders has a better family. Bart is interested in the tattoos, and that's marge's worst nightmare. Typical american family is shown in this episode, and it should be, cause it's the main theme of the simpsons
  • Let See bad Graphics Bad voices. But a good episode.

    This episode was good. It had everything a little comedy drama action. Bart getting a tattoo and Marge using the Christmas money to get it removed and Homer not getting his Christmas bonus that’s what made this episode great they had so much stuff on. One thing bad about it was crappy graphics bad voices but it’s a pilot and all so that how it is but that was one of the best pilots of any show I ever saw. So I recommend seeing this episode but don’t get to excited its only a pilot. The show will always be good.
  • Pretty good 1st full episode of Simpsons

    Just like the pilot to Malcolm in the Middle, this one is great, too. It's cool how the first full episode of The Simpsons is a christmas one. There were several laughs and gags, like when Homer turns his light display on, (which sucks) and then Flanders' is way better, and also when Homer is practicing being Santa by naming all the reindeer, and when he cuts down a christmas tree from a forest marked: No Tresspassing. And of course they put in a classic story, bart gets a dog. Overall, this episode was great and had me laughing, and I'm suprised at how old it is!
  • The Pilot Episode of the best-selling series

    After the success of the Tracey Ullman Show, Fox decided to turn this small sketch to a full half an hour show dated back on 1989. Simpsons roasting on an open fire delivers a heart warming and enjoyable pilot episode for the whole family. Dan Castellaneta plays as Homer and various other roles, in attempt to save Christmas because he got fired by Mr.Burns(Harry Shearer) and the Simpson family require to use their Christmas saving on shopping but it got ruined by Bart. In attempt to get a tattoo, now the Simpsons family need to waste all the savings on removing Bart's tattoo. In this episode, the characters of the Simpsons feel more relaxing than being dumb or evil, it feels like a christmas episode.

    Overall, Simpsons roasting on an open fire feels for a nostalgic feeling to it, while giving the audience a laugh and cry into the episode.
  • Homer is buying gifts for Christmas.

    Simpsons Roasting on A open Fire.

    It's Christmas time at Springfield. Homer is buying gifts for Christmas. This episode mostly centers around Homer. Homer is wearing a jacket because it is Winter. They are roasting on a open fire. It makes everyone warm. This show is so good I could watch it again. Do you want to see it? WATCH IT!
  • A great first episode.

    This is a great episode, and most of all, a great debut for The Simpson's. Yes yes, It does look like whoever animated it was drunk at the time, but so what, I couldn't of done a better job, and this was the first episode so they are definitely excused.
  • The first episode of a godly series.

    The Simpsons is very popular. This show is about a family who go on many misadventures. The show has been going on for 18 years, and has conjured 19 seasons. This episode started it all. It was a classic, and is when the Simpsons got Santa's Little Helper, a dog that is taken for granted half the time, but cared for the other half. The Simpsons was an instant hit after this episode, because it was funny, well thought out, touching, and had swear words.:/
    Overall, this show amazed people for 18 years now, and so far hasn't jumped the shark. This show'll probably NEVER jump the shark.
  • Funny and Heartfelt

    Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire is a near perfect pilot. It sets up the family perfectly along with several second tier characters and the Simpsons' pets (Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II).

    The episode deals with money troubles (something that is revisited often) and what sacrifices Homer is willing to endure for his family. It sets up the conflict between Homer and Marge's sisters, Patty and Selma. It also shows what a cheapskate C. Montgomery Burns is.

    Besides being a great start to a great series it is a true Christmas clasic, that can hold its own with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and all the rest.
  • And the Simpsons series begins....

    The first episode of The Simpsons...I wonder if Matt Groening knew that the show he created would continue to be successful for more than 18 seasons. Well anyway, in the pilot episode, it's almost Christmas and what better way for Mr. Burns to be jolly than to not give his workers a Christmas bonus! And that's exactly what he does. Embarrassed, Homer doesn't tell Marge, and decides just to rely on the money the family has saved for the Christmas tree and gifts. But when Bart sneaks into a tattoo parlor and gets one on his shoulder, Marge has to use the savings. But by the end of the episode, the Simpsons are doing that whole "we don't need gifts to be happy" thing and end up adopting Santa's Little Helper! What a way to kick off the series!
  • The one that started it all! And what a start.

    Right from the first episode everyone knew this show was something special that would last a lifetime.

    This first episode dating back to 1989 dealt with Homer having to find
    a way to get money for Christmas presents because he did't get a bonus at work.

    At the beginning the show seemed a little weird with its
    strange yellow characters, but this episode proved that these
    characters did indeed have a heart.

    The comedy in this pilot is a little more subtile then in later episodes but it does prove its point.

    Also when you see this episode you will notice that characters have had some big changes over the years like

    Barney giving up alcohol and Lisa becoming both a vegetarian and a budhist.

    I have seen this episode many times but it has never lost its charm.

  • Great begginging

    What a begginging. Homer needs extra money when Marge has it spent on removing Bart's tatto. He doesn't get his christmas bonus so he joins the Santa group. Bart pulls off Homers beard. Bart learns that this is the only way to make Christmas special. Homer brings home a tree from a persons home and Patty(or Selma)smells Gun powder. Selma(or Patty)asked about the bird's house.

    Homer, Bart, and Barney Gumble go to the race course to bet on a dog to win money. Wirlwind won by a mile but Homer choose a dog named Santa' Little Helper. He never finished the race. Bart and Homer took Santa's Little Helper home and everyone had a fantastic holiday.

    That is why it's a great beggining
  • Defining of an era

    This is for obvious reasons one of the most defining episodes of the Simpson's. We immediately get the introduction to the characters and get to see the family in all their roles. Homer's impetuousness "there's no time to be careful we're late." Bart's antics in his rendition of Jingle Bells. Lisa's over achievement with her dance for the Santa clause of different lands. And of course Marge putting the best on everything saying Bart sings like an angel. Then as we get to their house it plays out to the "fun" in dysfunctional family that we will grow to love. The episode of course ends on a happy note that makes us feel good. This has to be by far one of the greatest first episodes of a series and set up the Simpson's to hit one out of the park for the rest of their run
  • Totally Awesome.

    I love The Simpsons With All My Heart. This Episode Man, How Can You Not!! The Jokes Are Great! The Animations Are Fantastico! Or Um, Fan-Diddily-Tastic....................
    Never The Less, Buy (Or Steal) Season One On Video Or Dvd.
    I Was Only Fool'n, Do Not Steal This. Unless You Wanna Spend Twenty Years In The Slammer With Bread And Water, Icey Cold Showers, Gaurds Womping Your A** Around The Clock And The Only Way Out Would Be Suic*de.

    No Seriously It Would Be.
  • THe very first full simpsons episode

    This was a very great first start for the simpson.The great think about it is that is it has a great story about bart getting a tatoo and marge has to use the christmas shopping cash to have it removed and also I won't tell the whole story but it is great and the start of some thing even greater
  • Okay for a pilot.

    It was good but wasn't meant to be the pilot. It isn't really good to start a series with a christmas special. The episode is about the worst thing that could ever happen to family in real life but than a miracle happens and it is the best christmas ever. A bit corny but still a good episode. Since it was from 1989 the jokes were a bit stale. A pretty good part was when Homer is shopping and he gets Maggie a sqeaky toy. The voices obviously change like Homer's voice sounds more deeper in this episode.
    Overall good episode
    Peace out.
  • As they say, the oldest are the best!

    This Simpsons episode, counted as the first full length episode, is set at Christmas. Whilst shopping in the mall, Bart buys a tattoo which thinks would impress his mother, yet doesn't, and spends all the Christmas money getting it removed. But they can count on Homer's Christmas bonus... meanwhile, Homer waits for his Christmas bonus but hears over the intercom that there will be no Christmas bonus this year. Homer tries to keep this secret, as he gets employed as a Santa at a local mall. Bart attempts to pull a prank to tell if the beard is real, finds out it's Homer and tells Bart to keep quiet. But they spend their remaining money at the racetrack on No. 8, AKA, Santa's Little Helper. Unfortunately, they lose, and go home emotional. But No.8 racehound gets kicked out of the Stadium, and the Simpsons decide to keep him.

    This was a great episode! 10/10.
  • Best pilot in the history of pilots. This paves the way for the best animated comedy on prime time television.

    After being on the Tracey Ullman show for about 2 years, The Simpsons finally got their big break to be on prime time Television, rather than being a short on a live action comedy. Homer trying to same Christmas for his family, and by going to extreme legnths. Funny because he hates his sisters-in-law, and that everyone else in the Simpson family had their antics. Great series, great pilot.
  • The first episode of a very long lasting series.

    I won't say that this episode was my favorite epsiode in the series, and I won't say that it featured the most hallarious quotes I have ever heard before in the show, but for a pilot episode I feel that it was very well done, so I felt that writing a review would be appropriate for this occasion, and considering it is a Christmas episode, I think it was very good. This episode really starts to show the traits of the characters in the show, and personally, I think this episode was the best episode to be a pilot for this show. Merry Christmas!!!!!
  • In this first Episode of the Simpsons we are introduced to the Simpsons family and many characters who are still around today.

    Ah, the first episode of the Simpsons. In this episode we meet the Simpsons family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. We are also introduced to many seconadry characters notably Moe, Ned Flanders, and Barney Gumble.

    This episode revolves around the Simpsons relying on Homer's Christmas bonus, however this year Homer did not receive a bonus. A pivotal point in this episode is when Bart decides to get a tatoo of a heart and the word Mother on it. Marge determines that Bart is too young for a tattoo and has the tattoo surgically removed. For this procedure Marge had to spend all of the Simpsons Christmas money.

    Since Homer did not receive his Christmas bonus he did the Christmas shopping and got gifts from the dolalr store including pads of paper for Bart, panty hose for Marge, and a dog toy for Maggie. Homer also gets a side job as a Santa at the Springfield Mall, however when he gets his check he is dissappointed that it is only for $13. Barney, Homer's drunken friend convinces Homer to go to the dog track and wager on a dog 'Whirlwind' who is almost guaranteed to win. However once at the track there is a late entry called 'Santa's Little Helper'. Homer thinks this is a sign from God and bets all of his money on the longshot.

    The dog comes in last place and after the race the show cuts to Homer and Bart looking for winning tickets on the ground outside of Springfield Downs. While looking for the ticket 'Santa's Little Helper' is abandoned by his owner and as a result Homer and Bart take the dog home for Christmas.

    This is not one of the best episodes of the Simpsons produced, however it was only the first episode and is a classic nonetheless.
  • Merry Christmas Simpsons!

    It's Chritmas at the Simpsons and not everything is merry. Bart gets a tattoo and Marge is forced to spend all their Christmas money on getting the tattoo removed. Homer doesn't get his Christmas bonus and trys to find a way to get money for Christmas. He goes shopping and buys cheap stuff for everyone. He ends up in the bar and meets up with his friend who plays Santa in the mall. Homer decides to join him and earns a meer $13. Homer decides to bet it on racing dogs. He loses, but he gets a dog. He brings the dog home and everyone is happy. Great way to start off the series!
  • Simpsons begin.......must watch for this holiday season

    The birth of the Simpsons and Springfielder’s (quite a few actually). It doesn’t have blackboard scenes or couch scenes, it’s straight to the storyline. The way they introduced Lisa’s is a bit too much but Bart’s entrée was excellent, it shows Bart’s character. We get see Marge being a responsible parent ; removing the tattoo was important than Christmas, for Marge that is. Homer is just being dumb than a slob. This episode is revealing than being humorous, expect at the mall where Homer plays Santa. Until now the Simpsons got two pets (and more to come), Patty, Selma and Abe were there, but wasn’t doing much. Some voices seems to be a little awkward same goes for the animation and sounds. Anyhow this a good start of an endless fun and laughter. Watching this Christmas special in this holiday season really keeps up the family bonding.
  • The start of the simpsons.

    The very first simpsons episode which was a spin off of the original episodes on the tracy ulmen show now a whole series done by matt groening. the first episode of the simpsons had a good storyline in it and was exicting because it was the first simpsons christmas episode. it was magical because the simpsons went from spending their christmas money on barts tattoo removal that bart had it say mom on the tattoo to please her and she got mad because he is not old enough to have a tatoo to finding a stray dog from the springfeld downs and feeling ritch to have another member of the family. This was my favorite simpsons episode.
  • …and so it begins….

    The Simpson’s arrive on the Big Box! Woop! This episode isn’t of the greatest animation (as it is the start of the series) but it does give you revealing character development and introductions.
    Homer the fatherly idiot
    Marge the loving tall haired mother
    Bart the hoodlum Lisa the genius And Maggie the pacifier sucking baby…
    This episode also introduces people to the family pets and relations to the family and gets people ready for the ground breaking comedy of the Simpson’s in the future. This episode also is a first for the moments of faimly "love" in this animation...xxxxx
  • The first 30 min episode after breaking from the original Tracey Ullman shorts.In this epidose Homer faces Christmas without his yearly bouns. He has to find a present for his loving family.

    The first 30 min episode of a long running series. It was not only the pilot but also the first episode after the Tracey shorts. The episode shows off the problems of everyday society. The normal struggles of those at Christmas. The fight and the love that proves a real family. Homer gives his all to show his family that he cares about them enough to take on extra jobs to get extra cash. Bart still shows an absured selfishness when he takes it upon himself to get a tatoo and not figure correctly the consequences. Marge, Lisa and Maggie are all sort of like bystanders.MArge is downcast when she learns that there will be no chritmas bouns. But things do work out in the end when Homer brings home the best gift of all.
  • this is a very interesting and sad way to sart out a seires

    this began the seires ive only seen half of this episode anyways so i dont know what to write in my review great pilot very interesting very sad love this episode i was sick the day i first saw it so i give this episode a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • The first on the way to histroy

    "The Simpsons Christmas Episode" from 1989 isn't the best Christmas episode ever, but it came damn close. After 20 years of animated series being stuck in Sturday morning and with a few exceptions, "The Simpsons" not only help return amination to prime time, but help the Fox Network get more viewers. The episode is a classic where Hormer and Bark try to get some money for the family christmans but ended up with Santa's Little Helper. It has a message about hope and a little miracle, not to mention getting a few laughs. With the Simpsons, history has been made in 1989 and they're still making history today.
  • simpsons christmas special at its best

    First full 20 minute episode of the simpsons, not a second wasted.Full of laughs but rubbish animation which is a bit of a let down,but it was made in 1989 I suppose.The origin of how they get santa's little helper is clever.It introduces all the main characters in the first half.
    One of the best bits is when bart gets a tatoo,pure comedy if you ask me"ow quit,ow quit it"
    Brilliant episode, loved everybit, worth watching.
  • Every Christmas, I like to pop in my "Christmas With The Simpsons" DVD and watch this one at least once. It's such a relief from the stresses of the yuletide season.

    "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" is full of commentary and ironic twists to keep you watching. I said it the first time I saw it, and I say it again today, "That is one great way to get the Simpsons started with their own series!" While there is the infamous body-stocking controversy, which is meaningless these days, and the vulgar language (also tame by today's standards), there is a lot of intelligence in this humor, which is something to be commended of a cartoon. At the same time, there are the obvious jokes that everyone can get, but there are lots of hidden parodies, something that is true for this episode and all the others that follow it.
  • Homer and Bart go to the greyhound racing tracks and addopt a racing dog named Santa's little helper

    I liked this episode it was a great storyline. A brilliant way to start a series. I love Bart's ow quit it and Grampa's opinion on the happy little elves. I can't believe it aired 4 years before i was born. Patty and Selma calling Bart and Lisa dear really made me shiver. By the way who's that kid that hangs around with Bart and Milhouse. They could have introduced more characters like Edna Krabbapel and Jackie Bouvier could have come for christmas anyway i love this episode ( by coincidence i first saw it on christmas day 2003 when i got season 1)
  • TV series about a quirky comical family from USA

    An excellent episode of The Simpsons!

    This wasn't the first episode of The Simpsons I ever saw, which is a shame, but I had a whole not-being-born issue. By the time I was able to watch The Simpsons on terrestrial TV, this episode was long gone.

    I love how this is a Christmas episode. Most TV shows I watch have never started with a Christmas episode. So this makes The Simpsons special.

    The dialogue is witty, which is a good thing, it would've kept me watching if I had seen this episode first.

    A great episode, could not have been any better.

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