The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 1

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1989 on FOX

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  • Well this is not really a Pilot episode, although it was the first 30 minute episode of the simpsons that aired.

    This was the first aired episode of The Simpsons. Aired on December 17, 1989. It featured the introduction of the Simpsons, Ned and Todd Flanders, Patty and Selma, Millhouse, Barney. Some others were also introduced, Grandpa, Skinner, Smithers, and Burns were also in the episode. The episode does have its animation glitches, in coloring (Barney's yellow hair for example), and some continuity issues, but hey, the series was just starting, and it is just a cartoon (and a great one at that). The pacing of this episode is a little slower compared to the later episodes, but it has some good moments.
  • A reason as to why the Simpsons are so popular.

    This first episode in the Simpsons reign is a classic, a perfect introduction to the yellow bellied dysfunctional family we all know and have grown to love. It introduces each member of the family showing just a few simple actions which tipify the character for the rest of the series, Homer's dumbness, Bart's cheeky and lying abilities which more than often land him into trouble and Marges sensibility and blue hair in which she stores the families savings. Another two characters are also introduced... marge's 'heshe' twin sisters whose hatred for Homer is shown. This episode obviously doesn't match up to the later episodes, however, how would it? The first episode I watched was a later one when the voices sounded so different, when I saw the earlier episodes I didn't know what had happened! However, it is definately a great introduction to the series!
  • Homer dosen't get his holiday bonus and must moonlight as a department mall santa. He only makes $13 and loses it at the track. This is where the Simpson's get Santa's Little Helper.

    This is a great episode that combines Christmas and the beginning of the Simpsons all at once. Love how it is shown the lengths that Homer goes for his family. A good beginning to a great series that will live on forever. From this episode we can see the start of the Simpsons journey.
  • A great start for a great show.

    This was a fine pilot episode for The Simpsons. It gets into the characters for the first time, telling us what each one is like.

    This pilot episode was also a Christmas special. It shows Homer trying to put up the Christmas lights while Flanders shows him up, Bart and Lisa\'s Christmas list where all Bart wants is a tattoo and Lisa wants a pony, and it shows the famous scene where Santa's Little Helper leaps into the arms of Homer, making him a Simpson.

    What a great start it was for The Simpsons. This was just one of the many classic episodes.
  • Christmas is almost ruined when Bart Simpson gets a tattoo and the family have to spend all the christmas money to get it off. Meanwhile at the plant, Homer doesn't get his christmas bonus and doesn't tell Marge. He trys everything to get money but they g

    I thought this episode was a classic because it is the first episode that aired. I liked how Bart gets a tattoo and Santa's Little Helper joins the family. I think it could of been better but it was only Season 1. They didn't know what they were doing. Yeh thats about it.
  • coll ep for the start

    this ep was alright for the first ep it was cool it was a good christmas ep but there have been better eps and there have been other bad eps aswell but i do like it but it is funny and thats the main thing and bart getting that tat god and marges has to get it removed
  • This is the (so-called) series peremiere

    After the first time I ever saw this is episode,i thought it would be a classic. In my mind,here is what i thought made this episode a classic.
    1. Bart singing his version of jingle bells which has been a tradition to many kids around the holidays
    2.Homer could not find any christmas money,but still finding a way out that the joy of spending time with family is the meaning in this episode anyway.
    3.I thought when bart ripped off santa's or should i say homer's beard off.
    So what do i give this episode in my mind.. i give it an 8.2.
    See ya next time!
  • c

    Este episodio es genial trata de como al comienzo Marge le pregunta a los niños que van a querer para navidad Bart quiere un tatuaje pero merge no lo deja entonces el decide hacer uno que diga madre(mother) pero solo se lee moth polilla en ingles y marge se pone brava y lo manda a quitar el tatuaje con loa ahorros de los simpsons para navidad entonces Homero decide trabajar como papa noel y todo iba bien hasta que Bart le quita la barba y lo delata para recuperar dinero Homero y Bart deciden ir a apostar pero apuestan por el peor perro, al prder el dueño del perro lo pone de patitas en la calle y los simpsons lo adoptan
  • Not a bad pilot. Humble though considering the pop culture phenomenon this show would go on to become.

    When watching this pilot episode, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Ignore the spotty animation and the fact that Homer's voice is not itself. The characters aren't yet what they would become by the end of the season either. The pacing is slow and as such, the entire production seems choppy when compared to modern episodes.

    But this episode was important obviously. And if you are a fan of the Simpsons, you should watch it.

    It's a sweet episode in how it ends with Santa's Little Helper coming to live with the family. Despite the fact that this is a cartoon, I think the show's writers succeeded here because by the end we really care about the characters. To do that in a cartoon is pretty impressive. We have the solid work of Jim Brooks and Matt Groening to thank for that.

    In my opinion, that's what seperated this series from the pack early on. It made us laugh and we came to actually care about these characters here too.

    But the jokes are slow coming and there are hosts of other problems as described above, so I can only give it a "6."
  • First 30-minute episode of the Simpsons. Homer has trouble having a good Christmas, so he becomes a mall Santa to raise money. He only gets $13 dollars, so he gambles it on a dog race. He doesn't win, but he gets to keep the losing dog.

    Overall, the Simpsons had a very good primetime startoff with this episode. This episode is a classic episode with its plotline and events, but it just isn't very funny. A few chuckles include Bart lying about his age and Homer stealing a Christmas tree. The plotline is excellent though, and the events go well together. The most classic moment, however, is when Santa's Little Helper is properly introduced. I like how he is dissed by his malevolent owner, yet he is heartwarmingly accepted by the Simpsons. All in all, this episode is one of feelgood elements, and that is what makes it a memory, though it is only average when compared to other episodes.
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