The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 18

So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 1993 on FOX

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  • superb


    what i liked- the ending where it was revealed homer had been in the coma for weeks, the beginning with the pranks homer pulled on bart, and... that's about it.

    i don't hate clip shows like a lot of people do. sure, they're time-filler and are only made to pass on like an actual episode, but the parts that weren't clips from previous episodes, were really nice and humorous, so even if this is a clip show, i liked it for what it was. B+/A- or so as my final grade. probably one of s4's worsts, but considering it's a clip show, that's not really an insult or anything

  • it's april fool's day and bart trick's homer causing him to go into intenceve care. causing clip's from the past episode's. featuring theb land of chocolate itcy and scrachy and bullied bart. eventualy homer wake's up losing some of h

    the second best clip show.
    the best is all singing all dancing.
    it did not hav much to show as it is only season 4 it was great!
    i am out of a hand full of peopaly that can not get enogh of clip show's.
    as i wright my own show's and movies on line [mea and chirpy, detective house, mad, midsomer murders[my version], lepop and new harrpooned heart] i love and hav ritten clip show's.
    i do not know wy some peopaly do not like clip show's i loved this episode.
    bart, homer, ned, marge , lisa , chife wiggum oficer lue and more are all in it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons bart wants to pull a prank on april fools day so he shakes up homers bear and it puts homer in a comer and so it turns into a simpsons clip show by homer bead side waiting for him to wake up . and its all about the past simpsons eps that the family went through this was a good ep but some people dont like clip shows but i do and i think its pretty funn to see all thos good clasic moments of the simpsons. this was a good ep and that is why i gave i 8.5
  • It's better if you have'nt seen ANY of those episodes

    My Favorite Clips,
    -Lisa's Pony; Homer gets hit by the Kwik-E-Mart's door.
    -There's no disgrace like home; The Simpsons get a shock therapy.
    -Bart the Daredevil-Homer goes off the cliff.
    -Burns Verkaufen Den Kraftwerk; Land of Choclate
    -Bart's friend falls in love; Homer VS Bart. Indiana Jones style. :D
    -One fish, Two fish, Blowfish, Blue fish; Homer gives Bart a shaving lesson.

    That's my favorites 6/19

    Now, the episode was pretty good. But, the look is many people do not like this episode. Probably the main reason is all they shone was old episodes. Then, they got a sequel which probably got people even madder.

    Final Score: C-, 5

    Bart's April Fools' prank backfires and lands Homer in the hospital in a coma. At Homer's bedside, The Simpson family reminisces about all of the good times they've had over the years. A half-hour of precious screen time is filled with clips you've seen before and Homer eventually emerges from his coma. I hate clip shows. This one started off just like a normal episode, and I almost laughed myself to death when Bart kept finding ways to shake that beer...They had some good clips, but I still think that all clip shows are pointless and filler episodes that have nothing to do with plots by just showing random clips.
  • So it's come to this a simpson clipshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So it's come to this a simpson clipshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April Fools, watch a great event of the year. So a simpson's april fool's episode, Bart will be up to no good in this episode...............That's what your thinking, right! Well you are right, very right indeed....... The episode's has very,very simple plot. Well, as you know, it is april fools day at the simpson's house and as soon as bart wakes up, Homer play's a prank on Bart. Homer keeps on pulling pranks on bart all day until bart get's so mad, he pulls a huge prank on homer. He shakes up one of homer's beer can so much that as soon as homer opens it, beer shoots out every where! Homer get's injure's and ends up in a comor. This then result's in lots of flash backs from earler episodes. While it's not one of the best episodes in the series, it still is a great one.............
  • One of my Favorites.

    This one is so stinkin funny! Bart wants to prank Homer on April Fools Day because he pranked Bart a lot already so Bart puts homers beer in a shaking machine or something and he puts it in the fridge and then Homer Opens it and it explodes and Homer has to go to the hospital! Its hilarious. Then they go back over some funny family memories of the past. I love when Homer says D'oh! Its makes me crack up all the time! and when he chokes bart. that happens constantly. Thats another reasone i love this show. Its radicaal.
  • Homer is hospitalized due to an April Fool's prank pulled by Bart. The hospital stay gives the family time to reminisce thus a clip show ensues.

    This was the first Simpsons clip show and the writers did a good job in finding a funny plot as an excuse to show some clips. I like the fact that the writers purposely make fun of clip shows in few different instances, one is after showing a random Itchy and Scratchy episode someone asks "why are we talking about that," and Bart replies that it was a memorable episode of our lives. The clips include a pretty decent montage of Doh's from Homer although they repeat a few and this episode gives the writers a good excuse to use Dr. Nick in the hospital which is always a plus. At least they put some effort into this clip show.
  • Noooooo not a clip show!

    I hate clip shows, their ridiculous, their useless!!! Its like when you can't think enough to put a full episode together you put a whole bunch of clips in to fill up time.

    This was a good episode up until the point Homer was in hospital. Homer's and Bart's april fools jokes were really fantastic.

    Then the clips started. While "The Land Of Chocolate" and watching the history of Homer saying Doh! is great, I would rather see something new. Repeats are okay, but after a certain amount of viewing even The Simpsons can get boring.

    I think this episode is ideal for someone who is being introduced to The Simpsons, not someone who is sick of repeats!
  • Bart Simpson + April Fools Day = obvious trouble!

    this was a great episode for the first simpsons clip shows with classic scenes such as the land of chocolate from Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk, homer jumping springfield gorge from Bart the Daredevil and homer needing 2 beams to get him into the UFO from treehouse of horror, this clip show showed all the scenes fans want to see again. bart shaking up homer's beer can and the mushroom cloud that occurs because of it was a great introduction and homer coming out of the coma when bart admits it was him was a great way to end it with the bart's heads on the life support system and then choking bart. this was the best clip show performed on any tv show as most are uninteresting but the simpsons managed to pull it off.
  • This is a very funny flashback episode of the simpsons. One of the best episodes of the series. It shows a lot of the times when homer gets hurt.

    So it has come to this the simpsons clip show is a very funny episode. It shows a lot of times when homer gets hurt. It is really funny. The funniest part is when homer jumps off the cliff so bart won't have to. He doesn't make it to the other side and falls down. Homer keeps on hitting his head while he falls down. They take him on a ambulance while they pick him up over the cliff he hits his head some more. Homers head start coming out with blood. When they put him into the ambulance he fall back out and hits his head some more. Thatis the funniest part of that episode. You should watch it. It is way funnier when you watch it.