The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 18

So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 1993 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The clip of "Homer falling down the cliff" has some new animation that wasn't in "Bart the Daredevil". When Homer falls down the second time, we actually see it rather than just hearing it in the actual episode. If you look closely, you can see that the animation looks much newer.

    • Writers Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky, John Swartzwelder, Jeff Martin, George Meyer and Nell Scovell are acknowledged during the end credits of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Moe: I brought you a little present. (Gives Homer a can of beer)
      Homer: No. Beer bring pain.
      Barney: I can't stand to see him like this. (Shoves a pillow in Homer's face. He than lifts up a water fountain, throws it at a window, jumps out and runs away)
      Moe: He really needs a girlfriend.

    • TV Announcer: The following is a public service announcement. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage and cancer of the rectum.
      Homer: Mmm... beer.

    • Squeaky-Voiced Teen: I am interested in long-distance savings. Very interested.

    • Marge: You lost 5% of your brain.
      Homer: Me lose brain? Uh-oh! (Everyone including Homer laughs)
      Homer: Why I laugh?

    • Grampa: Why I go in and out of coma's all the .............. french toast please.
      Lisa: Is a coma painful?
      Grampa: Oh heck no. You relive long lost summers, kiss girls from high school. It's like one of those TV shows where they show a bunch of clips from old episodes.

    • Homer: Oh Marge. What if I wind up as some vegetable watching TV on the couch. My important work will never be completed.

    • Dr. Hibbert: Mrs. Simpson, I'm afraid your husband is dead. (classic laugh) April Fools. He's very much alive, although I'm afraid he may never walk again.

    • Homer: It's a good thing that beer wasn't shooken up any more, or I'd have looked quite the fool. An April Fool, as it were.

    • Homer: And that's the story of April Fools Day.
      Lisa: Dad, I was telling the story!

    • Bart: You're going down, Homer. I'm gonna fool you!
      Homer: You talk better than you fool.
      Bart: I'll fool you up real nice.
      Homer: You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.

    • Eddie: That sounded like an explosion at the old Simpson place.
      Chief Wiggum: Forget it. That's two blocks away.
      Eddie: Looks like there's beer coming out of the chimney!
      Chief Wiggum: (Gets out of car) I am proceeding on foot. Call in a Code 8.
      Eddie: (Into radio) We need pretzels. Repeat, pretzels.

    • Homer: God bless those pagans.

  • Notes

    • A scene was cut but re-made into the DVD season pack where Professor Frink visits Homer's hosptial room with a plan to create a shrinking submarine and plans to travel inside the Coma-ridden Homer by entering his rectum.

    • This episode marks the first of several Simpsons clip shows.

    • Blackboard Joke: No one is interested in my underpants.
      Couch Gag: The family runs up to the couch and sits, but each family member has one of the others' head. Homer has Maggie's head. Marge has Bart's head. Maggie has Homer's head (sucking on Maggie's pacifier). Lisa has Marge's head. Bart has Lisa's head. They all look at each other puzzled, then each person lifts up the head from their body and passes it to the correct body. Homer still has Maggie's pacifier in his mouth, and Maggie reaches over and retrieves it.

  • Allusions

    • Grampa: Poor Homer. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
      The second sentence is a line from Don McLean's song "Vincent(Starry Starry Night)." The song is about artist Vincent van Gogh, who was a wonderful painter but was unsuccessful during his lifetime and suffered from mental problems. He committed suicide at a young age.

    • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
      The scene where Barney picks up the drinking fountain and throws it throught the hospital window and runs away is a parody of a scene from the 1975 film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.