The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 13

Some Enchanted Evening

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 1990 on FOX

Episode Recap

Opening Credits: Blackboard joke: I will not yell "fire" in a crowded classroom. Couch Gag: The family runs in and sits on the couch, nothing happens. Act One: The episode begins with the family eating breakfast in the morning. Just as the school bus pulls up, Bart and Lisa run off to get on the bus, forgetting the lunches Marge has made them. Homer looks down at his watch and realizes he is late for work. When Marge leans in for a kiss, Homer is oblivious to her, and instead drinks the last of her coffee. Homer quickly hurries away, leaving Marge feeling depressed and with a mess in the kitchen. As Marge sits in the kitchen she hears an ad on the radio for a call-in therapy talk show hosted by Dr. Marvin Monroe. Marge decides to call, and she explains to Dr. Monroe that she feels Homer doesn't appreciate her anymore and that he isn't romantic like he used to be. Dr. Monroe tells Marge to give Homer an ultimatum when he comes home from work: either he starts loving you or you leave him. Meanwhile, at the power plant, everyone laughs at Homer as they are all listening to the call on the radio. Later after work, Bart plays a prank call on Moe, where Homer just happens to be, because he is too afraid to come home to an angry Marge. Homer asks Moe's advice, and he tells Homer to buy Marge some flowers, take her out to dinner and spend the evening at a motel with her. Homer heads to the flower shop and purchases a rose for Marge. Back at the house Marge gets madder by the minute waiting for Homer to come home. Act Two: While an enraged Marge waits at the front door for Homer, he stands in the driveway, figuring out exactly what to say to her. Marge hears Homer's keys rattle when opening the front door, so she opens the door for him, about to blow up in rage. But when Homer holds up some chocolates and the rose and tells her he loves her, Marge's rage melts away and she forgives him. While Bart prank calls Moe again, Homer lays out his plan for the evening with Marge. After they call for a baby sitter, Lisa watches Marge get ready, and Bart watches Homer get ready for their "date." A frightening looking and intimidating Ms. Botz , the baby sitter, arrives with her own suitcases and Homer and Marge head out for the night. The children are forced to watch The Happy Little Elves, while Ms. Botz puts Maggie to bed. At the restaurant Homer picks out his lobster for dinner, while at the house Bart can't stand The Happy Little Elves anymore and turns on the TV. Back at the restaurant Marge and Homer enjoy their dinner and Mambo dancing, while Bart and Lisa watch a report about the "Baby Sitter Bandit" on America's Most Armed and Dangerous. Bart and Lisa start to get scared. The report tells of a baby sitter who ties up the children and then ransacks the house. Bart and Lisa's fears come true when a picture of Ms. Botz as the "Baby Sitter Bandit" is shown. Just then Ms. Botz walks in the living room with rope to tie up a screaming Bart and Lisa. Act Three: Bart runs downstairs to the basement while Lisa runs to the kitchen to call the toll free fugitive hotline, but the phone lines are busy. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer make their way to the motel. Back at the house, Bart is captured in the basement by Ms. Botz and Lisa finally makes it through the busy hotline. Just as she is about to report Ms. Botz, Lisa is also captured and tied up. Ms Botz places a tied up Bart and Lisa on the couch and goes to ransack the house. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer have made it to the motel and are enjoying each other's company. At the house, Maggie wakes up, while Ms. Botz ransacks Homer and Marge's room, and heads downstairs. Once in the living room, Maggie unties Bart and Lisa. While Ms. Botz ransacks another room Maggie crawls by and Ms. Botz follows her to tie her up as well. Maggie leads Ms Botz into another room where Bart is waiting with a baseball bat, he knocks Ms. Botz out. The kids quickly escape from the house just as Marge calls from the motel. When no one answers the phone, Marge gets worried and she and Homer decide to head back home. The kids make their way to a pay phone and call the fugitive hotline to inform them of their capture of the "Baby Sitter Bandit." Meanwhile, Homer and Marge arrive back home to find Ms. Botz tied up in the living room. They unite her and Homer pays her triple her fee as she quickly drives away. Just as Ms. Botz drives off, the police arrive to arrest her. As Homer realizes what he has done, microphones and cameras are shoved in his face, and he makes a fool of himself as he quickly tries to lie and explain how the "Baby Sitter Bandit" got away from him. Marge consoles Homer, who feels stupid, as they watch his interview on the news before going to bed. End Credits: The normal Simpsons theme plays as the credits roll over a black background. Run Time: 22:53
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