The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 13

Some Enchanted Evening

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 1990 on FOX

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  • The season 1 finale, ironically the first episode to be produced

    I'm gonna start off with an interesting fact. Ironically, it's the first episode to ever produced on the Simpsons, but on broadcast order, it's the season 1 finale. What a weird example of that. The Crepes of Wrath was the season 1 finale in production order. Anyway, the episode contains some memorable moments such as Homer eating the last doughnut, Marge calling Dr. Monroe, Bart's prank call to Moe and his (Moe) reaction to it, the scene in Moe's Tavern where Moe convinces Homer to send Marge a flower and chocolate, Bart making another prank call to Moe, Homer using their last name as the Sampson, the babysitter boss referring Homer as a big ape, the elves show, all the scenes with Homer and Marge having a fun night, Ms. Botz getting hit in the bat by Bart, and Homer's last line of the episode. This episode had some flaws. One, the episode was sort of boring. Second, when Marge was waiting for Homer, she roared, which is scary and too sudden. Third, Homer trying to tell Marge "I love you," but keeps screwing up. It was sort of dragged after awhile Fourth, I didn't like that the babysitter wanted to tie up the kids. Well, I'll say that this episode was overall decent. It's not definitly the best, but it's not the worst, it's in between.

    Score: 7.5/10
  • suspensful


    he episode begins with the family eating breakfast in the morning. Just as the school bus pulls up, Bart and Lisa run off to get on the bus, forgetting the lunches Marge has made them. Homer looks down at his watch and realizes he is late for work. When Marge leans in for a kiss, Homer is oblivious to her, and instead drinks the last of her coffee. Homer quickly hurries away, leaving Marge feeling depressed and with a mess in the kitchen. As Marge sits in the kitchen she hears an ad on the radio for a call-in therapy talk show hosted by Dr. Marvin Monroe. Marge decides to call, and she explains to Dr. Monroe that she feels Homer doesn't appreciate her anymore and that he isn't romantic like he used to be. Dr. Monroe tells Marge to give Homer an ultimatum when he comes home from work: either he starts loving you or you leave him. Meanwhile, at the power plant, everyone laughs at Homer as they are all listening to the call on the radio. Later after work, Bart plays a prank call on Moe, where Homer just happens to be, because he is too afraid to come home to an angry Marge. Homer asks Moe's advice, and he tells Homer to buy Marge some flowers, take her out to dinner and spend the evening at a motel with her. Homer heads to the flower shop and purchases a rose for Marge. Back at the house Marge gets madder by the minute waiting for Homer to come home.

    9 out of 10

  • This was the episode that nearly got "The Simpsons" cancelled. Thankfully, that didn't happen...otherwise, we wouldn't be treated to some 23 years of classic irreverent humor that has withstood the test of time...

    Penny Marshall, having gotten off her "Laverne & Shirley" role a mere five years at the time this went to production, lent her voice as the babysitting bandit as only she could do it. She made an otherwise dull character memorable in the same manner that she made her tomboy Laverne DeFazio character come off quite sexy. The funny element of the kids capturing the bandit when Homer and Marge come home makes this episode worth watching over and over again, as does the TV caption "Homer Simpson, Local Boob". Definitely one of the highlights of the first season, though one point is subtracted for the crudeness of the animation, which fades away in future years.
  • The first season ends with Homer and Marge going out for a night on the town leaving the kids with a babysitter who may just be a wanted fugitive.

    This episode is not a classic like first season episodes "There's No Disgrace Like Home" and "The Call of the Simpsons", but it's an entertaining one. This episode has a very clever opening scene. Seeing the family get off to work/school is very well done. Dr. Marvin Monroe's "therapy session" with Marge is another highlight. What's even better is the reaction of Homer's co-workers. The best part of the episode is its climax where the kids outwit and capture (at least until Homer and Marge get home) the notorious babysitter bandit. The first season of "The Simpsons" delivered the laughs.
  • Some Enchanted Evening: Homer and Marge take a night out together unaware of what the baby sitter's doing to the kids at home.

    Review for Some Enchanted Evening:

    This was the first episode made and I can see why. The animation is really bad compared to the latter half of season 1 and even worse than the first episode. The plot was good and it turned out to be a good episode but I'm glad they didn't air it as the first episode. The baby sitter (Can't even remember her name) was a pretty, bland emotionless character but that didn't really matter. The ending was bad it just sort of happened. It was a good season 1, ok Simpsons episode but felt unmemorable.

    Score for Some Enchanted Evening: B-, 3.5/5, 7/10, Good
  • the baby sitter bandit

    i think this ep was a classic marge and homer go out and on town and they get bart and lisa a baby sitter. the thing that they dont know is that its a baby banit and goes around to each house and takes things except that they found out by watching it on the news and so they try to call the police and they are running from the banidit they knock the bandit out and wrapp him in a rug and marge and homer come home and they get the police. and the bandit is aressted.
  • babysitter bandit

    homer and marge go out for a romantic evening, and they get a babysitter for the kids. little do they know, the babysitter is a dangerous woman who steals from the people she works with. bart and lisa find this out after watching TV, and now they must save their house from being robbed {and save themselves}.

    In the end, Homer and Marge come home, but Homer finds the babysitter tied up because of Bart {Who with Lisa was trying to call the police}. Homer lets her go without realizing who she is.

    A good episode, very funny and a good plot. A+
  • I have to say, best of the season!

    Tody, I am reviewing The Simpsons Episode that goes by the title of "Some Enchanted Evening". Considering that season one wasn't that good (It was good but not THAT good), some may think this is a bad episode. Well, just let me review it!

    Story (8/10): Lets see, Homer miss treats Marge (Like he always does) so Marge calls a radio station and Homer hears her saying that if he doesn't step up, she's leaving! (Ow, harsh!) So Homer takes her out on a date and the leave Bart, Lisa and Maggie with a friggin' Baby Sitter Bandet! (Don, Don, Don!!!!) So what are the little simpsons kids to do? Well, quiet down and let me review!!!!

    Script (9/10): Wow, Matt and Sam really pulled it off! And they manged to fit 2 funny prank phone calls! lolwut? Epicness!

    Presentation (7/10): The presentation of the episode was pretty dry but hey, they still manged to get in a good episode!

    Animation (6/10): Hey! It's season one! Of course the animation isn't as good as it is now or in season 4! But good for a first season, I can tell you that my friend!

    So overvall, this is a good episode! Good script and everything! I hope to see more like it! I'd also like to see the retern of the Baby Sitter Bandet (Don, Don, Don!!!!) lol, where does that music some from?!
  • The baby sitter bandit comes to the Simpsons house!

    When Homer and Marge go out to spend a romantic evening together, they call for a babysitter to look after the kids. The babysitter, Ms Botz, arrives and Homer and Marge leave. While Botz is out of the room, Bart and Lisa see a bulletin on 'America's Most Armed and Dangerous' warning parents about the babysitter bandit. The photo fit they see matches Ms. Botz, so they run around the house and try to hide. Ms. Botz finds them and ties them up. As she plunders around the house, Maggie escapes her crib and unties Bart and Lisa. Bart hits Botz with a baseball bat, and then ties her up. They call the police, and they are on their way. Marge and Homer arrive home to a tied up babysitter. Assuming the kids are playing a prank, Homer frees Botz and pays her triple her fee. She drives off as the police arrive, and Homer realizes what he has just done.

    This was a decent finale for an average season. Nothing special, but it wasn't the worst episode we have seen in this season. Anyway give it a watch, but its nothing special.
  • A somewhat less than enchanted evening

    This episode is one of many to deal with relationship problems between Marge and Homer. In this case, though, marital strife is little more than an excuse for the writers to get the parents out of the house so that the kids can have an up close and personal encounter with the 'Babysitter Bandit' (voiced by Penny Marshall).

    This is one of my least favorite episodes in the first season and I guess that's little surprise given the problems encountered during development. Despite being the last episode aired this was actually the first in the production order. However, when the animation came back from Korea it met with much disapproval and almost all of it had to be redone. The final product has a few nice touches but there's also some off model animation left over from the earliest version.

    To make matters worse, I don't think that the story is particularly good either. Also, since this was one of the earliest produced episodes some of the line readings aren't quite in the style that we're used to. All of these ingredients combine to produce an episode that isn't up to the usual Simpsons standard.
  • The Baby Sitter Bandit.

    This is the finale of the first season. It is funny how the animation is so much better from the first episode.

    Homer and Marge go to a hotel for some romance but before they go the hire a babysitter who turns out to be a criminal. The kids work together and end up tying up Ms. Botts but Homer(the local boob) lets her go. I didn't like the Homer and Marge story it was boring. The begining was a little slow but once The Bandit arrived it was good.I like how the kids beat her together. This was a good finale 8.3.
  • The Babysitter Bandit is in Sprinfield. Homer Simpson turns out to be a local boob.

    Pretty good closer of the first season of The Simpsons, and I thought it was very exciting. To see the Simpson kids trying to get away from Ms.Botz(The Babysitter Bandit), and to see Homer Simpson mess it all up. I think she was a cool one-time character, but I kind of wish they could bring her back for another appearance. I mean they just brought back Lurleen Lumpkin from Season 3's "Colonel Homer", and seriously I would rather see Ms.Botz than Lurleen Lumpkin. Anyway, truly a great and entertaining episode. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what ms.Botz would do next.ooooo

    Hope you enjoy the review!
  • A great Season Finale and The First Full Length Simpsons Episode Ever Produced with the code 7G01

    My Favourite Quote Section – (Marge dials the babysitting service))
    Receptionist: Rubber Baby Buggie Bumper Babysitting Service.
    Marge: This is Marge Simpson, I'd like a babysitter for the evening.
    Receptionist: Wait a minute. The Simpsons?
    (Looks over at a bulletin board with Bart, Lisa and Maggie)
    Receptionist: Lady you've got to be kidding!
    (Receptionist slams the phone, continues writing, phone rings seconds later)
    Receptionist: Rubber baby buggie bumper babysitting service.
    Homer: Hello, this is Mr. Ssssamson.
    Receptionist: Did your wife just call a second ago?
    Homer: No, I said Samson, not Simpson.
    Receptionist: Thank God! Those Simpsons, what a bunch of savages! Especially that big ape father.
    Homer: (angrily) D'oh! Actually the Simpsons are neighbors of ours and we found them to be a quite misunderstood and underrated family.

    My Why I Love this episode section – It was the start of the phenomenon the planned series opener it was great and loved by millions it was a fantastic episode the above quote was great too.
    I also loved the babysitter bandit and how she's let go at the end.

    Better or worse then the last episode – Same it wasn't better sadly but it definitely wasn't worse matt groening and sam simon did a great job with the writing wouldn't miss it for the world

    Ahh goobras

    Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders Screw Flanders
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Exciting! That's only one word I can think of this episode. Oh yes, romantic and awesome! And there could be more. This episode was amazing and I enjoyed it. The first season does nod disappoint. This is only one of the exciting episodes that was in this season and it was amazing. This episode started out with a small plot, and as it grew, it grew! It was amazing. The evil babysitter is on the loose, and Bart and Lisa's attempts to capture her until Homer untied her up was still great attempts. I recommend this episode toallfansofthe Simpons tv show.
  • Season finale...

    Homer and Marge go out for a much-needed romantic dinner and leave Bart, Lisa and Maggie with a babysitter named Ms. Botz. Bart becomes convinced that Ms. Botz is actually the Babysitter Bandit, a wanted criminal he saw on America's Most Wanted Armed and Dangerous. Bart turns out to be correct and when Ms. Botz ties him and Lisa up and attempts to rob the house, only Maggie can save them. What a great way to end a season!!!!! As we see Homer's stupidy in action as he lets the babysitter bandit get away! The Simpsons end the season on a high note!!!
  • This is the first season finale of the The Simpsons.

    This episode is about when Marge realizes that Homer isn't being lovable to her. When Homer comes from work, he asks Moe the bartender what to give Marge. He decides to give her chocolates and flowers. he walks through the front door, Marge then forgives him. They go on a date, while planning, they can't find a babysitter. On a crime TV show, the children find out that the babysitter is actually a famous criminal. Bart is being tied up while fighting Ms. Botz, so Lisa tries to call the police but she is caught too. Maggie frees tied up Bart and Lisa. They work on a plan to tie up Ms. Botz. Homer and Marge arrive home from their date and untie the babysitter, not knowing of her secret. The police arrive to hear Homer say aloud that he had freed Ms. Botz. Homer ends up embarassed and tries to lie about it. I rate this episode Some Echanted Evening a 9.2. This episode aired on May 13, 1990.
  • One of the best episodes of The Simpsons show

    A great and exciting new episode. This one made me think what's going to happen next, and also made me laugh and laugh. Homer and Marge are going to spend the night in Hotels and Restorants while Bart and Lisa are going to be under a thief nanny's control. They see her on TV. She gets close to them and ties them. Suddenly, Maggie saved them all by waking up from bed and unting them. Then Lisa ties the thief and reports her. In that time, Homer and Marge are getting back home, untie the thief and let her go. That's right - Homer get the job done again :)
  • Good episode but was meant to be the series premiere.

    This episode was cool had its ups and downs but they could have it would have been funnier if they had more people going nuts from the happy little elves. How stupid could Homer get if you find the babysitter tied up in the living room what do you think you would do. I would first find the kids and ask what was going on. It would have been a better season premiere than a christmas special. Overall it was a good episode but I think we should see the babysitter bandit more in the series like a episode were like the Flanders have the babysitter bandit or something.
    Good I give it a 8.8 out of 10.
    Peace out
  • One of the better episode of Season 1 other than the pilot episode.

    Bart, Lisa, and Maggie escaping the evil clutches of the Babysitter Bandit. Homer, and Marge are also reconciling their marriage, and the elves, the elves! I also loved to see Homer being a total boob, on local television news, and blaming Bart for his greif. A series classic to ever grace primetime television.
  • Love this episode!

    This is a great episode.
    Americas most wanted which involved a baby sitter that wanted to steal from homes while actually baby sitting the children….I hope that’s not like reality!
    Loved the baby sitters response to Bart and Lisa wanting to watch the happy little elves on the video even if Bart did not want to watch it. Love also that when she ties them up she allows them to watch it again. Also the best running gag is that Homer warns the Baby sitter of Bart and still blames bart at the end until the Baby sitter is revealed to a fake and a thief.
  • My wife worships the ground I walk on!

    Homer hears Marge complaining about him not being romantic enough on the radio. He decides to take her for a romantic night at a motel, and leaves the kids with a babysitter (voiced by Penny Marshall) who happens to be a wanted criminal.

    ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ is a classic example of original Simpsons directing. That is, is that it is slowly paced, taking time to fully create tension and emotional development when needed. Nowadays however, this is rarely seen in episodes, so it’s always a treat to catch a season 1 episode like this.

    The episode firstly focuses on Marge’s unhappiness with the way Homer treats her which gives the writers a great opportunity to work with the two major characters emotional standings in their relationship, which to date of which the episode was aired, wasn’t explored in much detail. So it’s relieving to report that writing in Some Enchanted Evening is almost spot on. Less seen here are the obvious visual gags and punch lines and are brilliantly and appropriately replaced by more subtle jokes probably aimed at a more mature audience with experience in the problems Marge and Homer face. There are however, the odd filler gags such as the prank calls here and there but nothing too outrageous. Direction in this section of the episode is perfect. The build up especially to Homer coming home to an aggravated Marge is nail biting and appropriately displayed as to show sympathy from both characters sides of the story. Then we have the two coming together again, killing the tension with a very heart-warming and important turning point in the story, all brilliantly directed, written, performed and animated.

    Secondly we have a plot which involves a Baby-Sitter who actually uses her job as a means to rob the houses she watches: Ironically funny and a great subtle gag. The character herself is fantastic and really oozes creepiness and sinister-like behaviour, and is perfectly captured by Penny Marshall in her performance as the criminal. As expected, the direction of this arc of the episode is more or less strictly action and suspense and less comedy-orientated. As a result, the continual switching back and forth between the progresses of the Homer/Marge storyline to the current baby-sitter plot is at times, a killer to the suspense building up in the Simpsons house. However, it is more or less necessary because by the end the two stories of course come together.

    The ending scenes see Homer and Marge coming home to find out why nobody was answering the home phone. When they arrive they find the baby-sitter tied up by the kids while they are outside phoning the authorities and TV reporters. Homer of course figures its part of their bad-behaviour apologizes, gives her triple pay and even helps carry out the items that the robber stole from the house: A great payoff for the episode that works well in terms of both comedic value and as a bridge to the final moment with Homer and Marge in bed.

    Some Enchanted Evening is a joy to watch both for the character development and brilliant direction for the most part. The only problems were the sometimes weird looking animation models (Marge doing her make-up) and distracting direction during the second act. Other than that however, this is an episode that speaks true of what The Simpsons originally was and why it became such a hit. Definitely a season one highlight, and get this: This was actually the first Simpsons episode ever made.
  • Ooh, nice, clean, excellent...

    Marge calls a radio show with Dr. Marvin Monroe talking about how she's getting neglected by Homer. Homer hears the show and the fact that Marge will be waiting to pounce on him. Homer and Marge go out for a much-needed romantic dinner and leave Bart, Lisa and Maggie with a babysitter named Ms. Botz. Bart becomes convinced that Ms. Botz is actually the Babysitter Bandit, a wanted criminal he saw on America's Most Wanted Armed and Dangerous. Bart turns out to be correct and when Ms. Botz ties him and Lisa up and attempts to rob the house, until Maggie comes to the rescue. In the end, Homer lets Botz go scot-free, pays her off and is declared a local boob.

    Hmm. I like this episode, it's pretty funny and has a good plot. Overall 8.8/10.
  • While Bart, Lisa, and Maggie and being babysit. They find out that their babysitter is really the Babysitter Bandit.

    Marge calls Dr. Marvin Monroe asking for help with her marriage with Homer. Homer hears Dr. Monroe talking to Marge on the radio and takes her out to dinner. They get a babysitter to watch Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Her name is Mrs. Botz. While Mrs. Botz is out of the room Bart and Lisa see her on "America's Most Armed and Dangerous." She is really the Babysitter Bandit. Realizing that Mrs. Botz is the bandit, they try to hide, but she finds them. She ties them up and starts stealing their stuff. Maggie climbs out of her brib and unties Bart and Lisa. Bart knocks Mrs. Botz out and they go for help. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer come home and find Mrs. Botz tied up. Thinking it was a prank they untie her and pay her three times her normal pay. He sees her of right before police and reporters arrive. As a reporter confronts him about helping the Babysitter Bandit escape, Homer learns he has been tricked.
  • Bart and Lisa get a new babysitter...and soon they find out she is one of America's most wanted criminals.

    A well written episode all in all. The plot is the crucial center of its value. Even though it was simple and not very complex, it served as a high interest point. The first time I heard about this episode, I wanted to see it. The action and thrills contribute to the excitement, since you never know what Bart and Lisa will do. Their frantic actions prove the suspense of a situation similar to this. Very unpredictable moments, so very good. Also consider the realistic elements...a criminal mastermind would probably be sure that children are tied up immeditately. The childrens' fright is also very realistic, and it is amazing how a child perspective is pin pointed. The lesson of the story is also good: a father messes up, but if the kids can do marvelous things and wise theirselves out of a situation such as this, he must be doing something right.

    One thing, though. The jokes are vague. Take for example Marge's anger. Was that supposed to be downright hilarious. I mean, it was funny the way she roared, but was it supposed to be a big joke or something. I do like, however, that some aspects of that anger are taken seriously. Soon, Homer runs to the door with flowers, pleasing Marge. it's a sweet way to solve a relationship.
  • My 2nd favourite season 1 episode!

    This episode was a great one! Especially with the 'babysitter bandit' Mrs. Botts (or something like that) This episode proved that Maggie wasn't just a useless baby and had her freeing Bart and Lisa! Homer's stupidity was also starting to show in this episode when he let the babysitter bandit go. I enjoyed this episode!
  • The notorious babysitter bandit is hired to sit the Simpson’s kids!

    A real-life drama of armed and dangerous is played out when the notorious babysitter bandit is hired to sit the Simpson’s kids! A rollercoaster ride of naked terror, stirring courage and Homeric stupidity. My favourite quote on this episode is when the man from a TV show says “The cue-ball killer should be considered extremely armed and dangerous. If you think you’ve seen him, call 1-800-U-SQUEAL.” Another good quote is when Bart says “We know who you are, Ms. Botz. Or should I say, Ms. Botzcowski. You’re the babysitter bandit.” and she says “You’re a smart young man, Bart. I hope your smart enough to keep your mouth shut.” and Lisa replies “He isn’t”
  • Some Enchanted Evening

    This is the last episode of Season 1. A really good one too. Homer and Marge go out for a weekend while The Simpson kids suffer really bad from a baby sitter bandit. After all that Homer and Marge return from their break and Homer had to be a fool to untie the baby sitter.
  • i think this episode is ok

    i like this episode becuase its funny that maggie was the only one left that the baby sitter didnt tie up, so its funny that the baby had to save the day. however i like the way its planned. once again another gr8 episode from matt groening and the team who created the simpsons.
  • trapped in a house with the babysitter bandit

    This episode, originally intended to be the pilot, explores every simpson family member, from maggie, who helps free lisa and bart, to lisa, who tries to ring the cops and loves to watch happy little elves, to bart, who traps the bandit, to marge, who spends a romantic evening with homer, who is introduced as the brain-impaired drone that he is, letting the bandit go without even a second thought and with 3 times the money he was going to give her to babysit. this episode is hilarious, especially the ending and bart sucking on maggie's pacifier. as far as pilots go though, i think the christmas episode was a better one to start with.
  • Homer and Marge go out for a night, and are left with the 'Baby Sitter Bandit'. (Spoilers!!)

    This was really the first episode to be created by the team, but it was the last to air. Why I don't know exactly, but I know it for a fact, and believe me; the animation shows, but that does not mean this was a bad episode.

    Some Enchanted Evening had horrible animation, no jokes, and the Simpson's voices were weird, but this was a favorite of the season for me, just because of the idea.

    This was the final episode of season one ( but in a way, it wasn't. ) and it was ended on a high note. Overall season 1 was a pretty average/below average season, but then again it was the first year, and the show got better; much better.
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