The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 13

Some Enchanted Evening

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 13, 1990 on FOX

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  • This was the episode that nearly got "The Simpsons" cancelled. Thankfully, that didn't happen...otherwise, we wouldn't be treated to some 23 years of classic irreverent humor that has withstood the test of time...

    Penny Marshall, having gotten off her "Laverne & Shirley" role a mere five years at the time this went to production, lent her voice as the babysitting bandit as only she could do it. She made an otherwise dull character memorable in the same manner that she made her tomboy Laverne DeFazio character come off quite sexy. The funny element of the kids capturing the bandit when Homer and Marge come home makes this episode worth watching over and over again, as does the TV caption "Homer Simpson, Local Boob". Definitely one of the highlights of the first season, though one point is subtracted for the crudeness of the animation, which fades away in future years.