The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 0

Springfield's Most Wanted

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1995 on FOX

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  • A Surprise,but not a Big One

    I was looking for a guest character to be the shooter.That bit has been played so many times in Shows previous to the simpsons,and since.I really was'nt sure who it was going to be.Usually it would probably be the lease person.I was somewhat right.Thinking about this episode,and Part one,even Maggie could be a suspect.The person that I was looking for it to be was Smithers.I believe that that's who the writers had in mind.Smithers would indeed be the lease likely person to shoot Mr.Burns.Even,leaser than Maggie.A Simpsons special would confirm this later.
  • this was ok

    in this one special before the opener of season 7 its shows you more deatial on who shot mr burns and shows you who are the prime suspects i thought it was ok seeing it was hosted by john walsh. and so it gave info due to the fact everyone was so excited at this time about the season 7 operner and there were contests and alot of people were into find out the truth on who shot him. so that is why they did this special on who shot mr burns . before the actully ep of season 7. this was good
  • What was the point of this?

    I've only seen this once, but I really don't see the poin in making a special about the Who Shot Mr Burns mystery.

    The summary says it was used to give viewers certain "insights" into Who Shot Burns, but really all it seemed to do was try to confuse people into thinking that there was no way that someone like Maggie could have done it.

    Waste of Time!
  • not a real episode

    i only just saw this episode a few days ago upon purchase of the season 6 dvd and i didn't like it that much, probably because it is not a real episode but a different type. however, there were a few great gags that i laughed at such as the odds and the chief wiggum interview that didn't quite make sense. since i live in australia, i have never seen america's most wanted so i may have missed a few inside jokes. overall, the "episode" had its humerous moments but definitely isn't one that i would watch a dozen times.