The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 0

Springfield's Most Wanted

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Real Las Vegas odds on who shot Mr. Burns:
      Homer 2/1
      Smithers 5/2
      Krusty 3/1
      Bart 3/1
      Barney 5/1
      Hans Moleman 7/1
      Moe 8/1
      Grampa 10/1
      Mayor Quimby 12/1
      Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 15/1
      Lisa 20/1
      Snake 25/1
      Principal Skinner 30/1
      Sideshow Mel 40/1
      Groundskeeper Willie 40/1
      Sea Captain 50/1
      Nelson 70/1
      Maggie Simpson 70/1
      Ms. Krabappel 75/1
      Milhouse 100/1
      Otto 100/1
      Martin 100/1
      Lionel Hutz 150/1
      Dr. Nick Rivera 175/1
      Lunchlady Doris 200/1
      Dr. Hibbert 250/1
      Ms. Hoover 300/1
      Tito Puente 600/1

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • This special can be found on The Simpsons season 6 DVD set.

    • This is a list of everyone's reason for shooting Mr. Burns:

      Waylon Smithers - Got fired for refusing to go along with Mr. Burns' sun-blocking plan.
      Groundskeeper Willie - Lost his job at the school.
      Abe "Grampa" Simpson - His was destroyed because of a sinkhole caused by Mr. Burns.
      Moe Syzlack - Lost his bar.
      Barney Gumble - Lost Moe's bar.
      Lisa Simpon - Her jazz program was cancelled because of Mr. Burns.
      Principal Skinner - Mr. Burns steals the oil well from the school.
      Tito Puente - Lost his job as teacher of Lisa's jazz program.
      Homer Simpson - Mr. Burns cannot remember his name.
      Bart Simpson - Mr. Burns broke the legs of his dog, Santa's Little Helper.
      Everyone else - Mr. Burns blocked the sun, ran the school out of business, shut down Moe's Tavern, and destroyed the Springfield Retirement Castle.

    • Note the production code, this episode was not actually considered part of the series official run, the production code was made by FOX and not the Simpsons' production team.

  • Allusions

    • Americas Most Wanted
      This special episode was a Simpsonized version of Americas Most Wanted. It was even hosted by John Walsh.

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