The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 1

Stark Raving Dad

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1991 on FOX

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  • The third season begins with Homer being sent to a mental institution due to a misunderstanding at the power plant. While committed he meets a man who says he is Michael Jackson. Back home Lisa's birthday is approaching and she expects a gift from Bart.

    This episode is one of the best season openers in the entire twenty plus season run of "The Simpsons". The laughs start from the very beginning when Lisa wakes up Bart to remind him of her birthday. The late Michael Jackson does a terrific job in one of the best guest appearances ever on the show. He ranks up there with Kelsey Grammar's frequent appearances as Sideshow Bob. There were some predictable moments in this episode, but they did not take away from the episode's appeal. The explanation as to the mental patient's true identity is a definite high point.