The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 25

Summer of 4 Ft. 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1996 on FOX

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  • The seventh season ends with Lisa trying to make some friends over the summer much to Bart's dismay.

    Season seven ends on a high note. "Summer of 4ft. 2" is one the best season finales of the entire series. There are a lot of genuine laughs here. The best being Homer's misadventure with an M-320. The way Homer chose to dispose of the mega-firework had me laughing so hard I could not breathe. Christina Ricci does a terrific job in her guest appearance. While it was obvious beyond all belief that Bart would blow Lisa's cover the way he chose to do so was something I did not think of which added to this episode's appeal. As I said previously "Summer of 4ft. 2" is a great way to end season seven. See you at season eight!
  • Best Episode

    I absolutely love this episode its so funny and I love for once Lisa is regarded as the "cool one". Homer yelling at the end always gets me in a fit of giggles! Best Episode! :D
  • Lisa.. has no friends.. is not popular.. oh the 90's! how cliched.

    Let's see... This episode has funny bits like Homer hitting stuff and Bart and his usual manners, but the thing about this episode that bothered me the most was that it was so cliched. OMG I wanna be cool!! (Typical 90's teen stuff) be You're self!! (Preachy and unoriginal) and Bart actually caring if people notice him? From my understanding Bart never really cared that much about what other people said about him. WTH?? and in this episode suddenly Bart feels down because people don't find him cool? He was never really found cool back in Springfield anyway, he always hangs out with Milhouse, Why does he now cares about what people think? They took him out of character to use Lisa as a mechanism for preachment. The episode was a full preach box. 4.5/10 because some scenes were funny
  • One of my all-time favourites and the definitive example demonstrating how Lisa can be one of the best characters of the series if you give her a heart.

    You can put down Summer of 4 Ft. 2 as a top ten episode of the Simpsons in my books. This season 7 finale provides for an excellent 22 minutes of television with a dead-on encapsulation of summer ideals, characterizations that perhaps have never been better, and an understated sense of humour that permeates through the story as opposed to filling in the gaps.

    Probably the biggest criticism I see being stated about this episode is its basic premise. The idea of a character wanting to reinvent themselves as they enter new territory is something that has been seen before. That being said, I happen to think that if you can use familiar concepts and pull them off with expertise, which I feel Summer of 4 Ft. 2 does, that is more of an asset than a liability.

    Particularly effective elements within the episode include the great secondary support of Milhouse as the jealous Bart's pathetic but lovable sidekick, and the comic relief of Homer's escapade with...wait for it...dynamite. Lisa is of course the star of the show here and along with a few other strong episodes of hers, this exemplifies how can she can be utilized as an intelligent but human character who does not always have to be embittered (I'm looking you seasons 20/21 writers).

    Finally, we have the ending which, while maybe not quite as tear-inducing as, say, Lisa's First Word or And Maggie Makes Three, is the perfect choice here and an effective close to a consistently effective episode. Speaking of which, it's about time for me to end this review and I think the best way to do it is with a nod to this very episode...

    See ya! (I write the way people talk, too.)
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show for the season 7 final its the last day of school and lisa has no one to sign her yearbook and everyone is like siging barts . thing is homer and the family are invited to a summer home from the flanders and bart brings a friend and lisa brings no one and lisa decides to change her look and she meets these new kids and they like her and bart feels jelious because they think he is a nerd and bart gets angre and shows them her year book and they find out the truth thing is they dont care and they sign her yearbook anyway this was good ep i thought
  • Summer of 4 Ft. 2

    Lisa realizes she has no friends, and so when the family goes on a vacation to watch Flanders' beach home, she tries to make friends by changing her image. It works. But when Bart sees how she is acting like him, he gets even- making her friends turn on her. Later on, Lisa never forgives Bart- until it is revealed that her friends do like the brainy Lisa. Lisa and Bart makeup and the family heads home.

    Overall, a nice episode. Some people did not like the message but I thought it was good. My overall grade would be A+
  • Nerds are cool

    Lisa Simpson centered episodes are not my favorite as I have said before and this one is not any different. In this story we find Lisa feeling bad for not having friends and when you think about it, she really doesn't have any friends. Actually, apparently Marge has ben her only friend all this time. Lisa decides to change things and redesigns her looks by buying cools clothes and also modifies her personality. I think we all have gone trough this situation while trying to get the attention from people we are interested in. The best part of this epsiode is the ending which gives us an important message: enjoy being yourself and people will come to you.
  • Slightly saccharine, but funny...

    This is the best Lisa episode. Here Lisa, like many of us, finally feels totally left out and tries to win people over by acting like them. She meets up with some 'cool' teens from the beach, dressing like them and telling them about nature. Bart is jealous of the attention she gets, though, and tries to sabatoge Lisa's new friendship. Along the way, we see Bart's real feelings for his sister, and Lisa learns a cliched but important lesson. Meanwhile, a snappy dialogue and great jokes keep this episode fresh and appealing to all. A little over-sweet and predictable, however.
  • Great episode focused around Lisa...

    When her family goes away to a beach house for the weekend, Lisa decides to transform herself into a new, cooler person. Her first step is abandoning her old, dorky clothes in favor of tricked-out threads. She also hides her egg-headed impulses by dumbing-down her vocabulary and pretending she doesn't read books anymore. Soon, Lisa befriends Erin, a cool but disaffected local kid, and her friends. Lisa's transformation is complete: she is popular. Of course, Bart is seething with jealousy and comes up with a plan to ruin his sister's popularity. Bart shows Erin and her friends Lisa's elementary school yearbook to prove what a good student and a goody-goody his sister really is. Bart's plan backfires, however, when Lisa's new friends turn out to like her anyway, even if she is a nerd. Guest Star: Christina Ricci as Erin.
  • 5.0
    THE GOOD: Not very much... Homer blowing up the dishwasher with an M-80 was good times. THE BAD: I've said it once and I'll say it again: Lisa is NOT FUNNY. What a dissapointing ending to an otherwise excellent season. I'll have to rewatch season 8, but having recently rewatched seasons 5-7, one realizes that this was absolutely the Simpsons' best seasons, and maybe the apex of the Simpsons. It would be a tragedy and a harbinger if this was the last episode of the consistnetly funny years. To rail on this episode some more, it's the old "Be yourself to truly get friends" schpiel. Been there, done that.
  • Lisa's Summer adventure!

    The forcus of this episode is on Lisa. When Homer and his family moved into a beach house for the summer, Lisa redefine her image so she can get along with a group of kids. One of them, was voice by Chistine Ricci. Too bad it's over the telephone. Lisa is one of the most impressive of the simpsons characters and she really has an imporessin on me. Lisa is smart and appealing She can stealing anyone's heart. That why I love this epsidoe. as you can see, her smartness can pay off. This epiosde really rules. I gave it a 8.0.
  • The family goes away to a beach house on the holidays Lisa decides to change herself into a cooler kid. She abandons her old dorky clothes.Lisa pretends she doesn't read books anymore.Bart is jealous of her friends.

    When her family goes away to a beach house for the weekend, Lisa decides to transform herself into a new, cooler person. By abandoning her old, dorky clothes and dumbing down her vocabulary she makes friends pretty quickly. After Lisa becomes popular, Bart becomes full of jealousy, and plots to ruin her new found status.A lot of jokes were put into this episode for the closing season.7. Very clever jokes to make you laugh your head and fart at the same time.
    [don't recomment it]
  • Probably the funniest Lisa episode.

    This episode always makes me laugh out loud. As usual the Lisa story is very well done and this time it offers insight to the difficulties of being popular and fitting in with other kids. While the episode is centered around Lisa making new friends when the family goes on summer vacation, all the scenes with Milhouse are hilarous. Including when the episode opens with Milhouse describing to Bart which types of sprinklers are his favorites (classic scene). And there are several other scenes in which Milhouse is the butt of the joke. Overall a very classic Simpsons episode.
  • Lisa gets real friends who like her.

    Like 'Lisa's Rival' and 'Lisa Gets an A' this is another Lisa episode hat teaches you something. In this one it teaches you that you don't have to be cool to be friends. It's an extremely cool and decent episode and I thought about it while watching it. I enjoyed this ep a lot and I laughed too. And it's sweet that Lisa gets real friends who like her, and say she's a nice girl (and I agree). Anyway, this is such a good Lisa episode I could wish for me to own it. Why are all the Lisa episodes so awesome? Well, it doesn't at all matter if they ar,e because these eps rock. And of course, it has a very memorable Homer quote:

    "Great merciful crap! My car!"

    I can't stop thinking about that, lol.
  • lisa steals bart's identity in order to become cool.

    this episode is definitely a classic from the start where millhouse runs out of school when the bell rings signalling the start of school to the fact that homer was reluctant to do a "favour" for flanders even though it really benefited him to the end where the seagulls attack the car because of the shells lisa's friends put on the car. this episode is hilarious and shows that lisa can get very down about being a loner and her acceptance that being herself and being someone else both didn't succeed in getting her friends, an important lesson for all of us, but it all works out in the end, as it occasionally does in the simpsons.