The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 12

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1999 on FOX

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  • In Memory

    One of the songs featured on this episode was Spanish Flea, written by Julius Wechter.

    Unfortunately the next day after it aired on Fox, Wechter died. Julius Wechter was a skilled marimba/vibes player, secretly playing for Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass as well as his own Baja Marimba Band.

    Wechter was also a songwriter. Spanish Flea was used when Jim Lange introduced the lucky bachelor who would quiz the bachelorettes on The Dating Game. The song even had lyrics, written by his wife, Cissy.
  • It's another episode of "Homer and Friends Half-Hour of Funnnnn"

    Homer and his friends {and bart too} go to the super bowl, but they learn they have fake tickets. They sneak in. Will they get caught?

    Marge and Lisa are evidently too boring to be featured heavily, so they have a subplot; painting eggs {fun fun fun}.

    Overall, a mediocre episode. Homer and his friends are kind of annoying throughout and the subplot was only there so Marge and Lisa would have lines. I didn't like this plot a whole lot, but, there were some things i found funny. So, because of this, my overall grade is a C-, very average
  • Just weird.

    I dont know what it is exactly, maybe it is not one thing, maybe it is the mix of all the differnt aspects of this very insane episode that leaves me with an odd aftertaste in my mouth after watching this story. Reality is pushed to the limts this time, not one thing seems out of place but whwn you put them together, KABOOM!

    I was much more impressed by the small lot in the back in which Lisa and Marge start playing a very odd and unusual board game. The sad thing is that more and more episode will start to look like this in the future.
  • FOOTBALL!!!!!!! so flippen hilarious

    Homer meets a travel agent named Wally Kogen who offers to send him to the Super Bowl for free if he can sign up all of his friends for a special travel package. Homer convinces Moe, Barney, Lenny, Carl, Kirk Van Houten and a bunch of other guys to sign up. All the men pile into a bus Wally furnishes for the trip and drink their way to Miami for the game. When they get there, however, they discover that the tickets Wally sold them were counterfeit. Homer devises a plan to get them into the game, but they all wind up in a holding cell beneath the stadium and nearly miss the Super Bowl. The only person who can spring them is Wally's old friend Dolly Parton. Free from their cell, the group invades a high-class skybox owned by Rupert Murdoch. When Murdoch arrives, he has his guards attack the group. Fleeing Murdoch's guards, Homer and his friends crash the field and then the winning team's locker room, where they each get their own Super Bowl ring. Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Wally Kogen; Troy Aikman, Rosey Grier, John Madden, Dan Marino, Rupert Murdoch, Dolly Parton, and Pat Summerall as themselves
  • Great episode.

    PLOT: Homer gets a coupon book and a tire dealer takes advantage of his gullibility. He meets a travel agent in the waiting room. He makes a deal with Homer so that Homer can go to the Super Bowl for free if he fills the bus with his friends. He does, and, along with Bart, they all go to the Super Bowl. When they get to the Super Bowl, they discover their tickets are fake. They break into the stadium, but Homer and friends and are arrested for doing so. They break out at halftime and run into the skybox. They get confronted by Rupert Murdoch. Homer and friends run away, and they wind up in the winning team's locker room celebration. When they leave, Madden and Summerall review the episode.

    This was a great episode of the Simpsons. The funniest things were Homer pushing the cart over those guys so that they could get inside the stadium, Wiggum saying that there was a fake bar in every jail cell, so he tried to find it and when he thought he found the fake bar, he rammed into it with his head and found out it was a real bar, and that thing with all the guys sucking in their bellies whenever a woman appeared, then they stopped whenever a woman isn't around. The plot is great, in my opinion, although I'm not a football fan. The episode was hilarious, too. No character development, though, which isn't good. The side-plot with Lisa and Marge was good, but not very interesting. Great plot, good side-plot, no character development, and superb humor.
  • Homer Goes to The Superbowl


    Homer and the guys going to the Super Bowl only to find out its a scam! I was really rooting for them and that things would turn out good.

    Homers coversation with Bill Clinton was for me the highlight. He was so drunk he felt like a real superbowl hero!

    The sub-plot with the "legs missing for the eggs" (just came up with that myself!) was also entertaining even though completely insignificant.

    The 1st superbowl episode explored Lisa and Homer's relationship, this was a lot sillier but its a real hoot!
  • not as good as the other superbowl episode...

    I personally found Lisa the Greek more entertaining than this episode but i enjoyed this one none the less. There were some great scenes such as homer spotting the half time costumes on a rack, getting an idea, the plan being to knock down the guards with the trolley. another classic scene was the end where the commentators complain that in an episode with a singer and a football game, there were no scenes with singing or football. lisa and marge painting eggs was a fairly good B story so overall, I still liked the episode as much as any other one but the episode could have been better.