The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 12

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1999 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Homer: Now, this wheel balancing is free, right?
      Man: Oh, you betcha, absolutely. Deh, uh, oh, uh-oh, wait a minute. These tires won't take a balance!
      Homer: They won't?
      Man: Nah, nah, no, you hear that clunk?
      Homer: No …
      Man: Well, that tells me you need four new tires.
      Homer: Really?
      Man: Yeah. Legally, I can't even let you drive outta here on these.
      Homer: Oh, please, can't you let me slide this time?
      Man: Gee, I'd really like to, but if my boss found out, I …
      (he makes a hand gesture to his boss)
      Boss: All right, what's going on over here? Were you gonna let this man drive out of here on unsafe tires?
      Man: No boss, I swear!
      Boss: Ah, that's it, you're fired!
      Homer: No! Wait! This is all my fault! Oh, if I could only turn back the clock and buy four new tires …