The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 12

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1999 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Pat Summerall: Well John, what did you think of tonight's episode?
      John Madden: I loved it! The last-minute addition of Wally Kogen to the line-up was a bit of a gamble, but it really paid off.
      Pat Summerall: Marge and Lisa painting eggs? Did that work for you?
      John Madden: Ho, ho, big time! They came off the bench with a huge effort that allowed Homer and Bart to make some significant gains.
      Pat Summerall: Did it strike you as odd that in a Super Bowl show with Dolly Parton we didn't see any football or singing?
      John Madden: I hadn't thought about it, Pat, but in retrospect, it was kind of a rip-off! What a way to treat the loyal fans, who put up with so much nonsense from this franchise.
      Pat Summerall: Any final thoughts?
      John Madden: Nah, I'm too mad, let's get the heck out of here!