The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 19

Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1994 on FOX

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  • Tide. Cheer. Bold. Biz. Fab. All. Gain. Wisk. Funny

    As 100th episodes go, "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" seems a little out of place. Instead of getting an episode celebrating the series and its namesake family, we have an episode focusing on one of the many minor characters. It's true that Skinner is a hilarious character, and this episode is quite funny, but wouldn't a Bart-centric or Homer-centric episode make more sense to celebrate 100 episodes? Heck, even a Marge-centric episode would have been understandable. When The Simpsons surpassed The Flintstones as the longest-running animated series, they gave us "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show," a hilarious send-up of how television shows deal with longevity and keeping things fresh. A similar acknowledgment for episode 100 would have been nice
  • perfect


    what i liked- the beginning, Bart taking SLH to school, "Skinner, you're fired." "I'm sorry, did you just call me a liar?" "No, i said you were fired." "Oh, that's much worse", Agnes was funny in this episode as a whole, Ned being principal after Skinner was fired, Skinner getting his job back, the ending of the episode, "Grease me up woman!", amongst a few other things.

    great episode. definitely the best of the 'number 00' episodes (200, 300, etc). it had some really funny parts and was a good Skinner episode. A+ episode, no doubt

  • this was a good ep

    this was a good ep and it was the 100th ep of the simpsons show. and so in this ep barts dog santas little helper goes in the school and recks havoc thing is that gets skikner to be fired and ned flanders comes and replaces him as the princeable and skinner goes back to the army and thing is bart finds away to get ned flanders fired after ned decided to bring cathloc church stuff intot the school so bart gets him fired and then skinner gets his old job back as the priciple of the school this was a good ep
  • "The Simpsons" marks its 100th episode with Principal Seymour Skinner getting fired from his job for a mishap Bart is partially responsible for. Bart and Skinner soon develop an unlikely friendship, but Bart soon misses his old nemesis.

    "The Simpsons" reached a significant milestone with a very well made episode. There are many reasons why this episode works. The sharply written script, the terrific sight gags, and the small glimpse into Ned Flanders' past. Another positive aspect of this episode is the scene where Bart introduced Santa's Little Helper to his class. The class' answer to Bart's question is a great example of how the writers of the episode took a basic scene and made something memorabe out of it with some clever dialogue. The one negative point is it's predictable ending. However, this episode is worth seeing.
  • 100 episodes, and the Simpsons continue to keep right on going to make history as the best show of all-time TV history...

    Principal Skinner must learn to live without his beloved elementary school when Bart gets him fired. Ned Flanders is brought in to act as principal in Skinner's place. Coping with life outside of the locker-lined halls isn't easy for Skinner, but when he befriends his one-time nemesis, Bart, things start to look up. Years of hostility between the two give way to friendship and Bart eventually comes up with a plot to get Flanders fired and Skinner reinstated. The plot backfires, but Flanders ends up getting fired anyway for using the school PA system to make a prayer. One hundred episodes and the Simpsons are still going strong!!!
  • After its Bart's turn to show Santa's Little Helper in show and tell he has to put him away in the closet in back. Santa's Little Helper smells the Lunch Lady Doris's cooking and climbs through the vents. This causes chaos which leads to Skinner's firing.

    Wow, Bart and Skinner being friends is exactly what makes this episode so memorable. It is great to see that even after 100 episodes they are still keeping the series fresh. When I saw this episode I thought it was great. Although it is strange that altough Skinner lives with his mother he still does his laundry at the laundry mat. I guess that was the best place for him to meet Bart and ask him to be his friend. It is great that even though Bart got Ex-Principal Skinner fired Skinner still would be so desperate for a friend he would accept Bart's friendship.
  • 100 episodes of The Simpsons on primetime.

    Another great show that has made a meaningless milestone, with a clever plot, and out of character characters. They didn't do anything big, just Principa Skinner getting fired, and Bart and him being friends. The way Flanders can ruin a public school by saying a prayer in a public school. The nerve of him!
  • 100 episode!

    This episode is really cool and I think that is one of the best episodes of the series, Skinner gets fired thanks for Bart bringing his dog to school and causes the whole gym to explode, so Charles takes out Skinner and in replace puts Ned Flanders, who at first looks like a wonderful place, but slowly the students begin to lose control and is up to Bart to get Skinner backform the army. I think that this episdoe is really cool, and one of the best episodes of the Simpsons!
  • the hundredth episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what an episode it is

    this seems like a delayed revenge episode. in the season 4 episode "Whacking Day" skinner finally expels bart and in this episode bart finally gets skinner fired. groundskeeper willie helped of course but it was bart's dog, santa's little helper, that made willie fall on chalmers. can you believe it wasn't planned? the rest of the episode shows that bart actually becomes friends with his arch nemesis, seymour skinner, which is very surprising (you think?). but the episode worked well with great gags like the K of the Kwik-e-mart landing in the firing range after we assume it blows up. the ending of this episode was great with skinner chuckling as if a "Teach me" tag on bart's back was funny. great milestone episode but not as good as the 200th (Trash of the Titans)