The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 8

Take My Wife, Sleaze

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • About the scene when Homer pulls napkins; not only has the plate disappeared- the napkins did too- and not only from the table but from the dispenser is also empty.

    • Henry Winkler, famous for playing the biker Fonzie on Happy Days voiced the biker character Ramrod in this episode.

    • When Homer is pulling napkins out of the dispenser there is a dirty plate in front of him. The next shot has the table clear.

    • During the motorcycle duel, Homer starts off by holding the front of the bike, but then he changes to holding the back of the bike even though he didn't let go of it. This happens twice during the duel.

  • Quotes

    • Meathook: (to Homer) You and me, in the circle of death!
      Marge: Oh, I just swept the circle of death!

    • (Apu has just chased Homer's biker gang away with a broom)
      Manjula: You promised me no more brooms.
      Apu: I know that is not your way, but we're in America now.

    • Johnny Bobby: Doctors threw a party at the loony bin,
      You gotta be crazy if you want to get in,
      Napoleon is playing his imaginary sax,
      The dance floor's filling up with maniacs!
      Let's rock. Do the Mental House rock!
      Let's rock. Do the Mental House rock!
      If you'll dance with the Doc,
      He'll give you electro shock!
      If you'll dance with the Doc,
      He'll give you electro shock!
      Slam! slam! slam!

    • Meathook: I don't blame you for wanting her back so bad. A woman like that only comes along every couple of miles.
      Marge: Awww…
      Meathook: Hey! Can we at least keep her till the orgy at San Berdoo?
      Homer: What do you say, honey?
      Marge: No.
      Homer: (to Meathook, menacingly) No dice!

    • Man: Yeah, I did see some bikers ride by here with a blue-haired woman, about ten minutes ago. Said they were going to spend the night at Crystal Lake campgrounds, section K, space 217. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
      Homer: I guess I'll never find her.

    • Marge: Haven't any of you ever had a dream?
      Ramrod: Yeah, I had a dream! I was in this beautiful garden, pounding the crap out of a shopkeeper. Then…
      Marge: No, no, I mean the dream of a good job, a loving family, and a home in the suburbs.
      Meathook: Aw, man, to get all that you'd have to kill, like, fifty people.

    • Marge: Could you at least tell me what you're planning to do with me?
      Meathook: Oh, don't worry -- you're completely safe. None of us finds you sexually attractive.
      Marge: None of you? Really? I could have sworn that Ramrod …(Ramrod shakes his head) Hm. Well, did you see that picture of me in …(the gang nods) And you still don't …(the gang shakes their heads)
      Meathook: Sorry.
      Marge: Well, good, I guess.

    • Marge: Stop that! If you want some food, I'll be happy to make you some breakfast.
      Meathook: I'd kill for some waffles.
      Ramrod: He has.

    • Homer: Hello, police? Can you send a SWAT team to 742 Evergreen Te…
      Wiggum: Forget it, Simpson. Those pig noises you made really hurt my feelings, looking like a pig as I do.
      Homer: But you have so much inner beauty.
      Wiggum: Well, uh, be that as it may, ah, the gang is wanted in eight other states and we have a little saying around here: Let Michigan handle it.

    • Homer: The first meeting of Hell's Satans is called to order.
      Ned: I move we reconsider our club name. Make it something a little less blasphemous. After all, we don't want to go to Hell.
      Lenny: How about the Devil's Pals?
      Ned: No.
      Moe: The Christ Punchers.
      Ned: The Christ... ? I--I don't think you understand my objection.

    • Nelson: Sweet Hog, Mr. Simpson.
      Homer: Remember to rebel against authority, kids!
      Principal Skinner: (over intercom) Don't listen to him, children.
      Milhouse: But we already did. Now I can't get it out of my head!
      (Nelson hits him with a book)
      Mrs. Krabappel: Thank you, Nelson.

    • (Bart meets Dennis the Menace)
      Bart: Dennis the Menace?
      Jay North: Yes, I was America's bad boy. I once hid my dad's hat. (laughs)
      Bart: Uh-huh.
      Jay North: And another time, I accidentally stepped in Mr. Wilson's flower bed. That was a two-part episode. (laughs)
      Bart: I have to go.

    • Meathook: Marge, how did you get my jacket so clean? I've tried everything to get those blood and puke stains out. I've tried hitting them; I've tried yelling at 'em…
      Marge: All it takes is the right cleanser and a little elbow grease.
      Ramrod: Do you have anything that will get this emblem back on my jacket? I've tried spitting at it, you know, but..
      Marge: Just put it on my sewing pile.

    • Meathook: You know what I'm going to do after I kill you? Take your wallet.
      Homer: Never! It was a gift from Newsweek!

    • Meathook: Ah, Mrs. Simpson I killed my pencil.
      Marge: Broke, you broke your pencil.
      Meathook (slowly): Yes, I broke him.

    • Homer: And those bikers saw the hard look in my eye… You know that hard look i get sometimes… And they ran away like schoolgirls, with their tails between their legs.
      Bart: Way to go, Dad. Hey, where's the food?
      Lisa: And why aren't I at school?
      Homer: Yeah, someone really dropped the ball here. Marge? Marge?
      Lisa: Dad, there's a note on the back of your head.
      Homer: Really? Read it.
      Bart: Thanks for let us crash in your pad. We had a very nice time.
      Homer: Aw, that's sweet.
      Bart: P.S., we've taken your old lady.
      Homer: D'oh!

    • Homer: My wife is not a doobie to be passed around!

    • Marge: When you get a job interview, try not to call your employer a "punk" or a "skank."
      Ramrod: Oh, don't call them skanks.

  • Notes

    • Besides appearing as themselves in the episode, NRBQ also appears live (i.e., unanimated) over the end credits.

    • Blackboard Joke: I can't see dead people.
      Couch Gag: The family sits on the couch get sucked into and deposited onto the floor, as if they have been through a paper shredder.

  • Allusions

    • Bart's blackboard line, "I can't see dead people," is a reference to the movie The Sixth Sense and Haley Joel Osmont's famous line, "I see dead people."

    • More 1950s references come from the menu items – Allen Ginsbergers (hamburgers named for the beatnik writer); Un-American cheese sandwiches (grilled cheese sandwiches named after people accused of being Communists); and polio dogs (hot dogs, perhaps so named because of the polio vaccine that would wipe out the disease).

    • The scene of the real Hell's Satans biker gang invading the Simpson house spoofs a similar scene in the 1985 film Weird Science.

    • The name of the Poppa Wheelie biker hangout is a play on the phrase, "pop a wheelie."

    • The climatic fight scene between Homer and Meathook is inspired by the 1987 film The Princess Bride (the fights going from level ground to stairways and along edges of walls) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (swashbuckling with motorcycles, a la Errol Flynn and Basil Rathborne).

    • Jay North reminisces about his TV days in the style of his character, Dennis Mitchell on Dennis the Menace. The plots he recalls reference the supposed quality of TV sitcom plots – very family friendly, wholesome and non-controversial – in the days prior to 1971's All in the Family.

    • The unnamed black-and-white movie Homer watches is obviously a knockoff of the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause(including Jimmy, the lead character, looking like James Dean; and his rebellious attitude and motorcycles).

    • If you listen closely, you may be able to tell that "Mentalhouse Rock" is clearly a parody of Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock."

    • Wolfguy Jack, the owner of the 50s-themed Greasers Cafe, is an obvious duplicate of Wolfman Jack (complete with wolf howl and gravelly voice). Wolfguy's girlfriend and assistant looks like Debbie Dunham (played by Candy Clark) from the 1973 film American Graffiti.

    • "Hell's Satans" is a parody of the motorcycle organization known as Hell's Angels. It could also be a reference to Satan's Choice, a rival gang of the Hell's Angels.

    • Ramrod: Bye-bye, Mrs. S!
      The quote references Henry Winkler's character from Happy Days, where the Fonz always calls Marion Cunningham "Mrs. C." This episode also features a dance contest with a coveted grand prize (in this case, a motorcycle) for the winning couple.

    • Church marquee: There's Something About the Virgin Mary.
      The church marquee in the episode is a reference to the 1998 film There's Something About Mary.

    • Gas Station Guy: They are staying at Crystal Lake Campground...
      This is the legendary camp of the Jason Voorhees murder sprees in the Friday the 13th film saga.