The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 12

Team Homer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1996 on FOX

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  • Bowling and Uniforms

    Homer and friends start a bowling team. But, when Mr. Burns learns he is sponsoring them, he demands to bowl too.... only thing is, he stinks at bowling, and they want to win a bowling league.

    Bart starts a mini riot at school for a shirt he wore, and Skinner takes charge by making students wear uniforms.

    A good episode, both plots were interesting, funny, and had good endings. I really like this episode a lot and think it was clever, my overall grade is an A+, though I think it is a little weakere than other episodes I give this grade too
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer is getting tired of moes bar and decided to go to the bowling alley to play and sees there is a bowling championship comeing up so he puts togeather a team of auto apu and someothers . thing is they need to raise the money for the fee to enter and so they are forced to put mr burns on the team so someon has to quit . and so they are doing really good but as they get close they start to sorta due bad but not lose and they get to the finals mr bursn brings in t shirts for them but at the end they beat the holy team and mr burns takes the troph except they are mad and homer goes into the mansion and trys to steel as he is aobut to come out with it the dogs come and tear his cloths apart as he screams. this was good ep
  • Homer tries to get Mr. Burns to lend him money, because Homer is currently bored with Moe at his bar, and he accepts. Homer starts his team with Apu, Moe and Otto, and they do an excellent job bowling, and go for winning the championship.

    I thought this was a good episode. It showed friends can work together by teamwork, and since they were good as a team and had good team chemistry, they were able to be Bowling Champions. I didn't like how Mr. Burns took the trophy, but at least they won it, they were Bowling Champions and they were a good team. On the other side, I liked how Bart had the school go excitedly insane with his "Mad Magazine", "Down with Homework", T-Shirt. Skinner then gets the school in order and good shape, but when Superintendent Chalmers comes for an inspection, everyone remembers "Down with Homework", and goes insane again.
  • A bowling team of misery.

    This episode of the Simpsons did not do much for me. I did not laugh or gag the whole show. Still this episode is very watchable since we find a couple of hidden details and subliminal aspects that the creators don't want everyone to see at first glance. For example where is Barney? well, we don't see him at Moe's and I don't think we are told where he is, but we do see he owns the bowling alley where the Pinpals meet to play and we also see him charging the boys some beers they use to celebrate. This is totally absurd!

    An ok episode worth the watch.
  • Series classic

    Homer forms the Pin Pals, a bowling team made up of Moe, Apu and Otto, but the team has to cut Otto when Mr. Burns muscles in and insists on joining. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner implements a school-wide dress code when Bart shows up to school in a MAD Magazine T-shirt. The Pin Pals take on the Holy Rollers (Ned and Maude Flanders, Reverend and Mrs. Lovejoy) and other teams until they're in the finals. Even though he's no longer on the team, Otto manages to help the Pin Pals win the tournament. Getting caught in the rain, the children of Springfield Elementary School discover that their new school uniforms are not color-fast, and are amused by the wild colors their clothes make when wet.
  • Ralph ate the paste. Team homer is silly.

    Team Homer.
    On their t-shirts, it wrote PIN PALS. The charaters are Homer. Apu, Moe, and Otto Mann. When Otto was getting all the goals, Homer, Apu, and Moe said You can do it Otto. You can do it Otto. But Otto did not score all the goals. Homer and Apu said "D'oh" From the lobster Game, Otto Mann did not get a prize. He is a loser. Want to see it. So you have to Watch It.
  • Homer's bowling team is on it's way to the championship, but then Mr. Burns makes the win bitter-sweet.

    Homer wants to bowl with Moe but can't get a lane due to league night. Along with Apu and Otto, they form a team. In order to pay their league fee, Homer dupes a drugged up Mr. Burns into giving him the money. Meanwhile, Bart's reblious Mad Magazine shirt creates a schoolwide disurbance, prompting Skinner to mandate uniforms for everyone. At first the new clothes make the children fall in line, but a rainstorm turns the drab duds into tye-dyed garments reviving the kids' enthusiasm.

    Burns finds out about the swindle, but chooses to join the team rather than punish Homer. Burns is a terrible bowler and almost costs the team the championship trophy. The teams wins by one pin knocked over by Burns, but Burns keeps the trophy for himself.
  • homer, moe, apu and otto, later replaced by burns, start a bowling team.

    this eisode was made purely for the jokes and was very well written indeed. the chants that the team come up with are funny as are the hallucinations burns has and the bowling-boweling mixup. the b story of the kids in school having to wear uniforms is definitely something i can relate to since i've always had to wear uncomfortable and stupid-looking uniforms to school. superintendant chalmers had a great appearance in this episode with his line of "this i've gotta see" and otto crashing the pickup machine that actually causes the pin pals to win the championship was a great twist. definitely worth watching numerous times.