The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 12

Tennis the Menace

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • Many people may disagree with me, but I thought that this episode had an ironic ending, and had a lot of really good jokes...

    When Homer installs a tennis court, he and Marge become quite popular in the Springfield social scene. Marge soon learns, however, that the town mocks them for always losing on their own court. She dumps Homer in favor of Bart for an upcoming doubles tournament and wins. Hurt, yet set on revenge, Homer enlists Lisa's help to play against their family members in Krusty's celebrity event. At the tournament, Homer befriends tennis ace Venus Williams, changes her last name to Simpson and bumps Lisa courtside. Marge protests and gets Bart replaced by Serena Williams. It's not long before Marge and Homer are bumped by Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, relegating the entire family to the bench.
  • The Simpsons buy a tennis court.

    The Simpsons go to an old folks' talent show. Homer looks into getting a casket for Abe, but instead decides to build a tennis court. He doesn't really like tennis; he got it confused with foxy boxing. All the locals want to use the tennis court. The Simpsons are the L.A. Clippers of tennis. Everyone mocks them behind their backs. Marge is horrified and starts to become competitive. She enters Krusty's tournament without Homer, her partner is Bart. This sets up a situation similar to that of Oedipus. Homer enters the tournament with Lisa as his partner. He turns her against Marge. At the tournament, there are a number of tennis pros in the stands. The stakes rise when Homer recruits Venus Williams and drops Lisa. Marge cries foul, so she is allowed to have Serena Williams as a partner. Serena then dumps Marge and successfully recruits Pete Sampras. Then Venus dumps Homer and successfully recruits Andre Agassi. The Simpson family then makes up. This ep was pretty good. The ending certainly could have been better but overall I think that it was good. One of season 12's decent eps.
  • Let's play tennis

    The Simpsons get a tennis court, and hold regular tennis matches with various of their friends. But, Marge is embarrassed because they keep losing, and Homer doesn't seem to care about it at all.

    They sign up for an actual tournament, but Marge replaces Homer with Bart. So, Homer and Lisa are a team.

    In the end, none of the Simpsons play, and are instead all replaced by big tennis players.

    It started well, but got worse. The scene with the tennis ball going in the patients' body is one of my least favorites. And the end was lame with all of them just sitting. Could have been better
  • The Simpsons get a tennis court!

    Instead of buying a casket for his father, Homer uses the money to build a tennis court instead. Springfield wants to use the court for a tennis tournament, which all of the family members enter. But when teams are divided, the family gets competitive with each other, and they recruit professional tennis players to play in their places. This is another one of the most underrated episodes of the series. I never really enjoyed tennis, but I found this episode to be witty and hilarious. A better episode then most would expect from this plot. This episode is surely not as bad as people say, and it deserves your time so watch it.
  • 6.0
    Odd episode here. First thing that's noticeable seems to be the artists taking a day off. Look at the background, especially inside the Simpson's house in almosy ant scene. The art is very basic, almost childish. It's not like this show is ever an artisitic masterpeice or anything, it's just that this must be particularly bad because it was hard not to notice it. Beyond that, this episode is funny, but obviously rushed or burdened with a theme. The Simpsons get a tennis court and then get a little too competitive which starts a family fued. The fued is broken when each of them are replaced by pro-tennis players in the local tournament, and all being benched recognize the wrongness in fighting. Yeah, pretty shoved together huh? Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and the Williams sisters all guest star. You wanna bet that this was originally aired somewhere near Wimbledon and that they asked Fox to help advertise it? That kinda pressure is always the worst guests. It is still a funny episode, just not that well put together. Homer's classic life lesson: "It's better to watch stuff than to do stuff".
  • Really, really lame

    Here is how I think this episode came about.

    Ian Maxtone-Graham: Hey executive producer Mike Scully, what should I write about now?

    Mike Scully: Hmm. Let me think... ooh! You know what I like? Tennis.

    Ian: Tennis.

    Mike: Tennis. Yeah, I think that\'s pretty popular now. Write about that.

    Ian: Okay. How about if the Simpsons get their own tennis court?

    Mike: Makes no sense based on their income, but sure, why not.

    Ian: Ooh, and then they\'re playing a lot, but they get viciously competitive!

    Mike: Why, that\'s brilliant! A plot development no one would ever expect!

    Ian: Hmm... probably will only be able to fill the last two acts though. How should I get them there in the first act?

    Mike: Oh, I don\'t care. Just make some lame segue that makes no sense.

    (Ian returns about 25 minutes later with some words scribbled in crayon on a bar napkin.)

    Ian: Yeah, I wrote the episode, but it kinda sucks.

    Mike: No problem. We\'ll just distract the audience from the suckiness with (dramatic music) GUEST STARS!

    Ian: Hmm... or I could try rewriting it and maybe it\'ll get better. I mean, after all, I did -

    Mike: No no, Ian. (tantalizingly) All the world\'s problems are solved by guest stars...

    Ian: I really don\'t think that\'ll work. What this script needs is -

    (Mike pulls Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger out from under his desk.)

    Alec: Hi, I\'m Alec Baldwin and she\'s Kim Basinger.

    Ian: Wow! You guys are awesome!

    (Mike puts the celebrities back under his desk.)

    Ian: What were we arguing about?

    Mike: Exactly.
  • the simpsons get a tennis court

    there are so many great scenes in this from the senility jokes at the retirement castle talent show (the comedy act being my favourite) to the professionals taking over the simpsons' tennis match at the end, with homer taking some cash from andre aggasi's bag. i especially liked the cemetry scene where homer dedcides to go with the wolves to feed abe to instead of the pricy funeral costs and going through all that just to get a tennis court was hilarious aswell, though homer thought tennis was foxy boxing. there was no scene in the whole episode where i didn't laugh.
  • I don't like this episode

    I don't see the point of this episode. The plot was dull and the part where the tennis stars replace the Simpsons in the game? That was awful! This episode was just an excuse to pile the tennis star celebrities in with a filler plotline! Seen better Simpsons episodes than this and seen worse too!
  • The Simpsons get a tennis court in their back yard.

    Another good episode. It starts with yet another repeated gag - Homer in the shower, and Bart making it hotter and colder (recycled from Bart Vs. Australia). I think this was just added to fill up the 21 minutes.

    The old people's home talent contest was funny, as was the quick jump from the cemetery to the tennis court. The rest of this episode was average, but there were some funny bits. The best by far was Kent Brockman being told what to say, especially when he said, "I guess you could say I'm Iraqi." Other good stuff included Wiggum and Lou wanting to play tennis, Burns' chessboard, Homer's home testing kit, and Dr Hibbert's outdoor operation.

    However, Homer thinking that Bart was going to kill him and marry Marge was a weird twist, and shows just how paranoid Homer can get (similar to Kill The Alligator And Run, when he thinks that everyone is out to get him). Also, the swapping partners thing was really unnecessary.
    Overall it's a pretty average episode.