The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 21

The Bart of War

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2003 on FOX

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  • I loved this one!!!!

    Simpsons is such a funny cartoon, and I love this episode. It was enjoyable, crazy, halirious, wacky, weird and wonderful. It's not one of my favourites, but it's a good story and good plot. Even though the South Park thing at the start was plain disgusting, and I was kinda sorry for Ned for his Beatles Shrine, but I guess that's what has to happen.
  • The worst episode of The Simpsons

    It's bad a show not only goes bad....but goes so bad that it can't get any worse...and for The Simpsons this is nearly all of season 14 is dreadful aside from a handful of episodes that had some of the old spark....but this one is so utterly dreadful that it's hard to concive that you could make something so unfunny....only thing that even was slightly funny (notice I say slightly) was the South Park rip...though I find it irronic how they jokes about it's lack of freshness in this of all episodes!
  • A great way to get back at South park who made fun of them in 'Simpsons Already Did It'

    When Bart and Milhouse are banned from watching South Park they head over to Flanders’ house and wreak havoc. When they’re caught in the act, Homer and Marge decide to enroll Bart in the “Pre-Teen Braves,” a club to keep kids off the streets. Homer becomes the “tribal chief,” leading the kids in such traditional Native American activities as eating Buffalo wings and watching football. Milhouse is separately enrolled in the “Cavalry Kids,” and the two groups feud over which group can do more for charity. Now this is a great episode to say "HA-HA" at South Park.
  • Great episode

    It starts off with Bart and Milhouse watching South Park then marge doesn't like it and tells then to go outside then they mess up Flander's house and learn that Flanders is a big fan of the Beatles thoes guys rock then Marge tells bart that he cant see milhouse for a long time then Bart becomes a pre-teen boy and Milhouse is the bad guy then they have a candy selling battel and then the pre-teen boys put stuff that makes you poop a lot and I like the part when everyone starts to fight each other that part is awesome I love it
  • Bart becomes a pre teen brave.

    The only questions that stands out in my mind when I think about this episode or even this whole season is why is this so hated? Maybe its not like Nelson to join the pre teen braves or Jimbo to join the Calvary kids, but the thought of making a good plot was there. This is not the best episode of the season by any means, but it certainly was not horrible, and I actually really liked it. The south park parody was funny, Nelson imagining everything his dad was funny, and seing Flanders like the Beatles was cool to see a new side of him. Give this episode another watch, especially if you hate it.
  • Great not perfect. Good but could be better. Funny but....... you get the idea This episode is definatly not the worst episode it is not perfect but it is worthy of a good review.

    After Bart and Milhouse cause some damage to the inside of the Flanders' house while unsupervised, Bart is sentenced to spending all his time under the supervision of a parent. He is also no longer allowed to play with Milhouse. Bart joins the "Pre-Teen Braves" and Homer becomes the tribe leader. When Homer fails in his leadership skills, Marge takes over. The "Pre-Teen Braves" go to clean-up a field, only to discover that the "Calvary Kids" that Milhouse and his father are a members of have already done it. The two groups go to war and try to outdo each other in doing good. At an Isotopes game, the "Calvary Kids" are delayed from arriving and the "Pre-Teen Braves" take their place singing a crude version of the national anthem. The crowd becomes angered and a fight breaks out. An image of Marge crying is shown on the Jumbovision, the fighting ends and the sweet soothing hymn of the national anthem of Canada is sung by all present. This episode could be very funny at times and it was quiet interesting, but some parts could be really. All and all I have seen worst episodes than this one so this really deserves at least a 8.5, but I say let's give it a 9.0!!!!!!!!
  • I know I said the Monkey Suit was the worst episode ever, but this comes pretty close.

    This was such a pain to go through. Bart and Milhouse's scene in the beginning was a snooze and to make things worse, a tacky plot is introduced shortly afterwards. It becomes the "Bart & Friends Help Nature!" show and it is out of character in such a bad way. All of a sudden, it's a war and it develops into a lame farce. The old folks buying the laxatives and causing the Calvary Kids to win was pretty funny, but it's to my dismay that it's the only great joke here. The ending was so manipulative and forced and it has the dumbest line ever: "War isn't the answer-except to all of America's problems." The plot was bad, but they could've at least tried to make the ending more natural and entertaining as opposed to forced preachiness.

    Grade: F
  • Okay, not great

    This episode was pretty good at times like homer as chief of the tribe and the old folks buying the laxative filled candy bars and the ending where bart and the tribe dress up as the cavalry kids. the rest of the episode didn't seem as good and it seemed like the writers were playing around with Flanders too much in season 14 (pre-marital sex, beatles shrine). The humour was kind of absent at times such as in the park and Nelson hallucinating his father was way too out of character for the springfield elementary bully (why was he in the pre-teen braves anyway?) so overall, the episode had it's moments but was outweighed by the dull moments.
  • Not one of the better episodes.

    To be honest, I didn't like this episode. There just weren't many funny moments. The introduction story, Bart & Milhouse in Flanders house, took up way too much time - the whole of the first act - and it wasn't that funny.

    Then the main story wasn't a lot better. The characters which appeared did not fit either - since when has Bart been friends with Database and Ralph? Database appeared in Old Yeller Belly, too. He was a one-time character who has been over used in the last few years. And I don't see why Nelson would want to be in the group, either. Milhouse's group wasn't a lot better - Martin was okay, but why would Jimbo be in his group? I think the bullies are becoming too soft.

    All this bugged me really, because it just seemed they wrote in these characters because they have been popular in the past. In this situation, however, it didn't work.