The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 22

The Bob Next Door

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2010 on FOX

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  • Best season 21 episode

    Bart becomes convinced that his new neighbor, Walt, is his archenemy, Sideshow Bob, disguised and back for revenge. But when Marge tries to convince Bart otherwise by taking him to the state penitentiary, a disturbing truth is revealed, leading to danger for the spiky-haired boy. I thought this episode was excellent. It is definitely the best season 21 episode I've seen. There were no problems at all. I just enjoyed the storyline and the humor here. There were some funny (and good) moments like Bart thinking that Walt is Sideshow Bob, then Marge and Homer pointed out that some people sounded like him, five corners ,Bart doing the yap yap yap thing to Bob as he was talking , The lady saying he's either gay or there face is falling off.,The scenes of Homer in Mexico, Wiggum's drawing, The jail scene, The ending. I had a few more humor. Also, I wonder why the people are complaining about the face gag. It didn't bothered me at all. Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10
  • The Simpsons are not just another "Sideshow".

    This is another Sideshow Bob episode - personally, I seem to always really enjoy the episodes that Bob appears in. There have been some absolute classics over the years:
    * When Bob tried to abolish television / * When he made the family change their last name and relocate to a houseboat / * When he tried to kill Krusty during his (supposedly) last show /
    * When he tried to rig an election /
    * When he faked his own death /
    * When his brother Cecil tried to blow up the Springfield Dam /
    * When he tried to assist Homer by tracking down someone who wanted Homer dead... so many great episodes.
    Now this is yet another episode to add to that ever-expanding list.

    In this episode a new neighbour moves in who Bart suspects is really Sideshow Bob. However, after a visit to the local jail, Bart realises that the real Bob is still safely locked inside the Springfield jail. Or is he???

    So many people have been complaining about "The Simpsons". Many saying that the quality in writing has been rapidly declining. I totally disagree with that statement. I love the Simpsons - and after viewing this episode - I think that anyone who still has a bone to pick is really not a "true fan".
    After 20 years on the air - and still being able to make you laugh - it shows just how immortal this show is.

    this is the 21st season and they gave this episode a 9.1!!! i was so surprised when i saw this, and yes this show with sideshow bob was absolutely one of the best episodes so far! 21 seasons and the writers for this show are still doing incredible scripts. I love the sideshow bob plots and how the story of it goes. Sideshow Bob does a face transplant on a cell mate of his and switches his head with his so Bart wont know about it. It was pretty disgusting at some parts but overall i still loved the jokes they made. keep it up simpsons!!
  • A New Face for Sideshow Bob

    So it's a return to the Simpsons for our favourite murderer Sideshow Bob and considering how poor the Bob episodes have been before, he makes a good return to our screens.

    When the Simpsons had a new neighbour arrive next door, everyone is smitten for him immediately, except for Bart. Why? Because he is convinced this man is Sideshow Bob. However, he has short blondy brown hair, where's completely different clothes and has no interest in musicals at all. The only thing similar to Sideshow Bob is his voice but surely this isn't possible?

    This plot was a lot more imaginitive than other recent Bob episodes, with Bob having a face transplant with a cell-mate. However, I thought the fact that Bob would rip his own face off and stitch on someone elses was just too ludicrous to be taken seriously and for me, ruined the episode somewhat.

    Of course, Bob was planning to kill Bart and do it in an ingenious manner, taking Bart to the Five Corners so each part of his death would happen in a different state. The same can't be said for Bart's rescue plan: 'calling the police'. How uninspired.

    Overall, a good Sideshow Bob episode in a season that has impressed almost throughout although some moments let it down.

  • A decent return to form for Bob

    In this episode, Bart is suspicious of their new next door neighbor, Walt Warren, who sounds alot like Bart's nemesis, Sideshow Bob. Bart begins to investigate Walt's house, until Marge grows sick of it, and taakes him to the penitentariy where they find Bob. Later that night, Bob breaks out of the penitentariy. Walt, the next day, asks Bart if he wants to go to a baseball game with him, to make up for earlier. However, later Bob breaks into the house, but he claims that he's actually Walt Warren. Overall, this is miles better than "Funeral for a Fiend" and even if it's not a home-run (mostly due to a scene involving Bob's plan) it's still deecent enough and worth watching at least once. 8.5/10 B+
  • A very good Sideshow Bob episode, that felt slightly more like the older ones

    "The Bob Next Door"

    Grade: A-

    So The Simpsons lately still entertain us after all these years, with plots starting to recycle and most episodes not being quite as funny as they used to be, but this latest comeback from Sideshow Bob "The Bob Next Door" follows a good plot, some decent laughs, and is entertaining the whole time mimicking a popular movie as a result, which is nice to see it only primarly focusing on Bob and Bart as well.

    The episode starts out with Springfield making cutbacks to the town to save money, and one of these is releasing low-level criminals out of prison. One of them is a man named Walt, who buys a house and moves in as a neighbour to The Simpsons. After speaking to Bart with "Hello Bart", Bart is already convinced that the guy is Sideshow Bob, though no one else thinks this, and to try and settle this once and for all, Marge takes Bart to Springfield to the Prison Bob is in, only to discover he is still in there.
    However, things start going wrong when Walt takes Bart out to a Stadium game, only to reveal himself to actually be Sideshow Bob under a different face. The other Bob in prison escapes and tries to warn The Simpsons, but its too late. Lisa discovers that Sideshow Bob is taking Bart to a point where five US states meet together, though whilst travelling there The Simpsons get distracted and taken to Mexico after a woman misleads them by purpose.
    Sideshow Bob reaches the 5 states, and places Bart in a different one so that when he fires the gun, the bullet will travel through different states, and killing him in a way that he can't be prosecuted or arrested. Bart tries to foil his plans by jumping into the same state as Bob, whilst the real Walt shows up and tries to take the gun out of his hands. Just as Bob finally gets the upper hand and almost shoots both of them, Chief Wiggum and the other police crew arrive in all of the 5 states, and start to surround Bob and has no choice but to surrender.
    Bart reveals that just before he left to the Football game, he tracked Bob's car to the Police just in case he was right, and The Simpsons finally arrive to see that Bart survived. Though upset that they've already lost another neighbour, The Simpsons are happy on whoever the next neighbour is, as long as it's not another murderer. Just as it seems it can't get any worse, Homer gets annoyed when the new neighbour turns out to be Flanders' cousin, who talks and looks exactly like him.

    Overall, the episode was decent and quite well-written and good use of a movie parody. The Bob Next Door featured some nice twists, good dialogue, some homages to the older episodes, and is one of the better HD episodes of The Simpsons. Though not perfect, The Bob Next Door was a nice surprise, and was a good Sideshow Bob episode, that only focused on him which was a nice change.
  • disappointing

    the first two acts were great. funny gags, good plot, etc. But the third act is one of the worst in the show's history. I understand this show can be wacky sometimes, but this episode crosses a fine line IMO. It was disgusting that they were willing to show them lose their face just for a gag. The last act picked up a little with Flanders' cousin at the end, but the third act brings my grade to what should be a 4/5, to a 3.5/5, and heck, even I think I am being nice with that grade. Very disappointing
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons everyone is going brok in springfild and the town is brok also and the schools and cops have like no money and a new mover comes and it sounds like sideshow bob after bart talks to him and he is convinced that it is sideshow bob and the other dont really belive him and they go and vist bob at the prison and so bart sees bob and in there and then the bob excapes but thing it is not bob it was the real guy who should be living next store bob transferd his face to that guy and pretended to be that guy and so he pretend to take bart to a game but thing is bart called the polcie just incase before he left and they find bart and the other guy with a gun pointed at them but thing is the other police from other states show up and arrest bob and then the new mover comes and its ned flanders relitives and homer goes crazy this was a good ep
  • Wow! where did that come from!

    Best episode since eternal moonshine of the simpson mind. It was hilarious from start to finish and a great parody of Face/Off. I don't think the reviewer below has seen Face/Off so I can understand he/she was a little shocked over the face slicing. But it was actually hilarious. Even in season 21 they still make great Bob episodes. The end scene was pretty good also but i doubt Flanders' cousin will be there next week because I can imagine all that 'diddly' stuff getting annoying fast!

    Also, I thought the music was pretty good as well, and thats not something you really notice in a simpsons episode (unless they're singing, which they haven't done for a long time).
  • Sideshow Bob is back for more and his lousy family has vanished. Fortunately!

    In a town assembly, quimby says that they are in bankrupt, meaing that lots of families moved to Detroit. Next to the simpsons there is an empy house, which was bought by Walt Warren. Bart goes to talk to him, and after hearing him say - Hello Bart, he was convinced about Walt being Bob. I laughed at Homer & Marge's comment: Marge: "A lot of people sound like Sideshow Bob, like Fraiser on Cheers"

    Homer: "And Fraiser on Fraiser"

    Becuase the Voice actor of Bob (Kelsey Grammer) acts as Fraiser. LOL. So Marge takes Bart to prison and they watch the inside of Bob's cell. Bob is seen writing "Bart Simpson" will die on the wall. So, relieved, Bart goes to a baseball game qith Walt. Bob ewscpaes form prison and goes to the Simpsons' house, and reveals he is not really Bob - He is Walt Warren. Meanwhile, Walt and Bart pass the stadium, and Walt reveals he is really Bob. He proceeds to explain how: After Walt arrived in his cell, he measured his face, and sedated him and performed a face transplact on the prison hospital. At Walt's house,Homer opens a locked door to unveil a room filled with Bart pictured covered with weapons and death sentences. (and a picture of Krusty which said "Krusty too"). Lisa finds a leaflet of the 5 corners, and the fmaily and Walt head there. At the 5 corners, bob proceeds to explian his plan: he will shoot his gun in one state, let it fly through another, hit Bart in a 3rd one, and make him falls dead on a last state. Everything toghether is a crime, but separated isn't. Bart tried to save himself by jumping into the same state were Bob is. At a gas station, the family asks a waitress (who met Bob before and fell for him) were is Bob, and she says Mexico. The fmailt oges to Mexico, but Walt heads to the corners. Walt tries to stop Bob, but he grabs him and prepares to kill Bart, but Wiggum arrives and tells Bob that he recieved a call form Bart earlier asking him to put an eye on Walt. The other 4 state's police arrive to and Bob is arrested. Meanwhile at mexico Homer is trying to buy a taco but he doesn't know that taco in spanish is taco.

    Finally, the guy who buys Bob/Walt's house is no other than Ned's cousin TED FLANDERS. One of the best of the season definetely 5/5
  • Hello Bart.

    When a neighbor moves nextdoor, Bart becomes very suspicious of him, considering he sounds like Sideshow Bob. Marge trys to convince him that it's not him, but Ralph Warren(or something like that). When Ralph invites Bart to a baseball game, he finds out It's actually Sideshow Bob. He just switched their faces. That's just disgusting. Anyways, Bob decides to kill Bart where five corners meet, so the police can't arrest him in one state. But Bob gets busted by the cops, like always.

    There are many funny scenes, like the montage of 'Hello Bart", and the waitress part.

    Overall Grade: A+++/90%
  • The Simpsons get a new next door neighbor. Everybody in town welcomes the new Springfield resident, but Bart soon becomes convinced that the new kid in town is not what he seems.

    As I have said on previous reviews, whenever Sideshow Bob is in town, you're guaranteed a lot of laughs. This episode is no exception. The episode does get off to a rocky start. From the second everybody dismissed Bart's fears that the new neighbor was Sideshow Bob, I knew Bart was right. The rest of the episode makes up for it though. While in prison, Sideshow Bob must have seen the John Travolta movie "Face/Off." The scenes at the Gas and Grub were hysterical. Bart's final showdown with Bob was a laugh riot once again. "The Simpsons" still delivers laughs.