The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 5

The Cartridge Family

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1997 on FOX

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  • Homer's got a gun.

    In this episode, Homer decides to get a gun to protect his family. He starts to demonstrate poor safety habits so Marge and the kids move out. What I liked: * Homer + gun + stupidity = LMFAO!
    * The scene with Homer in the gun shop
    * The scene where Homer is sitting outside and all the things that he could shoot goes by
    * The part where they have the NRA meeting at Homer's house

    What I did not like:
    * Probably the ending Overall, I think that this was another Simpson's classic. It was definately the best one of season 9 and one of the best ever. I would recommend watching this ep.
  • Run guys, Homer's got a gun

    In this episode, a riot at a soccer game, makes Marge realize that the house isn't safe. So, insted of buying the $500 Security System, Homer buys a gun. Marge is immediately mad at Homer for doing this, and is even more mad when he buys a membership to the NRA. However, when he lies to Marge about getting rid of it, and Bart finds it, Marge and the kids leave. Now, Homer has to make a choice: the gun or his family. Overall, a pretty good episode I thought, one of the best of season 9, also Marge is such a hypocrite at the end of this episode. 9.5/10 A
  • Homer + Stupidity + Owning a gun = Hilarious!

    "The Cartridge Family"

    Grade: A*

    One of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever. Following a basic plot of Homer buying and owning a gun, to not realising the recklessness he is causing with it. The Cartridge Family delivers everything well, with some moral issues, funny moments, and a good plot despite its simplicity.

    The episode begins with a soccer match involving Mexico and Portugal, turning into a riot after Groundskeeper Willie starts it after the lost interest in the match, The Simpsons family decide to buy Home Security for their house, but after realising it will cost $500, Homer decides to save the money by buying a firearm instead.
    Homer enters the gun shop and wants to buy a gun, but needs to wait for 5 days for checkups, which annoys him and would want to shoot the gun owner if he had a gun. After waiting for 5 days in the garden looking for targets to shoot (Flanders and Patty and Selma), he enters the store and is restricted to owning 3 handguns only and buys one.
    He surprises Marge by closing her eyes and opening them when its pointing right in front of her face. Marge is horrified and wants Homer to get rid of it. Homer decides to try to change her mind by taking her to the National Rifle Association (NRA), but after watching the presentation, Marge still isn't so sure.
    After casually taking the gun into the Kwik-E-Mart with no worries, frightening Apu into thinking of robbing the store, Homer decides to shoot objects from the house into the air as if they were clay pigeons. His recklessness with the gun goes too far after bringing the gun to the dinner table with the family, as keeping the safety off causes gunshots to occur near them. Marge has no choice but to tell Homer to get rid of the gun, or he'll lose the family. Homer says he'll get rid of it for Marge.
    Unfortunately, Bart and Milhouse discover the gun in the vegetable section of the fridge, and this causes Bart to use it to try and shoot the apple in Milhouse's mouth. After Marge discovers that Homer lied, she takes the family out, concluding its too dangerous to live with Homer whilst he still has the gun around with him.
    With Marge gone and Homer thinking he'll be fine by himself with just the gun, he hosts an NRA meeting in his house with the other members as a celebration. When the other members see him use his gun to open a beer can and turn the TV on, they conclude he is too reckless to be owning a gun, and strip his membership card off him as a result.
    Homer, realsing that the gun cost him everything, heads to where the family is staying, which is a hotel. Homer says he got rid of the gun, and just as they are leaving, Snake comes in to try and rob the hotel desk. He puts a knife up to Quimby's throat, and Homer quickly withdraws the gun he had hidden and foils his plans. Just as Marge gets annoyed at him again for lying, Snake takes the gun off him and the rest of the NRA members come at the nick of time to save them. Snake runs off, but Homer decides that he doesn't want the gun, and wants Marge to throw it away instead so that he can't be tempted anymore. Just as Homer and the others leave though, Marge sees a reflection of herself with the gun, and instead keeps it for herself instead of abandoning it.

    So overall, this episode was hilarious and shows a pro/anti side message of owning a gun as well. Homer's stupidity with owning one was great, and the twist at the end of Marge secretly having the gun instead was a nice touch. One of my favourite quotes is when Homer says "It's a handgun isn't it great? This is the trigger, and this is the thing you point at whatever you want to die!" and "I don't have to be careful, I've got a gun!". It's no surprise that this episode was originally banned on Sky One, due to lots of moments of reckless gun usage, but The Cartridge Family did everything flawlessly and might be the best episode of Season 9.
  • What a VIOLENT episode!

    OMG this episode is so violent, Itchy and Scratchy would be ran out of business. To be honest, I didn't like it much. Homer with a gun all the way through the episode, shooting random things and people? I'm fine with Itchy and Scratchy because they are funy and only last for one minute. But this episode is cartoon violent. I didn't like it much. It was funny, and it ends okay but still the idea of Homer blasting everything is far too violent for the Simpsons. But still it's okay. I kinda liked it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show homer and the kids go to a soccor game and it opens up with a big riot at the end and homer deiceds he needs to protect his family and so he goes and buys a gun and joins the gun club and then things start to get out of hand when homer is using his gun like a toy to use it to do everything and then the people of the gun club take away his membership turns out marge does not like it and she wants him to get rid of it he lies and the kids and her leave to a motel . and comes back an d says he got rid of it. and then a robbery happens at the motel he takes out a gun and she imadd but there is no bullets in it and the rober gets away also marge picks i up and takes it with her . this was a good ep
  • The Cartridge Family

    Springfield citizens go to a soccer game, and there, they all find it so boring they end in a riot. Nobody feels safe, and so Homer decides to bring home safety: he buys a gun. But Marge does not like the idea one bit and forces him to hide it from the kids and get rid of it. He says he does, but later Bart finds it while playing with Milhouse. Marge is horrified Homer lied to her, and so she leaves with the kids. Now Homer misses his family and tries to get them back.

    Decent episode, overall grade: A
  • I dont believe in a country that gives Homer SImpson the right to own a gun.

    As it has been the norm for the last couple of seasons, Homer's stupidity continues to grow, but at the same time, his reckless behavior and his incredibly lack of love for others grow aswell. So getting a gun seems to be not a great deal in America, but giving it legeally to a hideous character like Homer Simpsons? that just blows me away. First of all, he is an idiot and that alone is a dangerous fact, but, and idiot with a gun? that's twice as a dangerous for the family and the world.

    On the other hand, Marge once agains uses his tired and tried "I leave you if you don't change" speech. Both, not very loving huh?
  • Homer gets a gun, uses it badly then no-one likes him

    why had homer not had a gun before this episode? Thats crazy!!! this was classic swartzwelder writing and was absoulutely fantastic the whole time from the soccer riot to the end where marge had the gun well worth watching especially for a swartzwelder fan like me. i could watch this same episode again and again and again and again, actually i think i will bye folks going to watch this episode again,

    Ahh Goobras.

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  • When A soccer game riot breaks out things are in chaos. Marge forces Homer to get protection for the family so he gets a gun. After going against Marge's wishes and keeping the gun Marge forces Homer to make a decision Family or Gun?

    A wonderful episode a third perfect 10 episode from season 9. The ending is one of my top 3 ending's ever. I love the house safety guy, the fish and Patty and Selma's tv repair man kidnapping are my favortie parts of this episode. One of my favorite quotes ever "Replace the glass with Bullet Proof Lucite" Marge: "Won't we all sufficate?" Inspector: "I sure would hope not!" That is one of my favorite Simpsons moments ever. Also the SLE(EP) (E)AZY motel is one of the cleverest simpson Store / business names ever. Another knock out from the Simpsons onto the next review!
  • Homer's stupidest stunt yet, but that is exactly why we love him!!!!

    The only way to take Homer's gun is to pry it from his lifeless, four-fingered hand. When a riot erupts at a Continental Soccer Association match, Homer buys a gun to protect his family. Marge is disgusted by his purchase but Homer loves his gun and starts attending NRA meetings with Moe, Dr. Hibbert and Apu. After Homer accidentally fires his gun during dinner, Marge sets an ultimatum: Either the gun leaves the house or she does. Well, Marge packs up the kids and moves to a motel, where Bart and Lisa have fun playing on the Magic Fingers bed. Homer comes to find his family at the motel and promises Marge he'll throw the gun away. Just then, Snake robs the place and Homer saves the day with his firearm. But he still throws it away. When her husband's not looking, Marge retrieves the gun from the trash and keeps it for herself.
  • Great episode, honestly. In typical simpsons fashion, both sides of the debate get mocked. I'll be honest; the main reason I liked this episode is that it's the only show that treats gun control with any fairness.

    Let's not forget the humor in the story. Yeah, I admit it's a pretty standard sitcom episode: buying a gun, but they managed to do it in such a way that I didn't hate.

    Of course, the main reason I liked it is that it was neutral, though apparently it's because some of the writers were conservative. Homer was actually a decent shot, though horribly irresponsible. I think he's supposed to repersent the belief that if you own a gun, that's how many people would act with it. As for the NRA, I don't see why they complain about this episode. It's the only show I've ever seen that they're portrayed as more than a group of nuts who treat guns like a toy. They kicked him out when they saw how Homer acted. It didn't seem very anti-gun to me, at least not to the extent of Family Guy, American Dad, Law and Order, and almost every other show I've seen.

    I can't believe Homer was scared of Snake when the gun had no bullets in it; sad thing is: there are people I know that are seriously that stupid. Of course, the ending where Marge decides to keep it for herself is monumental in sitcom history. As you can probably tell, I'm pro-gun, although I'm not some kind of lunatic who likes power. It's nice to see something at least somewhat neutral. Hate me if you want, but that's my opinion. The humor was pretty good, especially the scene with Chief Wiggum, and how soccer appears to us and other countries.
  • One of my all-time favorites

    This episode was great from start to finish. It began with an incredibly horrible soccer game to Homer recklessly wielding a gun and shooting random things. It also had some of the best gags such as Homer showing his gun for the first time to Marge and the part where he kept shooting at the dinner table. This show did a superb job of satirizing what a gun crazy American is like and what the second amendment to our Constitution gives us the right to do. I wonder why this classic episode isn't the "top 50" list when it is better than some of the other shows on that list.

    Grade: A
  • Ah guns, Homer gets addicted to them. Go figure.

    So Homer Simpson wants to buy a gun to protect his family. He ends up buying one and joining this gun club. But then he mis-uses the gun several times, and this brings him to his downfall. His family moves out and stays in a cheap hotel. His club shuns him because he mis-uses his gun a lot. In the end he "gives up" the gun but when they are in danger he takes out the gun(with no ammo) to hold off the criminal, buying just enough time for the others to rescue them. Marge ends up with the gun. I liked this episode because it was as humorous as always, and Homer actually thinks quick wittedly by not putting any ammo into the gun. Great episode.
  • Clever episode!

    This is one of my all-time favorite episodes! It's the one where Homer gets a revolver. Can anything be more 'wrong' than that? If not for Homer's utter stupidity, it would almost harken back to the glory days of Season Four. But it's still a very clever and funny episode. A text-book example of why there's a waiting period to purchase revolvers ("But I'm angry NOW!") and why they need to be carefully hidden from young children as well as probable misperceptions of gun owners. So if Marge ended up keeping the gun after she made Homer give it up, I wonder what's happened to it? I'm not aware of any follow-up episode to this one.
  • A classic episode, full of great gags (including a couple of my all time favourites), making for a great social commentary of American society.

    This may be on my top 10 favourite episodes of all time. It's such a classic in every respect and yet has a simple premise: Homer with a gun. But thankfully in this episode, unlike the more recent episodes, Homer has a satirical edge, representing a gun-toting idiot that's allowed to thrive in America.

    There are some classic gags throughout, with my favourites including Homer waiting for the three days to pass, Homer being declared 'potentially dangerous', and Moe's 5-gun modification.

    This truly is one of the greatest Simpsons episodes, and an important piece of modern day social satire. I remember reading someone saying that school classes in the future will look back on the Simpsons to understand society from our time. I agree, and this will definitely be one of the episodes they watch.
  • Homer's worst thing yet

    This episode had a brilliant plot from the soccer riot at the beginning to homer getting a gun for his family's protection to using the gun for everyday purposes to lying to marge to marge leaving to the apology to the realisation that homer lied yet again to the end where marge keeps the gun. this has many great lines such as "a gun is not a weapon marge. it's a tool. like a butcher knife or a harpoon alligator" and a great plot where homer may have done the worst thing he's ever done (although he's done that a lot). this is a great, memorable episode and will always be one of my favourites