The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 6

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The computer salesman says one of his computers is the kind astronauts use to do their taxes and Homer says, "I was an astronaut!" The salesman doesn't believe him, but Homer was actually an astronaut during the episode "Deep Space Homer."

    • The woman presenting the Pulitzer never mentioned the category in which Homer won the prize.

    • Near the new pool, there is a guy with the words "City Worker" on the back of his blue shirt putting finishing touches on a statue. He is using cement from a bag labeled POTHOLE CEMENT. Later, when we see people repairing the pothole, they are wearing orange jump suits, and the stuff they are filling the hole with is most definitely tar.

    • When Homer enters his URL to show the family his page, all the keys he types are function keys, control keys, and numeric keypad keys and no letters.

    • In an early shot we see no lamp but a few minutes later we see a red lamp.

    • When Homer had the computer in the kitchen it had a can holder and other features. But when he was using it on the sofa it had none of those features on it.

  • Quotes

    • Homer: No one can silence me but me!
      Fake Homer: That arranged can be.

    • Homer: Who are you, and why are you holding me here? I want answers now, or I want them eventually!

    • Lisa: Well, you can't post news if you don't have any.
      Homer: That's a great idea! I'll just make up some news!
      Lisa: Ugh, at least take off your Pulitzer Prize when you say that!

    • (Mr. X reports that Apu's bagels are really old donuts)
      Chief Wiggum: In the interests of public safety, we have confiscated every donut, bagel, cruller and bear claw in the city. And some coffee.

    • Leader: As far as your family knows, Homer Simpson is walking in the front door right about now.
      Homer: (Taking his face out of ice cream with needles sticking out) I'm sorry, what?
      (Next scene at the Simpson house)
      Marge: Homie!
      Fake Homer: (Speaking with a German accent) Marge, honey, Fraulein, I'm home!
      Marge: You're not my husband!
      Fake Homer: Jah, please forgive my unexplained two week absence. To make it up to you we will go out to dinner at a sensibly-priced restaurant, then have a night of efficient German sex.
      Marge: Well, I sure don't feel like cooking.

    • Number 6: Welcome friend, I'm number 6.
      Number 15: I'm number 15. What number are you?
      Homer: I am not a number! I am a man! And don't you eve…oh wait, I'm number 5. Ha, ha! In your face, number 6!
      Number 6: Yeeessss... Well done.

    • Moe: If Mr. X were here right now, I'd buy him a tall frosty!
      Homer: Hey Moe, can you keep a secret?
      Moe: No.
      Homer: Not even a little one?
      Moe: No.
      Homer: What if I just whisper it?
      Moe: No, I tells ya!

    • Reporter: This morning Mr. X reported that your own department ...
      Wiggum: I know, I know, but I assure you, the police do not take prisoners out of their cells and race them...anymore.
      Reporter: What about using the electric chair to cook chicken?
      Wiggum: Yeah, alright, this press conference is over. It's over, Phil! It's over!

    • Homer: Get out, who told you that?
      Bart: Nelson!
      Homer: Hmm, that's the kind of dirt that belongs on my web page.
      Lisa: You can't post that on the internet, you don't even know if it's true!
      Homer: Nelson has never steered me wrong, honey. Nelson is gold!
      Bart: You know, it might have been Jimbo.
      Homer: Beautiful, we have confirmation.

    • Homer: Now then... computer…kill Flanders!
      Ned: Did I hear my name? My ears are burning!
      Homer: (whispering) That's a good start, now finish the job!
      Ned: Oh, you're busy. Catch you later, compu-tator!
      Homer: Oh, five thousand dollars for a computer and it can't even handle a simple assignment!

    • Homer: Who brought us here?
      Number Six: I don't know.
      Homer: Did you bring us here?
      Number Six: No.

    • Number 6: Number 27 knows how to turn water into gasoline. Number 12 knows the deadly secret behind Tic-Tacs. And I invented the bottomless peanut bag.

    • Bart: (Suspicious of a German-accented operative masquerading as Homer) There's something different about you.
      Operative: Ja... I am a new tie vearink.
      Bart: Oh, right.

    • Agnus: Seymour, are you looking at naked ladies?
      Seymour Skinner: No, Mother.
      Agnus: You sissy!

    • (after the press found his swimming pool)
      Quimby: Good lord! We've dicovered the ruins of an ancient city. (the press just looks at him) Ok, you do better!

    • Homer: If there's a better use for the Internet, I haven't found it.

    • Comic Book Guy: There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling.

    • Lenny: According to my uncle, Miss Springfield isn't as beautiful as she seems. Word is she uses appearance-altering cosmetics.
      Moe: Oh my God, that's shocking.
      Carl: The public should be warned. I wish Mr. "X" was here.
      Homer (slyly): Oh, I don't know, Carl, he might be closer than you think.
      Carl: Are you him? Are you Mr. "X"?
      Homer: No.
      Carl: But you talked in the real sly voice. Hey, hey, everybody! Homer's Mr. "X".
      Homer: I am not! (slyly) …or am I?
      Lenny: Are you?
      Homer: No.

    • (Bart is thumbing through a comic book at the Kwik-E-Mart when a bound-and-gagged Apu finally gets his attention. He rushes over and removes the duct tape from Apu's mouth.)
      Apu: (Gasping for air) This is not a library!!

    • Homer: Save me, Mr. X! Oh, wait, I'm Mr. X.

    • Number Two: Why did you think a balloon would stop them?
      Scientist: Shut up! That's why!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: I will only provide a urine sample when asked.
      Couch Gag: Santa's Little Helper dances like Snoopy from A Charlie Brown Christmas, but stops when the family comes in.

    • Mr. X's website was an actual website you could visit.  It has since been removed.

    • Fans of the 1960's series The Prisoner will truly appreciate this episode where Patrick McGoohan recreates his role of Number 6. Only in this episode, "The Village" has been replaced by "The Island".

  • Allusions

    • Homer: Computer, kill Flanders.
      Homer tries to instruct his computer by speaking into the mouse. In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Scotty did the same thing when trying to use a Macintosh Plus.

    • Springfield Forest: Witch-free since 1998.
      Mock on the movie The Blair Witch Project.

    • Homer asks Number Six: "Did YOU bring us here?" which plays on two in-jokes. One: Number Six was revealed to be Number One, the leader of the Village, in the metaphysical series finale of The Prisoner. And two: McGoohan (aka Number Six) created the series itself; hence, he brought EVERYONE to the Village.

    • When Homer is on his raft escaping, and the two people are watching him on the huge screen, it parodies Jim Carrey escaping on his boat while Ed Harris was watching him on a huge monitor in the 1998 film The Truman Show.

    • The episode title is likely derived from the Disney live action comedies The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes, originally made in 1969 with Kurt Russell and remade in 1995.