The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 8

The Fight Before Christmas

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on FOX

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  • i loved it!

    this review is gonna be fun! Marge easily gets in the holiday spirit, but it's a little more difficult for the rest of the family. Marge writes a letter to Martha Clause (guest voice Martha Stewart), who comes Springfield and turns their home into a North Pole wonderland. But Homer and the kids aren't there for the transformation and Marge starts to realize what the holidays are really about. The Simpsons decide to go on a Hawaiian vacation but are interrupted by Katy Perry (guest-starring as herself in a live-action sequence featuring the Simpsons as puppets)

    yes this is exactly what this show is about lol, but Like this Review and in the next review for the simpsons ill write why i love the simpsons for each like there is! :D
  • This episode gave me hope to watch this show after a couple bad episodes.

    This episode gave me hope to watch this show after a couple bad episodes( The Fool Monty, How Munched is That Birdie in the window). This episode is a Christmas special featuring four mini stories. ( sorry the mini episodes did not have titles)

    Short 1#: Bart is upset that he didn't get a dirt bike last Christmas. Staying up to shoot santa he falls asleep and has a dream. Bart rides the polar express to the north pole. Bart meets Santa(Krusty). Santa tells Bart he is broke. Feeling pity Bart does not shoot Santa. As soon as Bart leaves, Santa has a wild party. 6/10 This first of all wasn't the reason I said I loved the episode the humor was good but there was a terrible plot line.

    Short 2#: Lisa dreams that it is the 1940 and that Marge is at war and Homer is working in a factory. The Simpsons find out Marge is missing in action, sending Lisa into depression. Lisa makes a Christmas tree look like Marge, a symbol that Marge is okay. Marge is then seen killing Adolf Hitler 9/10 Good plot line and I like how they make it seem like a Christmas Tree house of Horror.

    Short 3#: Marge upset that she is the only one in holiday spirit. Sends a letter to Martha Stuart asking for help Stewart comes and does a bunch of crazy ideas such as turning Bart and Milhouse into nutcrackers then Marge asks her to leave. 2/10. This one didn't make any sense.

    Short 4#: This is the reason I loved this episode along with Lisa's dream. The Simpsons in a muppets parody plan to go to Hawaii until Mr.Burns stops them. Along with Moe, Christmas caroling and Katy Perry! 10/10.
  • One of the best in a long time

    This episode was for me in it's essence one of the finest Simpsons episodes in a very long time. What a lot of people tend to forget is that at it's core, the Simpsons is to be a cartoon for adults.

    The starting segment with all it's psychadellic and adult themes to me set it's pace and the episode got better as it went along. The final segment starring Katie Perry and the Simpsons in puppet form was (and I'm sure will to me remain) the pinnacle defining moment of this season (much like the 3D treehouse segment of that season)

    The joke after the credits topped off the cherry to this perfect Simpsons Sunday (pun intended ;-p) it served to remind me why I love the Simpsons and that it is in fact still proving it can be for adults.
  • Homer: Marge is MIA? Oh! She changed her name!

    Okay, a storytelling episode (sorta) based on the dreams of every member (sans Homer), so I'll review each story individually.

    Bart's: So he wants a dirt bike from Santa and plans to kill him. So he boards the polar express (powered by weed) and gets to the North Pole. There he starts working as an elf and quickly becomes VP. He goes to see Santa, who tells him he is broke, so Bart changes his intentions and deicdes to let it go. After he leaves, Santa revelas he is a millionaire playboy.

    This segment was the best of the bunch, with great sight gags, like Bart melting the snowmen & the weed trip.

    Lisa's: So she dreams about life during WWII. Marge is on the field while Homer stayed at home. So when Homer brings home the Xmas tree, she doesn't want it becuase her mom left when they were getting a tree. Then they are told MArge is MIA, so she goes crying around trown until she gets vto the tree store, where Wiseguy tells her he kept the tree for a whole year. Lisa takes this a sign of hope so she brings it home. The segment ends with vMArge killing Hitler.

    This segment was my 2nd favorite, t had good jokes, and the ending was really badass.

    Marge's: So she sends a letter to MArtha Stewart to get the perfect home, and she decorates the house, but in the way, destorys the family's holiday spirit. MArge them tells her that, and she goes away. When she waks up, the family takes her to have breakfast (to a jew restaurant).

    The worst segment, It has nearly no storyline, and it's not that funny.

    Maggie's: Puppet segment! So the simpsons are going to Hawaii, and Burns srops by. Homer had told him he had a neck injury, and then when he confesses Burns takes it as an Xmas miracle. Then Moe's GF Katy Perry comes along and they sing a Xmas carol. The episode ends with Moe kissing Katy Perry's vagina.

    This was a funy segment, because of the silly 4th wall breaking jokes.

    Overall: Fun special. Worth rewatching sometime in the future. 8.5/10.
  • It's not so Merry at the Simpsons' house. Marge is having trouble getting the rest of the family in the Christmas spirit. Marge writes a letter to somebody she hopes can change all of that.

    This episode is set up in the same format as the "Treehouse of Horror" series in the sense that it is divided into segments. It is not the greatest episode I have ever seen, but it does have a lot of genuine laughs which help make the episode worth watching. The best segment by far is Lisa's dream sequence. The laughs do not stop in that particular segment. The terrific opening scenes, where the camera pans through the house are a highlight. Marge was certainly an Inglorious Basterd in the segement's finale. Katy Perry does a descent job as well.
  • Pretty decent to me

    First segement: This segement was a polar express parody. It was really funny. I loved the easter bunny joke, the train scene, and I loved seeing Krusty as Santa, who tricked Bart.

    Second segement: Not that great. It wasnt really funny, only the Dumkopf thing was funny.

    Third segment: I really hated this one. It was too boring.

    Fourth segement: I really liked this segement. Being a Muppets fan, it was funny seeing the characters as puppets. But I felt the Katy Perry scene was unneeded. It was funny, because they were making fun of the elmo contriversary, but ya... thats about it.

    Overall grade: 70%/C+
  • It's not terrific but it's WAY better than "Treehouse of Horror XXI"


    In my opinion, this wasn't the best Christmas "The Simpsons" episode that I have ever seen. It's not a terrific episode but it's also not a terrible episode either. I do admit that this episode is WAY better than the Halloween episode "Treehouse of Horror XXI". I've only seen this episode twice so I don't remember much but I'll try to remember as much as I can. The segment that I really enjoyed the most and that I thought was excellent is Bart using "The Polar Express" train to go to the North Pole. There were so many parts in that segment that made me laugh harder than any of the other segment. Mainly because the other segments just aren't terrific. I did LOL when Krusty the Clown was Santa Claus. So yeah, the first segment with Bart taking the "The Polar Express" was definitely the best and funniest segment out of this episode. As for the World War II segment, it was just really boring and rehashed to me but I do remember laughing at maybe 2 parts in that segment. The Martha Stewart segment was just okay but it's better than the World War II segement and it had some funny parts. The final segment with the Simpsons characters as the muppets and Katy Perry being in there was pretty good (I guess) but I felt like that segment was unoriginal and not Simpsons material. Overall, this Christmas episode was just okay but it's WAY better than "Treehouse of Horror XXI" and the first segment was definitely the best and funiest segment in this episode. 6.5/10

  • Ok episode.


    My favorite part of this episode was probably the part with Lisa and the World War Two one. The rest of them were not that great. The last part was just weird and it wasn't that funny at all.

    I think this episode could be a lot better and alot more funny. It certainly isn't the best one of the season. Most of it wasn't that funny and the only really entertaining part was Lisa's part. 6.5/10

  • mediocre

    4 stories relating to christmas: in the first one, bart visits the north pole so he can get the present he has always wanted from santa. then, in the second, marge is in a war and lisa misses her. then martha stewart visits to help marge have the best christms ever, and in the last, the simpsons are puppets.

    the first segment was good, second was alright, third was meh and i thought the last was terrible. so, because of all this, my overall grade would be in the low "C" high "D" rang. Not that good, i did not think
  • Not good at all in my opinion.

    I saw it last night with my girlfriend and at the end we both was like what the hell happened in this episode? It was mostly gibberish, jumping from one situation to another without good connection between them. In my opinion, the worst part was the end with Katy Perry. OK, we get it - she wanted to be in sesame street, but they didn't let her because of her... look? Why would they make the simpsons like sesame street just to get her in? As much i hate comic book guy, i must say: "Worst episode ever!". I guess people just get lazy before Christmas and don't want to spent too much time on writing scripts and stuff.. :)
  • This episode was mediocre at best.

    Segment 1: 6.0/10
    Segment 2: 6/0/10
    Segment 3: 3.0/10
    Segment 4: 1.0/10

    The first and second segments were okay. I don't have anything else to say about them. The third segment seemed pointless; basically all that happened was Martha Stewart travels to the Simpsons' house and insults them and shows Marge how to decorate her house. It seemed like a slightly less serious version of Martha Stewart's show. The final segment was absolutely terrible. The only thing I liked was the "number e" thing. The Simpsons should NEVER include any live action. And Katy Perry is just plain annoying and talentless. What exactly has she done to deserve a guest appearance on The Simpsons?
  • 12/5

    This episode of The Simpsons shows that after 22 years it might be time to end the show. It still gets huge numbers, but at some point you have to realize the quality is so diluted that it ruins the legacy of the cartoon.

    Katy Perry was not bad at all in her appearance, and there was strong writing with a few zingers by the "puppets" as well.

    This was just not a funny episode of The Simpsons, and was too all over the place and nonsensical with all of the dreaming and flashbacks and whatnot. Just not a good ep.
  • Mixed feelings

    Not really sure what to think about this episode really. I have always liked Christmas specials, but the 6th of December is a bit too early for me to be in a Christmas mood.

    Nevertheless, the episode had some funny jokes and a few references to movies such as The Polar Express (hated it) and The Inglorious Basterds (not a Tarantino fan, sorry). What I absolutely did not like, on the contrary, i found it to be disgusting and offensive, was when Krusty was eating his own reindeer and Lisa, otherwise a big green/vegetarian/humanitarian activist, was eating ham.

    Another thing that surprised me was the guest appearance of Katy Perry. Do not get me wrong, i found her very attractive, especially in that dress, but i'm just not used to The Simpsons needing boobs and tight dresses to attract viewers. And this was in a muppet-themed sketch which was (probably) meant for kids. And to top it off, a sex joke in the end when Moe kisses Katy's "belly button".

    Normally, I would expect that from Family Guy, and be quite entertained by it, but somehow such things do not work for me with The Simpsons.
  • What happened in this episode

    The worst episode of season 22 so far. It is divided into segments like a treehouse of horror episode. Segment one: Bart journeys to the north pole to get back at santa for not giving him his dirt bike. Once there, he is shocked to find that santa's company is broke. This one was mildly funny, although i didn't really get that he was dreaming, so it didn't really make sense at first. So, this was not the reason I hated the episode.
    Segment 2: This one was Lisa's dream of World War 2 when Marge gets drafted while shopping for a christmas tree. She then tries to get over her fear of christmas trees. We then see marge killing Hitler This one wasn't really funny, the only thing i laughed at was lisa eating meat but boycotting cutting down christmas trees. But it had a fixed storyline, and I knew automatically what it was about so I wasn't confused.
    Segment 3: Marge sends a letter to Martha Stewart who comes and makes crazy changes to the Simpsons house. This one didn't make any sense and was another one where I wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not. Segment 4: This was the reason I hated the episode along with Marge's dream. It had a few good jokes like the hound as a sock puppet saying "uh, we blew our budget on Katy Perry…" But seriously, a muppets parody with the Simpsons as live action puppets and Katy Perry appearing in live action? I was not prepared for something like that. I feel like if you watch this you're either going to like it or hate it, and i hate it. It just doesn't make sense, and seriously: Katy Perry in a tight dress and the sex joke at the end in a kid's Muppets parody? That was just stupid. The only thing I liked about this segment was Grandpa and Jasper in the audience. "I guess that's the end." "of what? the Simpsons?" "No. Christmas!"
    But segment 4 wasn't the only reason I hated this. The whole episode just felt so fragmented. I don't know what I was expecting, a classic christmas special, I guess, like Miracle on Evergreen Terrace, or Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire. If they'd made Maggie wake up and have something else happen while they where all awake, it might have been okay, but no.